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Exploring the Castillo San Felipe del Moro, better known as El Morro, is one of the things to do in Old San Juan.

What Does Morro Mean In Spanish

Puerto Rico’s historic Citadel of San Juan is part of a National Historic Landmark and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

El Morro National Monument

One of the oldest forts built in the Caribbean, El Morro San Juan is an interesting place to visit, especially if you enjoy history and military architecture.

El Morro, meaning “headland,” was built to protect the city of San Juan from attacks from the sea and is considered the earliest fort built by the Spanish in the New World.

The iconic fort rises 140 meters above sea level, and its walls are 18 to 25 meters thick in some places!

El Morro, named after King Philip II of Spain, is a historical landmark dating back to the period of exploration and colonization of the Americas.

A Battery Of Old Rusted Spanish Era Canons Point Out To Havana Harbor At Morro Castle The Historic Landmark In Havana, Cuba Stock Photo

Construction of El Morro began in 1539 on a site overlooking the entrance to San Juan Bay and continued until 1790.

Over the centuries, other European powers tried to wrest the coveted port of San Juan from the Spanish

In 1895, the famous English sailor and explorer Sir Francis Drake attacked San Juan. But El Morro’s Spanish defenders managed to escape the attack thanks to a Drake error.

In 1898, the British attacked San Juan again and this time they captured El Morro, but had to abandon it after dysentery killed many of the English soldiers.

Iron From The Disintegrating Cannons At El Morro Fortress

In 1625, the Dutch attacked San Juan, but could not capture El Morro despite the siege. They finally relented, but burned the town before leaving

It wasn’t until a century later, with the Spanish-American War of 1898, that El Morro’s defenses were powerless against the newer and more technologically advanced artillery used by the US Navy.

This war brought Puerto Rico under US rule after centuries of Spanish rule.

In 1861, El Morro became part of the San Juan National Historic Site, ending its proud status as an active defense site.

El Morro’s History Is Carved In Stone

In 1983, El Morro was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with other forts in San Juan.

El Morro stands on a promontory overlooking the water and has a wide green area in front of the main entrance.

On weekends with good weather, you can see locals flying kites on the lawn. If you have time, you can join in too!

And from the street or from the lawn you can see the cemetery of Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis on the right as you turn towards the castle.

Dovecove Puerto Rico Castillo San Felipe El Morro, Viejo San Juan, Acrylic Puerto Rican Wall Decor

Walking through the entrance, you reach the main courtyard of El Morro, whose bright yellow walls are painted white. On this level you will find many boards with information about the castle and its history

From the courtyard or one of the terraces, you can photograph the three flags that fly at the castle: the flags of the United States of America and Puerto Rico, and the flag of the Burgundian Cross, the historic flag of the Spanish military posts. . 16th to 18th century

The fortress is not very large in area, but it is built in six levels, and ramps or steps connect the different levels. You can walk around and explore almost every area of ​​the fort

Admire the humble chapel, see the kitchen and walk through the living room Explore the old cannons, walk through the old tunnels and enjoy the view from the terrace

Puerto Rico Tourist And Travel Information

You will not only see the guardhouse in El Morro, but also in the old fort of San Juan

On a bright sunny day the view of the bay from the fort is spectacular And the blue of the water contrasts beautifully with the brown walls of the beautiful castle, making for great photos

To the right of the castle is the old cemetery of San Juan, and further on you can see the colorful houses of La Perla – the high places of the old town, Castillo San Cristóbal and San Juan.

The El Morro Lighthouse was the first lighthouse built in Puerto Rico. The original lighthouse was built in 1846 and the new tower was built in 1876.

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A new lighthouse was built in 1899 after being damaged during the Spanish-American War, but had to be demolished due to structural problems.

Learn more about the castle as you explore by joining a ranger-led tour or by reading the many interpretive panels and boards (in English and Spanish) located throughout the castle.

And don’t forget to watch the film that tells you more about the park: it is shown in El Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal and is very informative.

El Morro is one of San Juan’s most popular attractions and is on many San Juan itineraries. Here is my guide to visiting El Morro with tips that I hope will make your visit enjoyable and memorable!

Castillo Del Morro In Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

El Morro is located at 501 Calle Narzagara in Old San Juan, the historic district of the Puerto Rican capital. Overlooking San Juan Bay

If you live anywhere in Old San Juan, you can go to El Morro. You can also take the Old San Juan trolley, which is free and takes you to the entrance of the castle

From other districts of San Juan, you can drive to the castle yourself or take a taxi or Uber.

If you are coming by car, there is an underground parking lot at the end of Narzagaray Street at Fifth Century Plaza, from where you can walk to El Morro in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Castillo San Felipe Del Morro (a Local’s Guide & History)

There is an admission fee to visit El Morro At the time of writing, admission is $10 for adults and this fee covers El Morro and the nearby Castillo San Cristóbal.

If you have an America the Beautiful National Parks Pass, it includes admission to El Morro and Castillo San Cristóbal, so make sure you have your pass with you when you visit!

Don’t have a card yet? Buy it online at REI! It is valid for one year and is worth it if you plan to visit several parks during the year.

Tickets can be purchased at the entrance to El Morro on the day of your visit Pick up a brochure at the reception desk

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Allow at least two hours to explore El Morro We spent about 3 hours but explored every map and took lots of photos

Check out the ranger-led tours for the day you plan to visit to enhance your fort experience.

If you have more time after the tour, wander on your own and take photos at your leisure, or enjoy the sights and feel of history in El Morro.

El Morro is built on six floors and is interspersed with stairs and ramps, sometimes steep There are tunnels and narrow dark passages Wear comfortable shoes and light clothing to protect against the wind

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If you have mobility issues, you can still visit the main courtyard and other areas on this level, including the theater and bookstore.

As the main attraction in San Juan, El Morro tends to get crowded during the day, especially if you visit during peak season (mid-December to mid-April).

Visit early in the morning for a more pleasant experience and photo opportunities in relative solitude

When it was opened, we were at the entrance, and there were only a few visitors in the fortress at that time

Morro Rock Art Print

As we drove past later in the day, we saw many visitors on the lawn and on the path leading to the entrance

The San Juan National Historic Site, which includes El Morro Castle, is usually open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.

Restrooms are located on the entry level There is also a bookstore and gift shop on the main floor with snacks, drinks and souvenirs There is a water fountain so bring your water bottle to refill and stay hydrated!

The view of San Juan El Morro Bay is also spectacular from the waters of San Juan Bay Take a sunset cruise across the bay and enjoy views of the castle from the water! Check availability and book your trip now! Where to stay in Old San Juan

San Felipe Del Morro Castle

We stayed at the historic Hotel El Convento The beautiful old hotel is located in the heart of the historic district, just a short walk to most of the Old Town attractions, including Castillo San Cristóbal.

The rooms are spacious and the furniture elegant We were disappointed with the service and.

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