How To Change Celsius To Fahrenheit On Fitbit Sense

How To Change Celsius To Fahrenheit On Fitbit Sense – Is your Fitbit showing your current temperature or weather forecast in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit or vice versa?

If so, you can easily change the temperature unit to your preference using the Fitbit app. To find out how, read on!

How To Change Celsius To Fahrenheit On Fitbit Sense

If you sync your Fitbit with the Fitbit app on your phone or other mobile device, adjusting the temperature unit for your Fitbit is super easy!

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Notably, many Fitbit trackers, such as the popular Inspire or Luxe series, do not offer a Weather app, while watch models such as the Versa and Sense series do.

One thing I like about the Apple Watch is that you see the weather and temperature on most watch faces. It seems that with Fitbit, most designed Fitbit watches do not include this feature.

So to see the weather and current temperature at a glance on your Fitbit, you’ll need to install a third-party watch that supports it.

The settings are different for each watch face, so you may see more or fewer options for the watch face you choose.

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I love that my Versa 3 watch now shows the current temperature and conditions along with my current battery status!

If your Fitbit isn’t updating with the latest weather information, see this article for steps to fix it: Fitbit’s Weather app not syncing or working? Steps to fix it.

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