What Is 617 Rounded To The Nearest Ten

What Is 617 Rounded To The Nearest Ten – Rounding to the nearest 10 Determine which two ten numbers are closest

Round to the nearest 10 rules If it ends in 1 to 4, round up to ten, if it ends in 6 to 9, round up to ten, if it ends in 5 (which is halfway between two tens) always round up. Top ten

What Is 617 Rounded To The Nearest Ten

Nearest 10 Example 1 Round 134 It ends in a 4 between 130 and 140, so it goes to 130 (you only need to go back to 4 to get to 130, but you need to go forward to 6 to get to 140). )

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Round to the nearest 10 Example 2 Round 357 It’s between 350 and 360 It ends in 7, so it’s rounded to 360 (You only need to go to 3 to get to 360, but to go back up to 7. to 350)

Nearest 10 Example 3 Round 575 Between rounds 570 and 580 it ends in a 5, so it rounds to 580 (the rule is that when it ends in a 5, it’s between two tens, so you always round up to a higher ten).

Rounding to the nearest 10 Now try rounding the following numbers to the nearest 10 using the rule:

Round these numbers in your example ) 865 (l) 636 (m) 366 (n) 142 (o) 571 (j) 488 (q) 539 (r) 768 (s) 585 (t) 372

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To operate this website, we record user data and share it with processors To use this website, you must agree to our Cookie Policy as well as our Privacy Policy It took a few years and a few false starts, but I finally found a new 4″ 617-6 at the shop and it arrived with me on Friday.

Maybe S&W sometimes has a good day because the only thing I found wrong was a slight mark on the back of the cylinder that I didn’t notice until I cleaned it.

I put 500 rounds through it over the weekend to break it in (250 sat/250 sun) and am happy to report the only problem was the ejector rod that released the tap. This fish is over the 14 pound trigger gauge limit that I have, but it was still amazing for a new gun. Granted, I gave it a good clean, washing the locks and using a touch of Lucasoil on the interior, but it lacked the “grunge” feel that many newer models seem to suffer from.

I plan to post this for Rimfire Challenge, Fallen Steel, Steel Challenge and any other local meetups. I ordered an Alchin mount, picked up a Holosun 507 tender, and have a RevUp Action Hammer kit on the way. For the past year I’ve been shooting my 6″ version stock in addition to the CMore RTS2 on an Alchin mount, so I’m hoping the new Hammer set will make a difference.

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I’m trying to decide what to control on this I’ve been running Hog monogrips with no toe openings, but the new 4″ have factory Smith grips. Honestly, they don’t feel too bad, but I’m torn between a big butt of Hogs, or maybe some G-10s: suggestions for extra stretch are welcome. |

I have rate hole money in my pocket and am always ready to buy a 617 if I can personally find one. I saw a six 617 circa 2010 and thought it was overpriced so I passed even though it was in good shape. I’m kicking myself for not buying it

I am hesitant to buy a new S&W pistol sight without sight A few years ago I saw a 617 6 for a good price on consignment but didn’t want a 6 Maybe one day, OP congrats, looks like you got dandy

Major said: If they only made that gun with three guns, please drop the lock, drop the full lock, blue it. Click to expand… I think it’s called the Model 17 Six vs ten round reels

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Not long after getting my ffl (just because I was starting my gun business) I decided I wanted a 6″ 617 and was going to order one. When I mentioned it to someone at lunch. One of my old gun club friends. The guys asked. I’ll give him 4″ 617 while I’m at it. When both revolvers arrived I was so taken with the size of the 4″ gun that I wish I had gone that way with the 6″ bbl. Over the next few months, I learned that my 6″ 617 was a very good shooter, and my friend was equally happy with it, so I stopped thinking about getting myself a 4″ model. But every time I see a photo of 4 ” model, it still kind of sets my trigger off…and reminds me of the 4″ War Masterpiece M17 trade years ago. Wish I could hang up that gun. I bought it and wasn’t immediately happy with it – the forcing cone rose up very badly after firing each cylinder, and the exhaust was so hard that I had to wear a glove or use a piece of wood to tap it loose. With ejector rod I called the nearest S&W authorized warranty repair shop, explained my problem and sent them away. When it came back, the letter they included said they would re-adjust the forced angle and grind the chambers, which both solved the problem and greatly improved accuracy. And I regret trading it for what I wanted more…

I have had a 4″ 617 and a 6″ 617 for about 40 years Both are incredible guns Both are correct and there is a problem with both Both of mine run offline at first I will admit that I prefer the 4″ because of the weight of the entire diaper The four-inch 617 feels almost identical to my 6-inch 17, which I also enjoy.

Of course, you can’t talk about them without mixing in diamonds 4″ 617 weighs the same as a 4″ diamondback

Major said: If they only made that gun with three guns, please leave the lock, leave the whole lock, make it blue; Extensive courses in various fields It begins by exploring various and progressively more complex types of addition and subtraction From there it moves on to different types of charts, poles and line charts, then money calculations and time Students will explore measurement, fractions, and different ways to avoid counting before finishing the course with a short introduction to multiplication and division. This course is taught by Mark Rogers, Achilles Course Director

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