What Is The Length Of Ad

What Is The Length Of Ad – How long does it take to change someone’s mind about your brand in one video ad? Should you be quick to tell your story to avoid interruption, or should you take a longer format to create a more powerful story? Google partnered with Mondelez International to investigate.

A standard TV commercial during “Mad Men” is 60 seconds long. But to attract more advertisers to the platform, the networks first offered a 30-second ad, then 15 seconds to serve advertisers with lower budgets. As a result, advertising length becomes a function of cost rather than awareness or effectiveness.

What Is The Length Of Ad

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In fact, a study of TV commercials found that 15-second TV commercials are approximately 75% more effective than 30-second spots.

And they are half the price. So it’s no surprise that 15-second commercials are common on TV, and 60-second spots are rare.

But what about the scope and performance on YouTube? Previous research has shown that there is a correlation between how long an ad is shown and the increase in brand awareness and attention. And we found that viewers are definitely watching longer ads: the average length of ads on the YouTube ad chart in 2014 was an average of three minutes—a 47% increase from 2013.

In this Unskippable Labs experiment, we bring some data to the art of storytelling and explore how ad length can impact brand promotion metrics. We partnered with Mondelez International and Droga5 to test real ads for Honey Maid.

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We tested three clips of different lengths using TrueView, YouTube’s skippable ad format. We then measure how people respond to ads in two key ways: what they choose to watch (whether they watch 15 seconds, 30 seconds or more; how long they watch) and how affect the brand (recall and brand preference) through Brand Lift research.

All three ads celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and feature members of the Gomez family, focusing on their experiences as immigrants to the United States and their love of family. Each ad has a different balance of story, product and brand.

The shorter version of the ad, with the father’s voice, features family scenes together and ends with the brand logo and tagline. The product appears at the six second mark and the product or logo is available for a total of five seconds, or 33% of the total runtime.

The short length of this YouTube ad will make it smaller without sacrificing storytelling or branding effectiveness. The balance between story and brand in a short format will hold the viewer’s attention and create a connection with Honey Maid.

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The long version will give more details and another side to the story, with the background of the father who goes to work and the family playing together. While the longer format adds more Honey Maid product shots, the relative amount of visual differentiation is about the same as the 15-second version. The product first appears at the 11 second mark and the product or logo remains for 10 seconds or 30% of the total running time.

This video will draw viewers in with a deep story and it’s also short. It’s the best of both worlds – short enough to entertain viewers and long enough to make a meaningful impression.

The longer version adds additional depth to the family history. In addition to the father, the viewer hears the mother, daughter and grandmother (who speaks Spanish). Like other ads, themes of family and celebration are emphasized. The product does not appear until 1:17 and the product or logo is only there for 12 seconds or just under 9% of the total running time.

The long version creates tension by glossing over some of the Gomez family’s struggles, which adds richness to the final stages of the ceremony. A multi-faceted story that shows more aspects of the family will draw viewers in and keep them engaged.

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Here’s what we found when we looked at which of the three ads people chose to watch (and for how long) and how that affected the brand:

Longer clips are viewed over a 15-second ad, with a 30-second ad being the least and a 15-second ad being the most skipped.

Although all three units outperformed Mondelez International’s benchmarks, the 30-second ad had the highest viewership ratio (VTR). In fact, your VTR is 30% higher than that of a 15-second spot.

Long form ads are also more effective in increasing brand recognition than a 15 second ad. The added depth and scale of the more complex stories creates a meaningful connection with the brand. For brands that go beyond mere awareness, it may take a longer story to convince people to change their minds.

What Do Ctv Viewers Want From The Ad Experience?

Only the 15-second ad resulted in significant ad recall across all three cutoffs. For brands with an attention focus, short format can be effective and efficient. Short forms can increase awareness, keep a brand in mind, and create signals that drive important behaviors such as search. But it’s worth thinking about the difference in effectiveness between ad recall and favorability. Is service recall advertising important for brands if it does not also affect brand choice? Make sure what you’re measuring is related to your business goals, and don’t assume that doing well in one area—like memory—helps you in others. Key decisions about the end of your strategy; People will look (and be changed by) long history.

If you are telling longer stories, don’t leave your mark until the end. Even for the most compelling ads, you will lose some of your audience as the story unfolds.

The logo doesn’t appear in any form until the 1:17 mark – meaning viewers who missed it before that point don’t have a chance to connect what they’re watching to Honey Maid. To increase brand connection, find ways to create that connection as the story unfolds. But don’t just pop your logo. Our research on creative choice shows that this lowers impression rates. Instead, create the story in a way that weaves the brand throughout.

The good news for all of us is that attention spans aren’t just shrinking to nothing. A great story can still hold an audience, even with the ever-present skip button. The challenge now is the same as it was at the beginning of advertising: figuring out how to successfully combine story and brand. This has never been difficult as we are now competing to reach people who receive thousands of messages a day from all directions. This media pressure can make brands feel like everything has to be fast, fast, fast. But as this experiment shows, shorter ads don’t just get them more attention—they may even get them less. With a great story, brands can take the time to create a connection and change minds.

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