What Is Curley’s Wife’s Dream

What Is Curley’s Wife’s Dream – As Women’s History Month approaches, some may conclude that it is not necessary as a month-long celebration. After all, you can appreciate works of any gender at any time, right? There’s no need to worry about it. However, it is

A big problem, because these achievements are fought for recognition and respect, because women have been overlooked and ignored all the time, consistently.

What Is Curley’s Wife’s Dream

Just look at the book I assigned as an example for an English lesson: “Of Mice and Men” is a very heart-wrenching story, of course because of the bittersweet ending, but also the implications of a character whose name we may never know. With.

What Is Curley’s Wife’s Dream In Of Mice And Men By John Steinbeck?

Curley’s only wife I know what to call her, despite her importance to the story’s climax and her sad death, her relationship with Curley is more important than her own name. Plot-wise, it makes sense as the ranch workers swear to bond with her without knowing her name, but it’s also a commentary on how women are defined by the men in their lives: Curley becomes hers.

This is even more evident when we read the story from the perspective of George and Lennie, who understand and trust the other man who is slandering him more than the woman herself: believing so easily that she is a “bitch” who just can’t He takes his eyes off the ring on his finger.

Although as a girl who read the book, I didn’t see it the way the author wanted it when we first met the character. Instead of filling me with obscenity, he feels more alone to me than anything else. That the only social interaction she had was with the men around her, and the only way they could talk to her was to ask for her husband’s location.

Everything seems so isolated, shunned and despised by those around him who only know him from dirty rumors detailing his promiscuity. Incapable of anything but belonging to Curley, the wife his Vaseline-covered hands would hold.

Of Mice And Men: How Does The Author Show Sympathy For Curley’s Wife Free Essay Example

However, later we will see that there is more to it. That he too was a man with dreams, telling Lennie he wanted to be a movie star, someone important, and that for the first time in a long time, when he got someone’s attention, it hit him right away. . death.

The tragic ending is all the more tragic as Curley was never mourned for his loss as a person, but for the courage and possible retribution he was given, and in the end the lone star dies; her identity is stripped away as we only know her as Curley’s wife.

This destiny is one that countless women have experienced. Their individualism has been erased to make room for others, for men, and that’s why we celebrate women’s history in March because, despite all the struggle to be erased, they still shine.

Their names are known as they deserve, as many other women lost in time and as women who deserve it now and in the future.

Mice And Men Study Guide Period 2 Answers

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Get notifications! Send notifications to your device about every new article we publish! Click here to subscribe to notifications. Leighton Meester defended Curley’s wife, a character he played in Of Mice and Men on Broadway.

In a poignant essay titled “I’m Not A Tart: The Feminist Subtext of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck, the actress writes about the shock she feels when the audience boos her character – and the scathing words he threw at her. way by another character.

“Every time I step on stage, faced with an audience laughing or jeering, I am struck by the loneliness I can only imagine a woman like Curley’s wife must feel – a desperation to talk, to be respected, and most of all. , dignity, ”he wrote for

Riverfront Playhouse Stages Another Steinbeck Classic

. Discussing the reaction to his character, he lamented that even his death scenes were often met with “riots of laughter”.

Tells the story of George and Lennie’s hands and their interactions with their boss’s son, Curley, and his wife.

This essay is thought-provoking reading – we look forward to seeing more of Meester’s writing in the future.

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