What Is .15 As A Fraction

What Is .15 As A Fraction – Adding fractions can be so confusing for kids. It has sometimes caused a few tears at our house. I made a nice chrome dial that helps kids learn and better grasp the concept with a practical, visual, tangible object.

This fraction dial sets things right to find the answers to many different fractions. Adding fractions just got a whole lot easier! It’s like your own little fraction addition calculator.

What Is .15 As A Fraction

The dial has three different circles. I printed each one in a different color to add contrast and help tell the difference between each one. Each has a slot in it so it can be crossed and spun. One circle has 6 segments and includes the fractions with three and six in the denominator. One circle is divided into 8 segments and includes fractions with four and eight in the denominator. The big one is divided into 24 sections and 24 is the common denominator.

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It’s pretty cool how it works. When you turn the dial, you match the lines on the right. So for example in the image at the top of the post, I added 1/6 + 1/6. I connected the right 1/6 line in the center with the right 1/6 line on the big circle. Then look to the left and the edge of the circle in the middle indicates the point where the answer is. The answer here is 2/6 or 1/3. Very correct?

I found this idea in a fun book called Amazing Math Projects You Can Build Yourself by Laszlo C. Bardos. I HAVE this book and have had fun with many different projects in it.

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