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What Does Iar Stand For – In February, MARCORSYSCOM issued an RFI to companies seeking industry capable of manufacturing the 5.56mm NATO M27 automatic infantry rifle, designed by German manufacturer Heckler & Koch and based on its HK416 rifle. Based on internal evaluations, the Marine Corps determined that it wanted to expand the use of the M27 within rifle squads. Issued under the guise of “market research”, “Request for Information (RFI) M67854-17-I-1218 to Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM), Quantico, VA to create a single source Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR)”. was used “Eligibility and approval” to purchase rifles directly from manufacturer H&K without resorting to an open application. Although several companies producing 416 clones responded to the RFI, MARCORSYSCOM evaluated those submissions and determined that only H&K was capable of producing the weapon they adopted as the M27.

Late last week, Marcosyscom issued a notice of intent to sole source: the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR). Based on that previous RFI, it found only one responsible source (based on FAR 6302.1 (a)(2)(ii)) and to solicit and negotiate up to 50,814 with Heckler & Koch (H&K). Intended – M27 Infantry. Automatic Rifles (IAR).

What Does Iar Stand For

Companies that still believe they can meet the Marine Corps’ requirements may submit a statement of capability, proposal, or quotation, which will be considered by the agency, if received by the closing date and time of this notice. is done The decision not to contest the proposed requirements based on responses to this notice is at the sole discretion of the Government. They have till 08/28/2017 to state their case.

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Some of you remember the RFI, which specified 11,000 rifles. Some tried mental gymnastics to suggest that only 11,000 rifles could be enough to equip the Marine Corps. However, he maintained that the figure was just a nice round number based on H&K’s annual production capacity from a study conducted during the initial procurement of the M27. Based on the scandals I was hearing, I knew the real number would be much higher. While 50,000 guns is not enough to completely float the Marines, it supports the premise that “every Marine may be a rifleman, but not every Marine is an infantryman.” They will choose Marines. Maybe they’ll buy more down the road. Remember that the transition from M16 to M4 took a long time.

The US Army has just issued its request for ~50,000 examples of the 7.62mm Interim Combat Service Rifle and a 417 variant is the preferred after adopting the G28 as a compact semi-auto sniper system and as a result requires 6,069 The squad puts H&K in an interesting position, in the role of designated marksman. They won the French Army rifle program with the 416, developed and introduced the 433 to replace the German Bundeswehr G36, and are now facing production of over 50,000 M27s for the Marines. This is a major requirement for H&K’s factory in Oberdorf, Germany. I’m not saying they can’t do it, but customer delivery expectations have to be managed very carefully. Some in the industry have claimed that this marine application will remove them from the ICSR. Time will tell.

For those of you under the impression that the not-yet-completed H&K factory in Columbus, Georgia will be used to build the CSASS, SDMR, IAR or ICSR, it won’t be. Henceforth, H&K’s vision is that the factory will not be used to manufacture defense products.

The Marine Corps is upgrading its service rifle to the M27, the fulfillment of a plan that many believe was selected in 2010 as a squad-level replacement for the M249.

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39 responses to “USMC Issues Notice of Intent to Single Source Purchase of Up to 50,814 M27 IARs from H&K” Today, MARCORSYSCOM issued “Request for Information (RFI) M67854-17-I-1218 to Corps Systems Command of Marines (MARCORSYSCOM), MARCORSYSCOM. Issued. , VA Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).” They are very clear at this point that this is just a preliminary market investigation under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 10 and is not a Request for Proposal (RFP), to be clear, an issuance. The RFI is a natural step in the procurement process. is

The move follows a short-lived experiment last fall during which an entire Marine infantry battalion was equipped with IARs instead of their M4s. The experiment was clearly successful. There wasn’t a need at the time, but apparently they worked on it and raised the funds to make it happen.

Since the RFI calls for the production of only 11,000 additional rifles, this means that only additional select infantrymen will receive the M27. Instead, the Marines purchased more than 45,000 M4 carbines. When the M27 IAR was initially selected, the Marines conducted a study to determine what it would cost and how quickly manufacturer H&K could produce the rifles for net service. At the time, H&K did not have the production capacity to meet the Marine Corps shipping schedule, so the plan was scrapped. This new move could very well be incremental in nature, as the additional area takes a longer timeline and covers a larger portion of the Marines.

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The M27 5.56mm automatic infantry rifle is manufactured by Heckler & Koch. It is based on their HK416 carbine and was sent to the Marines to replace the belt-fed M249 SAW in rifle squads. This RFI will be used by SYSCOM to create a single source “legitimacy and approval” to purchase rifles directly from the H&K manufacturer without resorting to an open solicitation. While the RFI describes the M27’s key features with a “T”, what could be a wrench in the plan is if another manufacturer or two claims to be manufacturing guns with a model based on the 416 clone. can also

We will monitor this acquisition closely and keep you updated on its progress. Bidders have until March 17 at 3:00 p.m. to respond.

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63 “ROBRE: USMC Begins Process to Issue M27 IAR to All Riflemen; Issues RFI To Industry”Șoim (Hawk) is an advanced training aircraft and light attack aircraft capable of close air support and reconnaissance missions. The IAR 99 replaced the Aero L-29 Delfin and Aero L-39 Albatros as the jet trainer of the Romanian Air Force. The aircraft is of semi-monocoque design, with tapered wings and a rear-sloping tail unit. A large blade-type antenna fitted under the nose on the port side of the fuselage gives the IAR 99 trainer a distinctive appearance.

Investment Advisory Representative (iar): Definition And Duties

Design of the aircraft began in 1975 and will be the first jet trainer to be completely designed and built in Romania. In 1979, the I.A.V. Funding for the construction of the first coach was approved by Craiova where the IAR 93 attack aircraft was built. The prototype (S-001) flew on December 21, 1985 with Lt. Col. Wagner Ștefănel at the controls.

The aircraft went into serial production in 1987, with 17 aircraft delivered to the Romanian Air Force in 1989. Two were lost in the 1990s (Nos. 710 and 714).

In 1990, the collapse of the Eastern Bloc created new export opportunities for the aircraft, but although the aircraft had excellent aerodynamic and handling qualities, it fell behind its class due to its outdated avionics, and upgrading became a priority.

The first upgrade was attempted in 1990 by I.Av.Craiova in collaboration with Jaffe Aircraft Corporation based in Texas. 708 and 709 aircraft

Iar C Stat

Modifications were made by installing Honeywell avionics, while the canopy was changed to a two-piece design instead of the original one-piece. This change will be retained for all subsequent flights. The 708 made its first flight on August 8, 1990, followed by the 709 on August 22. The aircraft was displayed at the 1990 Farnborough Air Show being proposed for the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System program for the United States, although this did not lead to work orders. In 1991, aircraft number 712 was fitted with Collins avionics and participated in a show in Ankara, Turkey.

In 1996, the IAR 99 upgrade program was revived with an initial trainer requirement for the newly upgraded MiG-21 Lancer. Israeli company Elbit was selected as the integrator. The avionics package is compatible with 5th generation fighter systems and is inspired by the MiG-21 Lancer upgrade but adapted to IAR 99 requirements. The first upgraded IAR 99 was the 18th production aircraft (No. 718), which made its maiden performance. Took off on 22 May 1997.

On August 6, 1998, the Romanian government approved the introduction into serial production of an upgrade program for 24 IAR-99 Șoim de.

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