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What Does Tomodachi Mean

I was in Kyoto when I first saw Japan’s gay pride parade. It was a chaotic gathering of more than a dozen activists marking and carrying rainbow flags. Their convoys were completely ignored as they wandered the streets on sidewalks as unnoticed as in everyday life.

The Tomodachi Life Iceberg, I Recommend Opening The Image In A Separate Tab In Order To Read The Text Better.

That moment was on my mind when the Tomodachi Life controversy broke out earlier this week. I have lived in Tokyo for three years. I remember well the wall of silence surrounding LGBT issues, ignoring controversies about same-sex marriage and other issues. This seems to have caused Nintendo to react confusingly to the controversy.

“Nintendo has never intended for social commentary with the release of Tomodachi Life, the game’s relationship choices represent playful alternative worlds rather than real-life simulations,” a representative recently protested to the AP. All of our fans will see that ‘Tomodachi Life’ was intended to be an original and quirky game. And we’re not trying to comment on social media at all.”

But actually, as Patrick Klepek of Giant Bomb and others have correctly pointed out, Pretending that same-sex relationships don’t exist is a social opinion. Now the famed wasp’s nest was agitated. Now they’ve officially become part of a long-running debate in the gaming industry. if consolation They should know that they are not alone in tackling LGBT relationship issues in sport. More than a few Western sports have faced similar controversies in recent years. But change is coming. Whether they want to be or not, Nintendo and other developers around the world will be a part of it.

What makes the controversy weird is that this isn’t new territory for games. Tomodachi Life didn’t break barriers by allowing same-sex marriage. The Sims only allowed same-sex marriage 15 years ago, which is a more controversial move than it was. Right now, and it’s just as “weird” as Tomodachi Life.

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And Tomodachi Life isn’t the only regressive game in this regard. While games like The Sims and Dragon Age have confidently moved forward with LGBT relations, others have been more reluctant to engage in such issues. Although things have improved markedly over the years, World of Warcraft fans may remember the first LGBT-friendly forum asking them to stop promoting messages because of it. “Contrary to terms and conditions” there is a marriage with a Korean maple story; But despite numerous fan calls for an increase in same-sex marriage But that’s not the case. Open dialogue with our players as we think about it.”

Then there’s Star Wars: The Old Republic, developed by the famous BioWare. Indeed, a “love” feature was introduced, but only for heterosexual relationships. BioWare eventually released Makeb Planet through its Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, which was immediately criticized by fans and critics for creating ghetto relationships. The Guardian calls it “Pay money to gays”

“I would like to apologize for taking so long to enter the game. We promise you SGR and I understand many of you believe this will be a supporting character,” executive producer Jeff Hickman wrote at the time. “Unfortunately, this will take more time than we currently know, and (as with the rest of the content, That was mentioned at the beginning of the year) was delayed as we focused on the changes needed to make the game free-to-play, just like we did. ‘I’ve said before that allowing homosexuality is something we strongly support.’

It’s an odd episode for BioWare, which has no issues with same-sex relationships in Knights of the Old Republic (and gay-only relationships – rare).

Why Tomodachi Life Is A Problem [update]

Makeb ultimately appears to be the result of BioWare’s neglect to include a gay companion in the original show. which is an oversight on their part But the impression is that same-sex marriage is heating up in social games and MMOS, which is something that developers have.

Tomodachi Collection is clearly not an MMO. However, it does feature Miis, which are player-created avatars that represent more than just pre-made characters. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Nintendo decided to stay out of the loop.

Nintendo, lest we all forget. Still a deeply conservative company from the beginning They try to promote As recently as 2012, it was reported that they had killed a 3DS port of The Binding of Isaac for what they considered to be “moral values” in their games by censoring content they deemed inappropriate. Controversial religious content

One thing bothers me: how far is NoA going in this story? If Nintendo of America decides to add same-sex marriage, will the Home Office agree?

Tomodachi Life Guide

“On the one hand, it’s tempting to say ‘yes’ because America’s Nintendo enjoys a healthy relationship in business with its parent company when it comes to localization. Nobody has room for such a big change,” one senior, first-level translation expert told me anonymously, saying, “The American version of Animal Crossing has added holidays, events, and Western programming. The protagonist of Rusty’s Big Deal Baseball story has been completely transformed for the American release, and Tomodachi Life already has several insignificant changes in the U.S., Nintendo boasted elsewhere, adding a release in an industry that was almost impossible. To let the original developers add proper support for plural scenarios, NOA is in a better position than anyone to push same-sex relationships into games.”

However, it might not be that simple. He likens Tomodachi Life to a home. He feels that increasing same-sex relationships is more than just painting the walls or replacing the furniture. It’s like putting in new plumbing or putting in new foundation.

“It has the potential to affect every aspect of the game. Everything has to be tested to make sure it’s compatible with the new system. It’s especially hard for games where there are so few subjects under direct control,” he said. “My mind reading is that same-sex relationships will work in a game like this. These relationships must be included in the initial planning and design stages. I suspect there is no way to include these relationships later in the life of a project without redoing the game again.”

It’s tempting to say that Nintendo didn’t have much choice in this regard. Tomodachi Life was originally developed for a home audience. After asking several of my acquaintances from Japan It doesn’t seem like much has changed since I last lived there. The wall of silence on LGBT issues persists.

Tomodachi Game Shows The Dangers Of Gossip

This is especially true in Japan’s gaming industry. In Japan, one of the largest gaming blogs – Hachima Kikou – recently responded to the controversy with a post. “Foreigners need a Homadachi collection!” When talking to my contacts at Localization, most LGBT issues still boil down to exaggerated gayness. (non-lesbian) acting as a joke

“I can say that I’ve seen a muted tone in the game I’m working on,” he says. That sounds like an exaggeration.

If Nintendo thinks further They could see that Tomodachi Life had the potential to attract more global audiences. And the lack of cultural connection is inevitable. It often takes courage to look past short-term goals and look long-term. While it’s only meant to make life nonsense, Tomodachi Live has the opportunity to say something about one of the issues of our time. As Christian Nutt eloquently explains in Gamasutra, it’s time to Saying that gay and lesbian relationships is not just an abstract concept or a joke. they are real

But like I said, at least Nintendo has some peace of mind knowing they’re not alone. This is an industry-wide problem. Especially in the social gaming space. And it’s not just limited to Japan. We move.

The Strange, Starry Distraction Of Tomodachi Life

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