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What Is Bigger 1 4 Or 3 8 – Are those fine lines making you cringe? Learn how to accurately read tape measure so you can finish your projects with confidence!

No matter what project you’re working on, from hanging picture frames to building a new floor, you’ll need to study tape measure. The concept is pretty simple, but once you get to 8th and 16th it gets a little confusing!

What Is Bigger 1 4 Or 3 8

I’m totally guilty of reading a tape measure as “one tick in half an inch” or “one line before 11”. When a gauge works for quick transfer

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This tutorial will teach you how to read tape measurement marks correctly and tips to get an accurate measurement every time!

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Each tape measure has a few essential parts, and learning how they work will make use easier!

A tape measure is a long piece of metal that is bent so that it is stiff when stretched

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Distinctness is the distance to the tape bend If you’ve ever measured the length of a room and the tape stops working after a few feet, you might end up with a short tape with faint distinctness.

The button or sliding switch on the front of the tape measure is a lock the tape is coiled on a spring that automatically retracts but when you’re trying to get your measurements right, it’s annoying!

This is where flipping the switch where the lock comes in will stop the tape so it won’t rewind. Make sure you don’t pull the tape without the lock or ask how I know the lock will eventually stop working! 😉

On the side of your tape measure, you’ll find another handy addition: a spring clip that lets you keep it in your belt or apron pocket. If you have a tool bag, sometimes there is a small metal tab on the outside that is designed to fit the clip on your tape measure.

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At the end of the tape, there is another small metal tab that has two functions: first, it prevents the tape from backing up inside the housing and second, it gives you something to attach to the end of the measuring piece, so you don’t have to put the tape on both ends.

When you get your first tape measure, you might think there’s something wrong with the metal tab because it’s a little loose. However, this is intentional! Depending on how you measure, this little game tab compensates for thickness

To make an internal measurement, the tab slides when you press on top of the tab. That way, the thickness of the tab won’t confuse the scale

When you attach it to an edge for an outside measurement, the tab is pulled out, so the measurement starts from the inside edge of the tab, where it touches the board.

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You can easily read the tape measure by recognizing the whole inch and fractional markings The middle mark indicates ½ inch with ¼ and ¾ inch on either side Smaller marks indicate ⅛, 1/16 and 1/32 inch increments for precise measurements.

Key Markings The lines on the tape are all different sizes, and the size of the line corresponds to the size of the measurement it represents, so the bigger the line, the bigger the measurement section.

The longest line is inches, and the ½” line halfway between the inches. Halfway between the ½” on either side is ¼”, and you can divide that measurement again to find the “measurement” mark. Even smaller ones are 1/16″ and 1/32″, but I have one of those. I usually start counting individual lines if necessary.

Here’s an easy-to-read diagram showing fractions on a tape measure You’ll see that the millimeter and metric systems are much easier to understand in comparison!

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The tape measure shown above goes to 1/32nd of an inch, but most only show lines of 1/16th and up. If you’re not sure about yours, count the lines between one and two inches apart (including the 2″ mark) for 32 lines = 1/32″ spacing. 16 rows = 1/16″ spacing. 8 rows = ⅛” spacing

For example, if you want to find ⅝” on this tape measure, imagine that the inch is divided into eight equal parts. ½” is 4/8″, so look for the next ⅛” mark and you’ll get ⅝”!

If you really struggle to read fractions on a tape measure, you can buy one that is written for you! I always reach for this in my workshop!

You may be wondering what the black diamond on the tape measure is for. It’s often used to design a building, but it’s also useful to know!

How To Read A Tape Measure The Easy Way & Free Printable!

Diamonds are used at 19 3/16″ spacing, which is the standard spacing for trusses in a roof. Since roof trusses do a lot of work in the wind they have their own markings and make it easier to get the spacing they need. It’s safer for them.

Note: Some tapes also have special markings for measuring stud locations, but this may not be accurate in your own home. Studs are not always installed on 16″ centers, so instead of relying on a tape measure, use a stud finder or a stud finder without studs.

When you measure, make sure to keep the tape as straight as possible, as you can see in the comparison below, even a slightly crooked tape measure can cause a different measurement that can throw off your entire project.

When marking your measurements, mark the spot with a V instead of a line. This way, when you go back to mark your measurement, you’ll know the exact spot to be more precise.

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It also helps to roll the tape so the side you’re measuring is flat against the board. Place the tip of your pencil over the tensi on your scale, then slide it over the workpiece for best results.

If your tape measure wears out (like the one below!), the tape on the end of the tape may give you an incorrect measurement. But you can still use it for some applications

Instead of starting your tape at the 1″ mark, place it at the 1″ mark. This is called “burning an inch”. Remember to subtract an inch from your final measurement!

After completing the measurements, make sure the tape does not return to the home as this can damage the tab and reduce the accuracy of your measurements. To avoid this, place your finger on the bottom of the tape and move it slowly.

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Be careful not to get your fingers too close to the edge of the tape as it will slide back. The edges are not very sharp, but they are sharp enough to cut!

You’ll notice that the metal tab has a small groove that you can attach to a nail or screw head to get an accurate measurement from a point in the middle of the board. Be careful where the holes appear!

You can also use this feature to draw rough circles by placing a nail where you want the center of the circle to be, then locking the measuring tape to the desired radius. Hold a pencil in the corner between the tape and the housing and rotate the nail

If you need a rough measurement where it’s hard to accurately measure the inside of things, you can put the tab on one side and tie the tape to the other corner. But it won’t give you an accurate measurement

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Look on the side of your tape measure near the belt clip where you will see the size listed which shows the length of your tape measure.

Mount the housing to the wall Note the measurement on your tape and add it to the length of the housing This will give you the correct reading for the inside of your projector

Hope these tips and tricks help you master tape measure! Check out the articles below for more beginner woodworking tutorials!

I’m 80 years old diabetic I always use tape measure but I learned a new thing trust me its never too old thank you

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On an inside measurement, mark 10 (for example) flip to the other side and measure from the inside edge to the 10 “mark”. Add the two numbers

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