What Is 7×4

What Is 7×4 – Crazy Minute We start each lesson with a Crazy Minute about facts about multiplying sixes and sevens. Before we start, we practice from Monday to Friday.

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What Is 7×4

1 Crazy Minute We start each lesson with a crazy minute about facts about multiplying sixes and sevens. We practice from Monday to Friday before starting our daily classes. We will also have a fact quiz on Friday. Part of your reading this week will be these facts.

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2 7×1= 7 6×1=6 7x 2=14 6×2=12 7×3=21 6×3=18 7×4=28 6×4=24 7×5=35 6×5=30 7×6=42 6×6=36 7×7=49 646= 7×9=63 6×9=54 7×10 =70 6×10=60 7×11=77 6×11=66 7×12=84 6×12=72

6 Vocabulary 19 ÷ 5 = 3R4 The remainder after division is called the remainder. The number divided is called the dividend. A number that divides another number is called a divisor. The answer to a division expression is called the quotient.

Divide, multiply and subtract, throw it DOWN and throw it BACK! Students have access to an EdPuzzle game featuring Division Rap. They listen to songs and answer quiz questions.

1.) What is 497 divisible by 3? Mark the quotient, divisor, and dividend in the calculation.

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2.) What is 458 divided by 9? Mark the quotient, divisor, and dividend in the calculation.

3.) What is 612 divisible by 8? Mark the quotient, divisor, and dividend in the calculation.

Can you hit the target? Can you divide by a single digit denominator? PROOF! Take your quiz & rock

Download ppt “Mad Minute We start each lesson with a crazy minute about our facts about multiplying sixes and sevens. We practice Monday through Friday before we begin.”

Solved For The Given Functions, Find (f∘g)(x) And (g∘f)(x)

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