What Is A Metaphor Math Worksheet

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What Is A Metaphor Math Worksheet

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Metaphor Example Sentences With Meaning_page 0002

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Metaphor Activities, Assignments, Task Cards, & More!

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Simile Or Metaphor Worksheet

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Name: ________________________________________ Grade and Section: ______________________________ Date: _______________ English 5 Workshop in Power and Metaphor Analyze the figures of speech (Simie, Metaphor, Personification, Hyperbole) in the given text. EN5RC-Ig-2.3, EN5RC-Ih-2.3 A. DIRECTIONS. Write your answer in the blank box. ______________1. My father is a source of information about sports. _______________2. The moon is like a flower. _______________3. The baby turtle will be well taken care of. _______________4. Your face is like a round moon. ______________5. Balte is a busy bee. _______________6. Shiela’s teeth were pearly white. _______________7. Sarah Geronimo sings like a nightingale. _______________8. Wild Typhon was angry. _______________9. When he heard about the typhoon, he ran home like a horse. _______________10. My hands are cold as ice. PART B: the sentences below and in the light of the two sentences being compared. 1. That boy can run like a rabbit when he wants to. 2. Children are hardworking like bees. 3. The baby turtle will be well preserved. 4. Mary is like an angle. 5. Typhon is like a roar…

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Simile Examples, Definition And Worksheets

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Metaphor Worksheets By Teach Simple

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Simile, Metaphor, Or Idiom Free Printable

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