What Technique Does Chaucer Use To Create Lively Characters

What Technique Does Chaucer Use To Create Lively Characters – Geoffrey Chaucer was a keen observer of human nature. He knew human psychology before it became a branch of science. “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales” is a prime example. He drew many character sketches in this book. Each character shows Chaucer’s unique art of character. He creates realistic characters and paints each character with minute details. In fact, it is famous for two reasons. First, he is a realist and secondly, Chaucer’s character is unbelievable. He combines these two elements from which he creates a true character. We believe his stories because they seem real to us.

“The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales” has many great characters. It has been called the museum of many works of Chaucer’s time because of the brilliant art of character. However, it is not the case that this site only has pictures of different people. Instead we see his characters, talking, laughing and cracking jokes on their way to Canterbury. We hear them and listen carefully to their stories. Rarely do we come across a poet or writer who has such an amazing power to describe the human condition. Therefore, no one can be ahead of him in acting. He may be the first poet of the English language but he excelled in creating life through words and actions.

What Technique Does Chaucer Use To Create Lively Characters

However, it does not describe all behaviors in the same order. Whenever he changes places, the flow of his story is preserved.

Analysis Of Geoffrey Chaucer’s Tales

Each class of Chaucer’s time is represented by characteristic drawings. It presents at least one person from each profession. However, he ignored the elite and the lower classes in his society. He has not yet sketched the character of these two classes in his book. The following are some of the classes they have in “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales”:

Chaucer takes a closer look at each character on his way to Canterbury. Although he may not have written his book himself, the detail of each character is remarkable. He can not only look at the clothes of each person, but also his style, behavior and behavior with others. Also he takes care of the body of each character. He saw that “The Prioress” did not let a morsel fall from her lips, that her forehead was as wide as a circle, and that “The Miller” had a nose as big as a furnace. . In addition, he also observes the bravery of “The Knight” and the kindness of “The Parson”. He also looks at and talks about the dishonesty of traders. So, in this way, Chaucer’s painstaking observation is an addition to his art.

When Chaucer looks at someone’s clothes, he can tell not only their occupation but also their situation. He also takes care of everyone’s horses and equipment. From the knight’s clothes, he thought he was a brave person when he saw the marks of his armor in his clothes. The clothes worn by the “Clerk of Oxford” show that he prefers books to clothes. Similarly, the simple clothes of “The Parson” show his honesty. Chaucer saw the same in each character and mentioned it in his book “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales”. He shows us the exact same picture that he himself once saw on his way to Canterbury.

Chaucer balances his book by comparing characters. On the one hand he shows the corruption of his society and on the other hand he balances it by showing good and honest people. It teaches us about moral and carnal religious practices. Also he describes characters who are kind and good. For example, “The Summoner” and “The Pardoner” are two corrupt people who belong to the church, but “The Parson” and “The Clerk” are kind and honest. “The Parson” is the main character in “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales”. The realism and character of Chaucer’s art can be seen in this context. He didn’t give up on his bad feelings. If he shows the good of his race, he also shows the bad of different characters.

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The poet was connected not only to the religious community but also to other people of his time. “The Bathing Lady” is compared to “The Prioress”. Likewise, men of prayer equal soldiers and merchants equal workers. Thus, we witness Chaucer’s balanced art in the “Prelude to the Canterbury Tales.”

Chaucer’s character is admirable. His characters are not yet available. As mentioned above, they move, talk, laugh, tell stories and tell jokes. When we read Chaucer’s poems, we identify with him, which makes his characters modern today as they were in his time. His characters do not belong to a utopian world. They are real and alive. They are like us. We believe them. We laugh with Chaucer when we read his stories. Thus, “A View of the Canterbury Tales” is not just a photographic image but a pure practice of reality.

To make a long story short, it is true that Chaucer’s character is interesting. He explained the truth and extraordinary. Rarely has such a character been presented in the history of English literature. He may not be a great poet but he is a true artist. It portrays the universal character in “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales”. They do more than tell us a story. So Chaucer has mixed feelings with each story. His observation of the human body helped him in this. In short, Chaucer’s character is the main reason “The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales” is famous. en Change language Close menu English (optional) Español Português Deutsch Français Русский Italiano Română Bahasa Indonesia Learn more Upload free User area Welcome to the closed menu! Upload message (EN) Read the free FAQ and sign up for support.

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Chaucer’s Poetic Devices

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