What Advice Does The Nurse Give Juliet

What Advice Does The Nurse Give Juliet – Definition of drama: a story with action and dialogue for a stage performance – we usually read a script 2 basic structure of the scene “card-frame scene” – the audience watches an imaginary world through a window. People “Platform Stage” – * The stage extends into the auditorium with tiers behind the stage for additional acting areas. The line between the audience and the actor is blurred. One sided – the actor who speaks his opinion directly to the audience. Monologue – the actor who speaks his opinion out loud. It usually consists of one paragraph

Tragedy is a drama with an unhappy ending. History is the drama of famous people’s lives. Usually a change of scene is a division in activities. The parameter is constant and time continues without interruption

What Advice Does The Nurse Give Juliet

4 The basis of the play Romeo and Juliet is “Herm and Inbe”. Although the idea of ​​tragic young love is present in all folklore, the use of well-known legends/myths is common – which may explain Shakespeare’s wide knowledge.

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Topic: Wise judgment should be used when choosing life. We explore the issue through a series of contrasts: infatuation vs. true, mature love, youthful haste vs. mature wisdom, passion vs. reason, fate vs. free will – Elizabethans debate the idea of ​​whether or not humans are the product of fate We do (we cannot control what happens to us) or if a person is free to choose their own destiny, themes are revealed through character development – revealing Shakespeare’s tone (attitude) towards the characters.

6 Figurative Time – Notice all the different references to passing time, standing still, moving very quickly. Objects that represent the passage of light and darkness

11 Discussion Questions What important information about Capulet is revealed in the opening of Act I, Scene II? How old is Juliet? How does knowing his age affect our understanding of the theme and progress of the play? What are the contrasts between Juliet and the other women in this scene? Why does Shakespeare distinguish between them? What is the extended metaphor in Act I, Scene III?

16 Key Quotes Some consequences hanging in the stars / Begins its terrible day / With the pleasure of this night and the end of a loathsome life closed in my breast / Some terrible loss of untimely death (Act I,). Fourth scene). Fate is contrary to free will

Romeo And Juliet’ Scenes

He takes her hand and then tells her that if she insults his hand, she will pay a fine for kissing it. Important quote Romeo: “Is he a Capulet? / O dear accountant! My life is my enemy’s debt. I.v. line Juliet: “My only love is born of my only hate!” I.v. line 134 Which character( Ha) You) You? Breathe compassion? Why? 17

Prologue 18 Act II – Passionate Ideas that Time Wants to Hurry Scene i – Foil: Opposite Character Benvolio – Doesn’t Talk Much Mercutio – Unpredictable 18

Romeo describes Juliet in terms of light. Both wish for darkness to hide from Juliet’s family against fate. The freedom of the will of the youth is in a hurry. What is their plan? 19

“But soft, what light comes through the window?” / This is the east and Juliet is the sun.” II. ii Lines 3-4 Juliet says, “What is the name? What we call a rose / would smell sweeter by any other name. II. ii The lines “Good night, good night! Farewell is so sad, / Good night till tomorrow.” II. ii 20 lines

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Verona Gazette You are a reporter who writes a social column for one of Verona’s local gossip magazines. Your job is to write down what’s going on with the Montagues and Capulets and any news you get. You can write about a ball or recent events. Feel free to describe fictional and real characters. Word count: at least 200 words You can use first person Must be typed Act 1 Act 2 Act 2 Scene 3 Must include details and references to specific events.

27 Key Quotes Some consequence hangs in the stars / Begins its terrible day / With the pleasure of this night and the loathsome life that is bound in my bosom expires / Ends with the terrible failure of untimely death (Act I , the fourth scene). Fate is contrary to free will

He takes her hand and then tells her that if she insults his hand, she will pay a fine for kissing it. Important quote Romeo: “Is he a Capulet? / O dear accountant! My life is my enemy’s debt. I.v. line Juliet: “My only love is born of my only hate!” I.v. line 134 Which character( Do you? Express sympathy? Why? 28

L oxymoron – short phrases that combine opposite elements to create an effect Dear: l chiasmus – parallel phrase, sentences or sentences in which the parallel reverses 2 structures and changes the elements of the first 30.

Romeo And Juliet Comprehension Questions

1. He doesn’t want to talk about marriage tonight. – So tonight Lady Capulet decides to send for Juliet. 2. Decides that Juliet and Paris will get married on Wednesday – then decides it’s too soon, so moves it to Thursday 3. Only invites 1 or 2 people – then decides on 32 people.

L Elizabethan belief that grief should not be excessive, Juliet uses ambiguous words to argue with her mother. Comparing the reactions of Lady C, Capulet and Juliet 34

What bad advice does the nurse give to Juliet? How does Juliet react? From which source does Juliet decide to seek more advice? What desperate action is he considering in the last 2 lines – the couplet? 35

I agree to meet his parents and get married in Paris. Drink a potion that makes him appear dead. Sleeping in the crypt of Romeo’s family (informed by letter) rescues Juliet with the monk and takes her to Mantua.

Romeo And Juliet

Zehr does not work and still marries Paris in the morning. The ghost tries to secretly poison him to cover his tracks. He chokes before Romeo arrives. He haunts Tybalt’s ghost.

Paradox – “Love in death not life” Themes: Fate and Will Refer to time Anaphora – “Our instrument for the bells of melancholy…”

45 Letters Dear Juliet Are you a friend of Romeo or Juliet? One of these characters has come to you for advice about his love life. What wisdom can you impart to this character? Try to give sensible and mature advice to Romeo or Juliet. Include at least two quotes from the text that show how Romeo/Juliet feels about this situation. You can assign a fictitious character, which you must type in the cover letter format on Friday.

47 Timeline 1. Start writing all the main events of Romeo and Juliet. Divide events by day. Day 1: Romeo loves Rosaline and… 2. Create a linear timeline showing related dates and events.

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In order for this website to work, we record and share user data with processors. To use this website, you must agree to our privacy policy, including our cookie policy. Even a tragic story needs comic relief, and who better than the shameless, low-class nurse Juliet? This is comedy gold: she’s a lower-class woman, so it’s already funny. And she’s a nurse, which means she can only talk about bodies: bodies that have sex, bodies that give birth to babies, bodies that nurse babies. By the way, he has a real way with dirty jokes like this one:

Here he is talking about getting a ladder to climb for Romeo who spends the night in Juliet’s bedchamber. But a nurse never has the same level – “bird’s nest” is also slang for sex. A minute of laughter.

At the beginning of the play, the Nurse and Juliet may be romantically involved, but when Juliet needs her most—after her parents order her to marry Paris—the Nurse betrays her. The nurse tells Juliet that Romeo is dead enough and that she should forget him and marry Paris. So is the nurse responsible for Juliet’s death? Will he end up being one of the people “punished” as Prince says? Maybe. We have two questions to address. Let’s start with the easy one:

It’s easy because…we don’t know. We see Romeo and Juliet on the balcony and hear the nurse calling her. We see Romeo with Father Lawrence. And then we go directly to the story of the nurse who appeared as Juliet’s messenger. What happens in the meantime? Does the nurse just play a young pimp? May be. Is he really trying to do the best for his responsibility? Maybe. Or does he intend to make personal profit in some way? All we can do is guess.

Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

Perhaps the nurse does not understand that Juliet’s love for Romeo is not a childish infatuation, but something real. (Why does it encourage marriage, anyway?) If you’re a little self-critical, you can say that this attitude is both rude and confusing.

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