How To Brake Smoothly

How To Brake Smoothly – At the push of a button, ProPilot Park assists the driver in parking by controlling the steering, acceleration, brakes, gearshift and even the parking brake. The system can handle different parking situations and offers available parking spaces based on information such as parking lanes and surrounding vehicles.

In addition, in vehicles with a memory function, after the vehicle’s parking location has been registered, the parking aid can be used in places where there are no parking lanes, such as at home or in isolated places away from the road. The system automatically activates and signals parking assistance when approaching a registered space, allowing drivers to park safely.

How To Brake Smoothly

By simply pressing the “ProPILOT Park Switch”, ProPILOT Park supports parking by controlling the steering, acceleration, braking and shifting. When the parking process is completed, the system changes the position of the switch to “P” and activates the electronic parking brake.

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In vehicles with a memory function, once a parking space is registered, the next time the vehicle is parked near the registered space, the ProPilot Park system will automatically activate and indicate the parking space.

Parking spaces can be registered in places without a parking line or even in isolated places away from the road.

To find available parking spaces, ProPilot Park uses four high-definition cameras that can use real-time image processing to identify parking spaces and 12 sonar sensors placed around the vehicle to detect other vehicles and obstacles.

ProPilot Park then calculates the driving route to the target location, including turns, and controls the vehicle with high precision, linking acceleration, brakes, steering and shifting to support safe and precise parking.

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When a location is registered, the memory function records the GPS data of the parking lot and the street features of the parking lot detected by the camera.

When the vehicle is parked near the registered place, the system compares the registered information with the characteristics of the road and prepares the parking space up to the place.

After the start of the parking lot, the match continues to identify the correct parking lot. When the surrounding area is dark, the features of the road surface can be detected by infrared projectors.

You can park your car in and out of the parking lot using the intelligent key.

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ProPILOT, which helps one-lane driving on the highway, increases the function of connecting to the navigation system, reducing the driver’s work frequency, making the driver more confident and comfortable.

It greatly reduces driver stress while driving on highways in various traffic conditions, making long drives comfortable and enjoyable.Safe driving is a never-ending game, so keep learning new tips. Just as silence is an essential part of any conversation, braking is an important part of driving. Because you can’t drive a car without brakes or talk to someone who can’t stop to listen, you must learn to brake calmly.

Whether you’re a beginner or have been driving for 3 decades, if you accelerate, you’ll eventually slow down or stop. It is better not to drive without braking. If you can’t stop when you want, don’t move! However, you want the stop to be as smooth as possible, so you need to apply the brakes properly.

So how do you brake every time you want to stop? Braking is a fine art that takes time. You won’t be the smoothest brake puller at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll be able to maintain it.

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Once you learn this skill, your car will not experience the deformation of the brake rotor surface due to the high temperature of sudden braking, so stress will be reduced. Therefore, the car will last a long time. Your passengers will enjoy a comfortable, smooth ride without sudden stops that lead to spilled drinks or hitting the front seats.

One way to take good care of your brakes is to use good judgment: if you don’t, you’ll have to apply your brakes too hard or drive at low speeds when braking for long periods of time. With proper estimation, you can press the pedal without any problem.

Always avoid braking until the last minute. Experience smooth braking and starting braking. So it helps if you mentally calculate the distance to where you want to stop completely and start stopping early enough.

If the car in front stops suddenly, you need to apply the brakes. When you maintain the appropriate following distance, you will have time to apply the brakes smoothly without hitting. So choose the right following distance that suits your speed, road conditions, tire condition and weather.

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How do you know the correct tracking distance? To determine the correct following distance, you must know the stopping or braking distance. The stopping or braking distance is the distance your car travels after applying the brakes before coming to a complete stop.

You must fully understand how your car reacts to braking. Every car works differently. Cars have different weights, braking force levels and brake pedal response. If you step on the brake pedal a little, does your car stop or slow down or brake or simply stop braking? Should you press the brakes harder? If you are driving 50 km/h, do you have to press the brake pedal harder to stop the car?

Speed ​​contributes to rough or soft braking. If you are driving fast, you need more power to stop the car. You need to understand the grip force for each speed.

A larger car requires more power to come to a complete stop, while a smaller car requires less power. For example, if you see a stop sign too late and hit the brakes while driving a large car, it will be a difficult stop.

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This is not only advice for beginners, but also for experienced drivers who still use their left foot brake. Old habits die hard, which is why some adults have to go back to driving schools. Has it become a habit to brake with your left foot?

First, using your left foot to brake is dangerous because the brake pedal is designed to be depressed by the right foot. Left foot braking cannot result in a smooth stop because the left foot is not as sure as the right foot. The position of the brake supports the right leg. Again, this is terrible for your car’s engine, because you put a lot of stress on the engine.

You can use the pivot mechanism to brake smoothly. How do you use the pivot mechanism without brake problems?

The only time you should brake in a corner is in an emergency. If you brake while turning the steering wheel, your car’s tires will suffer. Again, the tires can lose their grip on the road, resulting in skidding, which is not what we consider smooth braking.

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When approaching a turn, release the gas pedal and apply the brakes slowly. As you begin to turn, take your foot off the brake and slowly depress the gas pedal again.

Slow braking is recommended as it is gentle on the rotors and brake pads. This maintains the quality of the car’s braking system and reduces overall maintenance costs. On the other hand, rapid braking increases heat and friction, which leads to wear.

It takes about 1.5 seconds to detect a hazard in front of your vehicle. It takes another 1.5 seconds to react, apply the brakes and decelerate. That means, you want to give yourself 3 or more seconds between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

One of the most important lessons you will learn at Pierre Paul Driving School in the Brooklyn section of New York is how to brake smoothly. We care not only about your safety, but also about the health of your car. Join us today to learn more.

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Our instructors go out of their way to impart the best driving habits you need to stay safe on the road.

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This article was prepared by Ibrahim Onerly and staff writer Hannah Madden. Ibrahim Onerly is a driving instructor and manager of Revolution Driving School in New York. His mission is to make the world a better place by teaching safe driving. Ibrahim trains and manages over eight driving instructors. It focuses on teaching defensive driving and stick shift driving.

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