What’s 9×9

What’s 9×9 – A story for students who read when 9×9=81. Show them the flashcard and then watch the funny video.

After the students have seen our silly story, you can do this activity with them to help them remember 9×9=81.

What’s 9×9

Using a ruler to measure, have your students cut 2 squares about 2 inches from yellow construction paper. Using the title, they can write the word SIGN and the number 9 in the square. To mark, tape each square to a spoon or fork, place the tape behind the yellow square and stick to the spoon.

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Then your students will have a salad plate. Using a black marker, ask your students to write the word TON and the number 81 on the paper. Next, to make the salad, students can cut 10 pieces of green construction paper and roll them into balls. Ask them to put the lettuce on the plate.

Using “signs” pretend to eat a salad with signs, saying “sign (9) times (9) one ton (81)”.

If your school allows school treats, you can replace the fake salad with 10 green jelly beans or 10 apple rings. They are sure to love this sweet activity!

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