What Happened To Dmytro Shurov After Smashing Guitar

What Happened To Dmytro Shurov After Smashing Guitar – Talent shows are available to entertain people of all ages, discover hidden talents, and enhance the musical skills of participants. Although they are live entertainment shows, not everything can go well because everything is said correctly, and people’s responses are not planned. That’s why with funny moments and amazing shows, invited people and viewers can watch some dramas as usual.

In the singing competition, there is a lot of fun and drama; otherwise people don’t like it, but some events are more shocking and memorable than others. The judges are supposed to teach the contestants and help them improve during the shows, but sometimes it can be that way. That’s the case with a video that went viral on Twitter a while ago, showing a judge on the popular X Factor show getting so angry that he broke a contestant’s guitar. If you want to know more about this horrible incident that has upset the whole internet, we recommend you to continue reading and watch the video below.

What Happened To Dmytro Shurov After Smashing Guitar

The incident took place on The X Factor Ukraine, a popular music show originally from the United Kingdom. This show is a competition for any artist who wants to show his talent on TV and become a star. Demonstrations were held in the most important cities of Ukraine, such as Dnipro, Lviv, Donetsk, Kyiv, Lutsk, and others. Currently, there are ten seasons of the popular show, which first started in 2010, and the last edition ended in 2019. While he was on the air, he grew and grew in the country; Everyone strives to be accepted.

Ukraine: Oleh Psiuk Criticises Dmytro Shurov Ahead Of Vidbir Longlist

The singing show is popular, but what is grabbing the headlines now? Well, Dmytro Shurov, judge of X Factor Ukraine, was seen in a video playing the guitar with a contestant. If you haven’t seen the video, at the beginning, Sergey Pelykh, the contestant, starts singing and playing the guitar. At first, everything goes well, but unfortunately, the judges notice her songs and start making fun of her performance. Sergei tries not to think about it and continues to sing and play, but judge Shurov suddenly gets up from his chair and starts walking towards him. Everyone was surprised, but no one could have guessed what was going to happen; Shurov took Sergey’s guitar and began to destroy it in anger.

The judge hit the device for a long time, almost forever, and when it finally broke, he began to laugh loudly. The strange thing is that, although everyone was very surprised, no one moved or said anything; it is only a witness. The audience, the other judges, and even Sergey were shocked and delighted when the guitar was destroyed. In the video, it can be seen that after Dmytro’s performance, Sergei stood up and left without saying anything. With controversy and drama abounding in TV competitions, this was too much, so why did the judge strike the instrument? Before you know why he did something bad, learn more about him to understand his reasons.

Dmytro Shurov is a popular Ukrainian singer, songwriter, composer, and pianist who was a judge on seasons eight through nine of The X Factor Ukraine. Shurov is known for his sense of humor and sometimes criticism of the contestants, which is often shown at the end of their performance, but this time he did not wait.

Before he was famous, he started from scratch, like everyone in the music business; He was born in Vinnytsia, Ukraine, on October 31, 1981. He comes from a family of artists; His father, Igor Shurov, is a composer and artist, and his mother is a musician and teacher. With a family in music and art, it’s no wonder Dmytro started playing the piano at the age of four.

Watch Dmytro Shurov Breaks Contestant’s Guitar On X Factor, Where His Is Career Now And Is He Fired After Getting Cancelled, Viral Twitter Video, Net Worth

As Shurov grew up, he became interested in music and enrolled at the Auguste Renoir Lyceum in Limoges, France. He also went to the state of Utah in the United States, while studying he sang in the choir and played in the jazz band. In the last two, he sang pieces from the Baroque period and then joined a quartet called “Barbershop.”

Going to America gave him more experience, but he returned to Ukraine and enrolled at the National University of Languages. In 2002, Dmytro married his longtime girlfriend, Olga Tarakanovska, and they have now been married for almost 20 years. They have only one child, an 18-year-old son named Lev Shurov, born in 2003.

Shurov’s skills include piano, keyboard, and guitar, and his first band was in 2000 with Okean Elzy, where he first performed as a session member. The following year he became a full member, but left the company in 2004 and joined Esthetic Education. Two years later, Dmytro joined Zemfira, but performed only from 2006 to 2009.

In 2009, he founded a program called “Pianoboy,” a Ukrainian music event that allows musicians to express themselves and expand their skills. Shurov also participated as an organizer in 2008 and 2009 at the Moloko Music Fest in Kyiv, part of the famous Gogolfest.

Ukrainian Or Russian > English] Judge Smashes Guitar On Talent Show

Dmytro has also received several important awards; In 2013, she was awarded the Ukrainian Elle Style Awards for the best Ukrainian artist. In film and TV, he wrote music for the movie “Khottabych” and the TV show “Slave of the People.” Shurov is a representative of several major brands such as Yamaha. Dmytro also participated as a judge on X Factor Ukraine for a short time, appearing in seasons 8 and 9. A few years later, after joining the national singer of Ukraine, Dmytro Shurov is now estimated to be worth $ 2 million.

This judge is known for criticizing contestants, but before this incident he didn’t go too far. So why did Dmytro Shurov break the participant’s guitar? What is his purpose? He later said that he did not like Sergey’s voice and playing; The participant is not correct in his thoughts. Rumor has it that Dmytro was so upset with Sergey’s performance that he thought his participation was mediocre.

Surprisingly, Shurov did not say anything more about this scandalous incident, so unfortunately, we do not have reasons and explanations for why he did something bad. As a result, people and fans started to suggest more ideas about this work. Some ads are supposed to be just ads and they need to get viewers to show up. However, we only have Dmytro’s comments condemning the actions of this young man who destroyed the guitar.

Now we know a lot about this judge, but what was involved? Who is he and what does he think? Although many people believe that the athlete’s name is Juri Hancurkan, his real name is Sergey Pelykh. This lack of understanding is due to a bad translation of the article, as “Juri Hancurkan” means “judge” in Indonesia.

Judge Destroyes A Contestants Guitar That He Got From His Dad Who Passed Away

Sergei has been trending on social media ever since his video came out and of course, people are starting to ask more about what happened after the scandal. At first he didn’t say anything because he wanted to forget about this problem and move on with his life. However, he later revealed that he was very sad because Shurov’s destroyed guitar was a gift from his late father. This statement angered the Internet users of the judge, so everyone showed support for Pelykh, and made a video on TikTok thanking people for their support.

Before signing up for The X Factor, Sergei became a social media sensation with a large number of subscribers on his YouTube channel. On that platform, he regularly uploads videos of himself playing and singing along to his favorite songs and compositions. In addition, he does things on TikTok and Instagram, where he has followers and popular videos as well. These days, he is always active on social media, although fans tried to find out more about what happened on the stage of X Factor Ukraine, he did not talk about that chapter of his life.

Since the video went viral on Twitter and the Internet, people began to criticize Dmytro’s bad behavior, calling him “unprofessional” and “immature.” There are many opinions about this act, but Internet users agree that what Shurov did is unforgivable and he should be fired and removed from the music industry. Some have urged him to apologize and buy a new guitar for Sergey, but others say it’s not enough because it doesn’t make up for what the judge did to him.

The incident was thought to have been announced before, but it gained interest on Twitter a few months ago. Although this is not the case, users want to know what happened to this judge and if he was punished or released from this program. Unfortunately, the evidence is there

What Happened To The Judge Who Broke The Guitar?

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