What Was 16 Weeks Ago

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What Was 16 Weeks Ago

As the second trimester begins, your baby is growing rapidly and you may notice some changes in your body. If you haven’t gone shopping for maternity clothes yet, now is the time.

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Your baby’s eyes will move slightly from side to side this week and will be able to detect some light even with their eyes closed.

In many babies, the thumb sucking habit may have already started. At 16 weeks, babies are able to suck.

Your baby’s circulatory system is now activated (started) and active. In fact, that little heart can pump about 25 liters of blood a day.

If you are 16 weeks pregnant, you are in your fourth month of pregnancy. Only 5 months left! Do you still have questions? Here is more information on how to distinguish the weeks, months and trimesters of pregnancy during pregnancy. How big is my fetus at 16 weeks?

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Your baby currently weighs 3 to 4 ounces and is 4 to 5 inches long.

Your baby’s spine and small muscles can be strengthened, allowing the head and neck to straighten more. Your baby’s eyes are moving.

The development of facial muscles allows babies to have pronounced frowns or blinks even at this early stage.

Although the eyelids are still closed, the baby’s beautiful eyes are finally working, making small side-to-side movements and detecting light. The baby’s skin is clear

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Your fetus will also be beautiful with a face that looks more human, but will look thin because it doesn’t have baby fat yet.

And here is the baby’s dry skin. Now that it’s almost translucent, if you look inside the uterus, you can see the baby’s blood vessels under that thin skin. Your baby will soon hear your voice.

Listen carefully: Your baby will soon be able to hear your voice (or something similar) when you speak, while the little bones are in your baby’s ears. Normally, babies fully develop hearing in the womb by the 18th week of pregnancy.

In fact, studies have shown that babies who hear songs during pregnancy recognize the same songs after birth, so choose a lullaby with this in mind.

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In the 16th week of pregnancy, your uterus is growing at about the same rate. – You may no longer be able to hide your pregnancy, even if you want to.

You’re also likely still enjoying the relative joy of your second trimester, especially compared to your first trimester, and you’ll be seeing more babies on ultrasounds in the coming weeks.

At 16 weeks pregnant, you can now pass the stage where you definitely have a baby in your bump. You and your baby’s weight gain have probably increased significantly and both will continue to grow. However, baby bumps at 16 weeks are all different and normal. Believe it or not, some women at 16 weeks pregnant still don’t really show, while others have a noticeable bump.

Different baby bumps can be attributed to everything from a woman’s size and shape to her first, second, third or fourth pregnancy.

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Whatever you do, don’t compare your 16th week belly to anyone else’s and don’t worry too much. Everything is fine! If you’re still concerned or have questions about your height, be sure to talk to your doctor. Weight gain during pregnancy

Keeping track of your weight gain can be difficult, even though you know there are many reasons why you gain weight during pregnancy. But try to embrace your new body shape and see all weight gain as a sign of health for you and your baby.

If you eat right during pregnancy, minimize junk food, maximize nutrient-dense foods, and exercise regularly, you’ll be fine in the long run. Remember that all women gain and lose weight at different rates during pregnancy.

One way you can show off your transformation this week and feel better about yourself in the process: Buy clothes or accessories that make you look good in your new size. And don’t forget to buy tight underwear! Nasal congestion

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It is not just the uterus that begins to swell. Also, with all the pregnancy hormones circulating in the body, nasal mucous membranes can also increase blood flow. Result? Your nose probably already knows: pregnancy congestion and even nosebleeds.

Unfortunately, congestion can get worse as your pregnancy progresses, but your doctor is unlikely to prescribe antihistamine medications or nasal sprays to help you deal with the problem. Instead, ask if your doctor recommends something else.

You can safely try saline sprays or nasal strips. Especially if the stuffy nose is really uncomfortable. A humidifier in the room and applying a little Vaseline under the nose may also help to overcome the dryness of a stuffy nose.

Are you overwhelmed by your growing breasts? do not worry. If you choose to breastfeed postpartum after weaning, you will return to your pre-pregnancy size. Read more

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Aside from pregnancy hormones slowing down your digestive system, your expanding uterus is now putting pressure on your intestines, which can greatly support this condition. Increase the amount of water you drink to keep things moving. Read more

Vaginal discharge is actually good for the body (it protects the birth canal from infection), but it can be uncomfortable. Do not use douches or feminine wipes as they can irritate the genitals and cause infection. Read more

One of the ways to reduce the swelling of blood vessels in the legs? Keep your weight gain healthy, gradual and within the recommended range. Because extra weight increases the load on the circulatory system. Read more

As your belly expands, your lower back bends more than usual to support the load and strain your back muscles. To soothe those sore muscles, get a prenatal massage from your partner or take a warm bath or shower. Read more

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Have your gums ever bled after brushing? This is because pregnancy hormones cause inflammation of the gums, making them more susceptible to bacteria, irritation and bleeding. This is normal, but regular flossing and brushing is very important. Also, visit your dentist at least once during pregnancy to prevent gum disease, which can lead to pregnancy complications if left untreated. Read more

Regardless of the season, soup is a great midday meal. They can be as rich as you want them to be and get along well with others. We’re looking at you, sandwich—and often packed with protein and fiber.

You can eat it hot or cold or double the soup and freeze it for later.

An increase in vaginal discharge (medically known as aselocorrhcea) is often one of the first signs of pregnancy. It also usually persists throughout pregnancy and is likely to increase as pregnancy progresses.

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Do not worry. This thin and white secretion is completely natural and healthy. Bathe regularly and wear breathable cotton underwear to keep the area clean and dry. If you are concerned about what you see, call your doctor.

Annoying congestion in the nose, especially if you blow your nose often, is sometimes accompanied by nosebleeds, usually starting from the 16th week of pregnancy.

Unfortunately, they usually stick with you and sometimes end up getting worse. Use a neti pot filled with bottled distilled water and a humidifier to moisturize a dry nose.

When you’re pregnant, you’ll burn an extra 100 to 200 calories for every 30 minutes of vigorous exercise.

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But choose your calories wisely by eating nutrient-dense foods that won’t negate the benefits of all your hard work.

Make sure you pass the chocolate bar you wanted to reach. (Even energy bars don’t do much good.) Instead, have a smoothie or granola yogurt, apple slices with almond or peanut butter, whole-grain crackers, and cheese.

Is back pain getting you down? Instead of nursing on the couch, try gentle yoga or pilates. Both help stretch and release the spine and reduce tension. It can be one of the main causes of back pain.

Another benefit: Yoga and Pilates boost your overall energy level and mood, so you’ll be better able to cope with lingering pregnancy pains.

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You can also do simple exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

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