What Are Athena’s Weaknesses

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What Are Athena’s Weaknesses

I warned you once, Percy Jackson, that to save you would destroy the world. Maybe I was wrong. You seemed to be saving your friends and the world.

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Athena is the Greek virgin goddess of wisdom, civilization, mathematics, strategy, defensive warfare, art, craft, and art and wisdom and intelligence. He is often portrayed as a friend of the hero and as a helper in the hero’s work. Her Roman counterpart is Minerva.

Athena was born to Zeus and his first wife, the Titaness Metis. Another prophecy foretold that Metis would give birth to a daughter and then a son who would be stronger than his father, which caused trouble because Metis was pregnant with her first child. In order to prevent this prophecy from happening, Zeus tricked Metis into taking the form of a fly and swallowing everything.

However, Metis took the form of wisdom and gave birth to a daughter who grew up in her father’s head. After some time, Zeus began to suffer from a terrible headache, so Hephaestus offered to put Zeus out of his misery and split his head open with an ax and a hammer. According to Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Zeus ordered Hephaestus to cut off his head and sew it back on. While most of the other Olympians held Zeus on his throne, Hephaestus created a crack large enough for Athena to step through, whereupon she grew into an armored and spear-wielding giant goddess, much to his surprise. of other gods. In other books, it is said that Helios himself stood up in amazement.

Although the other gods were skeptical, Zeus insisted on welcoming Athena into their ranks. She became one of the Olympians as the Goddess of Wisdom and War and the archenemy of Queen Hera. He taught the Greeks many things necessary to grow well, such as mathematics, the use of cattle to cultivate their fields, and handicrafts such as weaving.

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Although she was the goddess of war, Athena was not particularly fond of war, but she accepted that it was an inevitable necessity at times. He focused on minimizing casualties and achieving success through strategic tactics. Through her actions, Athena quickly became the beloved daughter of Zeus and always asked him for help. In the Iliad, Ares accuses Zeus of loving Athena more than others.

When her father, Zeus, decided to make Pandora irresistible to punish Epimetheus for his brother, the actions of Prometheus, Athena helped the girl by giving her wisdom and attention. Besides, she taught Pandora to weave and various crafts. This generosity helped Pandora make better use of her time and get rid of boredom.

Over the years, Athena and Poseidon had a conflict between them, which may have started when they were competing to be in charge of the city of Athens, called Attica at that time. The leader of the city asked the two gods to give a gift of the city that had just been built. Poseidon created a spring of salt water and horses, while Athena gave them an olive tree. Seeing that the olive tree was more useful than the city’s salt water fountain and horses, its leader Kekrops made Athena their patron deity. A temple known as the Parthenon was dedicated to her and the new city took the name of Athena in her honor.

The next moment that showed the conflict between the two Olympians was when Athena answered the prayers of Coronis, whom Poseidon tried to persuade. He saved the woman by turning her into a crow. As a result, the enraged Poseidon craved revenge. So, he took his new lover, the priestess Medusa, to the temple of Athena. Enraged at Poseidon and Medusa for committing abominations in her temple, Athena turned Medusa into a monstrous creature that had the added curse of turning anyone who gazed into her unyielding eyes to stone. When Medusa’s sisters helped her enter the temple, they too were transformed. Together, the three sisters became known as the “Three Gorgons”. After receiving the Head of Medusa as a sacrifice from her brother Perseus, Athena gave the head as a gift to her father Zeus, who sent it to Hephaestus to make the Aegis. Zeus gave his daughter a shield from time to time. In The Titan’s Curse, Zeus gave the Aegis to Thalia Grace, his daughter, as a gift. However, many sources also say that the creation of Medusa was a blessing for her, because she was a favorite priestess of Athena, and Poseidon took advantage of her inside Athena’s temple. Unable to punish Poseidon, Athena instead gave Medusa the power to turn any man who tried to harm her back to stone.

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Once Athena and Poseidon had a dispute over the hero Odysseus. Although Poseidon was angry with him for blinding his son Polyphemus, Athena loved Odysseus more than anyone else because he always used wisdom instead of force and was always willing to help him when he needed it most. Although it seemed impossible for Athena and Poseidon to work together, it happened when the chariot was created, when he built the chariot himself and Poseidon created the horses that were needed to pull it.

As soon as she left her father’s head, Zeus sent Athena to be with the nymphs of the Sea of ​​Tritonis because their martial nature attracted her. He clearly agreed with them. Under their tutelage, Athens became an expert in armed warfare. His most beloved friend (perhaps lover) however was Pallas, the only nymph who would join him in battle.

One day, the two fought so fast and hard that Zeus, who was watching them at the time, mistakenly thought it was a fight to the death. Concerned about the safety of his daughter, he appeared in the sky behind Athena and held her terrible Aegis shield, which greatly shocked and confused Pallas because of the Head of Medusa on it. Unaware of her father’s presence at first, Athena removed her friend from her spear and struck him, stabbing Pallas in the gut. However, Pallas was too calm as she continued to examine his trembling, so Athena accidentally stabbed him with her sword.

A heartbroken Athena honored her best friend with a sacred monument, building a wooden statue of Pallas and placing a fragment of her Aegis cloak on her shoulders. The statue would later end up in the city of Troy, called the Palladium (meaning “Place of Pallas”), where women were allowed to hide while men were forbidden to even look at the statue. Because the statue of Pallas was so similar to Athena, people began to call the goddess “Pallas Athena,” which the god encouraged because it helped him to remember Pallas.

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Hephaestus fell in love with Athena because of her passion for tools and her interest in solving mechanical problems. Unfortunately for him, Athena became one of the Virgin Gods and did not want to marry anyone. However, Hephaestus persisted in pursuing and flirting with Athena until finally he threw himself at her, wrapping his arms around her waist and burying his face in her skirt. While inside, some of his divine sweat and tears dripped onto his bare leg, causing him great pain. He chased Hephaestus away, grabbed a piece of cloth to wipe the divine moisture from him, threw the cloth of Olympus, and ran away from his persistent admirer.

Having the origin of both gods, the cloth will later turn into a murderous boy, whom Athena finds and names him Erikthonius. He placed his “child” in a wooden box, along with a magically pointed snake, with the intention of his divine qualities later being enhanced by the snake and making him immortal. The snake soon became one of Athena’s sacred animals, along with the owl and the cat. Athena took the casket to the Acropolis of Athens (her most sacred place) and gave it to the daughters of Kekrops warning them not to open it. Although the daughters agreed, their curiosity got the better of them after just one night and they opened the box. Seeing Erikthonius and the snake, the kings went mad and immediately jumped off the cliff of the Acropolis to their death. When the chest was opened, the spell was broken before Erikthonius became immortal and the snake left. However, Athena would later retaliate against Kekrops, whom the great Erikthonius would depose and usurp his Athenian throne.

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