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What Does Mujer Mean – Isla Mujeres (Spanish pronunciation: [‘isla mu’xeɾes], Spanish for “Wom Island”) (officially “Isla de Mujeres”) is an island at the confluence of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, about 13 kilometers (8.1). mi) ) on the coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in Quintana Roo State, Mexico. It is about 7 kilometers (4.3 mi) long and 650 meters (2,130 ft) wide. To the east is the Caribbean Sea with strong seas and rocky shores, and to the west circa Cancún can be seen from across the water. In 2010, the eponymous island town had a population of 12,642.

Few violent crimes have been reported in the island’s history, leading to the island’s reputation for its laid-back nature, while safety for residents and tourists alike is exceptional.

What Does Mujer Mean

The greatest threat to the inhabitants of the island in history is the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes, some of which have caused serious damage, such as Hurricane Carm and Hurricane Wilma.

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In Pre-Columbian times the island was sacred to the Maya goddess of fertility and medicine, Ixchel. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century they called it “Isla Mujeres” because of the many images of goddesses. The first information available on Isla Mujeres dates from 564-1516 AD, belonging to the Maya region known as Ekab. There were 4 Maya states known today as the State of Quintana Roo. The Maya also benefited from the salt produced on the island in “salinas” (small land lagoons). Salt was not only used to preserve food and medicine but was also used as a commonly accepted currency to trade products throughout the Maya region. The Maya Cave of Ixchel has a temple in what is now Hacida Mundaca (Mundaca Plantation House). The island was also a favorite stop for pirates in the early 1800s. The shallow lagoon on the mainland side of the island is an ideal place for sailors to retire from the strong winds, tend their shells and sell salt. Pirates Harry Morgan, Jean Lafitte and Hernan Mundaca spent time there. Hernan Mundaca lived on the island for some time, built a large house and hoped to marry the local beauty, Martiniana (Prisca) Gomez Pantoja. He married someone else, regretted it. Some of his shrines are still standing. It used to serve as a zoo.

A small Maya temple once stood on the southern tip of the island. However, in 1988, Hurricane Gilbert caused severe damage, leaving most of the foundation but very little of the temple.

Like the rest of the tourism industry, Isla Mujeres has been financially damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, even though the number of cases on the island is low.

Transportation on the island of Isla Mujeres is mainly taxis or rickshaws and motorcycles. Since 2005

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There is also a bus service from the city center to the various neighborhoods, called colonias in Spanish (where most of the locals live). This island used to be home to Isla Mujeres airport, but the airport and terminal are closed. These days, locals, military personnel, and tourists can run up and down the runway at various times throughout the day.

There are two major ferry companies (UltraMar and Jetway) that go to the island of Puerto Juárez, Cancun, or Gran Puerto on the mainland. There are also many party boats that take day trips to Isla Mujeres. The island is popular with day-trippers, but activity quiets down at night after the tour groups leave.

Isla Mujeres has developed an industry and a strong restaurant culture, with many restaurants located throughout the island. There are many places to cook fresh seafood cooked in local and traditional dishes, and other restaurants offer Mexican, Yucatecan, Italian, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Israeli, French, Thai, Cuban, and Maya, among others. yet. Hotel prices vary from cheap to very expensive in southwestern resorts such as Hotel Villa Rolandi, and Playa Norte.

To the north is El Ctro (downtown), whose central axis, Hidalgo Street, is the main area of ​​food and tertainmt. Also in the north there is a popular beach called Playa Norte, which has recovered quickly since hurricane Wilma hit the area in 2005. In addition to the attractions, swimming dolphins can also be seen on the island.

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While the island’s larger hotels are sometimes used to host wedding receptions. These weddings are held all over the island, especially on the west or north coast of the island,

The island of Isla Mujeres is located near one of the many coral reefs such as the one in Garrafon Park, which is attractive and popular for swimming and diving. Cancún’s underwater museum, created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor, is located on the west coast of Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres is also home to sea turtles. Due to the direct threat to sea turtles in the area, a center called Tortugranja was created in the south of the island for their rehabilitation and breeding. This center is a public choice.

The island’s proximity to Cuba has made it a popular stepping stone for Cubans trying to reach the United States in recent years.

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In addition to Isla Mujeres being used as a popular daily destination, many houses have been built on the island, including houses for those who have lived on the island for generations, wealthy condos or houses for seasonal use, skiing, fishing, and working on the island. tourism and restaurant industry. The island has also enjoyed a dedicated yachting scene over the years, with many boats on the west coast, including some reserved for seasonal use. In general, the population of the island decreases in the winter due to the decrease in tourism at that time. Some of the island’s residents take boats to and from Cancún every day to go to school or work.

The sale of residences on the island has been limited for decades, leading to daily trips to Cancún (sometimes by private ferry for cars and cargo) to become a common need in buy things like television or non-preserved food. minisupers (local convenience store) or supermercado (supermarket) in the town square. As the tourism industry grew in the late 2000s, businesses like Chedraui

There are many playgrounds throughout the island, including a full basketball park and organized soccer with dirt or sand fields played by local children or organized teams. Technology on the island (especially the colony) was modest over the years, as the island was slow to widely adopt innovations beyond the traditional television. In the early ’00s, technology such as cable television, arcade consoles (often original or refurbished Neo Geos) and cell phones began to become commonplace in local households. Nina Otero-Warren, New Mexico leader in voting activity, will be presented again in the scheduled quarter of 2022.

It is part of the United States Mint’s Women’s Quarters Program, a four-year program designed to highlight notable women in American history.

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Otero-Warren was born in 1881 in New Mexico. At the age of 11, he left his current school to attend Maryville College of the Sacred Heart (now Maryville University) in St. Louis, Missouri for two years, before returning home to help with his siblings’ education and work on his family’s farm.

At age 16, when his family moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, he became a socially active member of the town’s elite. There, she met her future husband, Rawson D. Warren, before divorcing him after two years of marriage. Although she did not change her name afterwards, she referred to herself as a “Widow”, due to the social stigma associated with divorce.

In the following years she will begin her work in the struggle for women’s rights. His actions caught the attention of Dr. Alice Paul, the founder of the National Woman’s Party (then known as the Congressional League) of which Otero-Warren became head of the New Mexico chapter.

As head of the chapter, he pushed for suffrage literature to be published in English and Spanish to reach the widest possible audience. He worked with other self-proclaimed “nuevomexicanas” such as Soledad Chávez Chacón, the first secretary of state of New Mexico, and folklorist Aurora Lucero.

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In 1918, she became the first Latina Superintendent of Public Schools in Santa Fe County. During his tenure as superintendent, the US government pushed for the indoctrination of all non-whites, which meant eliminating the non-English language, non-white cultural traditions, and even family ties.

Despite a federal mandate mandating only English in schools, Otero-Warren fought for both Spanish and English to be taught in schools. Later in 1923, as Santa Fe County’s Superintendent of Indian Schools, he would push back

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