How To Change Order Of Integration

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I am trying to change the configuration of the problem and I am stuck

How To Change Order Of Integration

This is an example given in my book on the subject. (Show them the diagram and it will be easy to explain my confusion.)

Solved Change The Order Of Integration In The Integral Mow

So in my case, when you reorder the integration, the reordering result comes in the form of 3 (say IOnfoot1 + IOnfoot2 + IOnfoot3). I1 is for OLC, I2 is for AMC and I3 is for BLCM. (See the diagram I shared in image mode)

I tried to solve it internally, but I was stuck with the problem of selection ± choosing the upper (top) and finding the lower limit. But in response to my book it was given:-

So I couldn’t understand how to select or control the number that will be big and the number that will be small in between

P.S.: If you want to answer my question, thank you very much in advance. Again, I’d appreciate it if you could edit my question to make the expression easier, because I don’t know how to do it here.

Sketch The Region Of Integration, Reverse The Order Of Integ

Please don’t share my question, If you find something wrong in my question or don’t follow the advice, please let me know in the comments. I’ll delete the question.

The problem is the wrong reading of the book. The first order of integration is $dydx$ NOT $dxdy$. This is because we first connect $y$ to the first row and then $x$. It cannot be $dxdy$ because we cannot integrate it with respect to $x$ and we have the boundaries of the parts written in the form of $x$.

Ii) In general, a positive sqrt number will always result in a larger number than a negative sqrt number, but when moving we don’t always want the highest value, we want to approximate the line we use to fit.

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Solved:for Problems 39 42, Sketch The Region Of Integration Then Rewrite The Integral With The Order Of Integration Reversed. ∫0^2 ∫r 2^2 Y F(x, Y) D X D Y

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If we transform the system of integration into two forms r’ y) dx dy o Jo (a – x) (X – y) then the value is (A) (C) o (a) o (0) Tio (a) – o ( ) ] o (0) (a) (B) (D) Tt

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Solved: Sketch The Region R Whose Area Is Given By The Iterated Integral. Li

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Solved Reverse Double Integrals (change Order Of

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