What Is Equivalent To 5 6

What Is Equivalent To 5 6 – Fractions are very difficult! I know! My kids really struggle with fractions. When I introduce equivalent fractions, I start by asking the children, “What is my name?” They looked at me like I was crazy and finally said, “Miss Bank.” I said, “I have another name. What do my children call me? What does my wife call me?” I tell the kids, “Different people call me different names. Mom, Karla, Ms. Banks. That doesn’t change who I am.” I explained that fractions are equal. They may have different names, but they have the same value. We change fractions to make addition or subtraction easier. Then, I show the children a multiplication chart. A multiplication chart is actually a fraction chart that shows equivalent fractions. I know you’re just messing with your mind! Right?!

Look at this multiplication chart. Look at the first two lines. View the first line as the numerator in the fraction and the second line as the denominator of the same fraction. 1/2 If you follow the line across, you’ll see some fractions that are the same as the fractions in 1/2. 2/4= 3/6= 4/8= 5/10 and so on. crazy!

What Is Equivalent To 5 6

When the kids have trouble finding equivalent fractions, I ask them to use their multiplication (layered) chart. For the problem: 2/5= /15

For Equivalent Fractions The Fraction Notation Shows The Number Of…

First, ask them to highlight the two lines that the problem asks about. In this case, 2 and 5. Then I ask them to see if the problem gives them the numerator or the denominator. In this case, the denominator is given. Students go through the denominator line (5) and find 15. Then they trace their finger directly down the numerator line 6. 2/5=6/15

Once children get the pattern, they can usually go down using the multiplication chart and just multiply to find the missing numerator or denominator.

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