How Tall Is A 70 Inch Tv

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How Tall Is A 70 Inch Tv

David, a 20-year veteran whose expertise has been reviewing televisions since the CRT, rear projection and plasma eras. Before that, he worked for Sound & Vision magazine and He is known by two people on Twitter as the Cormac McCarthy of consumer electronics. faith

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Vizio’s E1i-A3 series is the poster child for “TVs are getting bigger and cheaper all the time.” The 70-inch behemoth reviewed here is cheaper than similar-sized TVs I know, but it’s worth the price. In addition to the picture, it has a Smart TV equipped with a good QWERTY remote, as well as sharp styling that does its best to keep a screen of this size “low”.

The Vizio E701i-A3 is incredible value as the cheapest size LED TV that Smart TV offers. The picture has very accurate colors and very bright room performance. Much of the Smart TV content is in a responsive interface, and the QWERTY remote makes searching and other Smart TV operations easy. With slim bezels, the set has a more compact, sleeker look than many competitors.

The E1i-A3’s picture doesn’t match the black level performance of some competing LED TVs and suffers from some uniformity issues. The design of the Smart TV interface looks a bit outdated and clunky.

The 70-inch Vizio E701i-A3 costs twice as much as its 60-inch sibling, and if you’re spending two grand on a TV, the alternative is worth considering. The Sharp LC-70LE640U is a better performer, the Panasonic 65-inch TC-P65ST50 is better in every way, and both can be found for a few hundred more than this Vizio. But if you’re okay with that and just want a big, really good LED TV, the Vizio E701i-A3 is a terrific value.

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The E1-A3 series, whether 60 or 70 inches, are the best Vizio TVs I can remember. While the 70-inch frame is a bit thicker than the 60, it’s very thin—about an inch. It is less than ten on the top and slightly thicker on the bottom. The 70-inch Vizio bezel is the same size as the 60-inch Sharp LC-60LE640U.

The result is a giant TV that looks almost all screen when viewed from the front, and while it’s about half an inch thicker than the 70-inch 60 profile, it’s still very thin. These frame and cabinet dimensions, combined with Vizio’s simple glossy black styling, put Vizio’s E701i-A3 in the same style league as TVs from more established brands. As is common at this price point, the panel does not roll on the stand.

The E701i-A3 comes with a remote control and a full QWERTY keyboard on the side to make it easy to enter searches and other information into Smart TV apps. While it’s not up to the standard of a good smartphone keyboard, it’s nice to use extensively and occasionally — it easily eliminates the boring on-screen virtual keyboard required by most other smart TVs. I’m nervous and like the tactile “click” when I press the button, even though I have to scroll forward to enter the numbers.

It’s also worth noting that since the remote uses infrared for TV signals, you have to point the front edge roughly at the screen, which can look unnatural. As I show in the image below, if you hold the keyboard more perpendicular to your face, it’s likely that many keystrokes won’t register. This is one reason why Bluetooth or other wireless technologies are better than infrared for living room keyboards.

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The front face of the remote is not my favorite. The menu/exit/guide/back buttons are too small and there isn’t enough difference between the buttons. The best feature of the remote is that it has dedicated keys for Amazon Instant and Netflix; unfortunately, Vizio has replaced the Vudu app shortcut keys on previous clicks with M-Go (see below). The worst thing shared by the QWERTY side is the lack of explanation.

Vizio uses the same menu on this set as on other Smart TVs, and I’m a fan of it. The menu system looks like an app, and I like how the image settings section is integrated into the main App taskbar (see below). Quick response, thorough explanation and I had no problem finding my way. I also appreciated the easy-to-navigate installation process and the exceptionally thorough on-screen instructions.

The E701i-A3 is an excellent choice for LED-based LCD TVs. Its LED-backlit backlight eliminates the native dimming found in models like Vizio’s own M3D0KD, but the company includes 120Hz processing. Also missing from the list is 3D, although that’s not a huge loss in my book, especially on a TV this competitively priced. If you want Vizio 3D, your biggest screen options come down to the 65-inch M3D651SV, while the Sharp LC-70LE745U is the closest 70-inch 3D competitor.

Smart TV: Compared to many smart TV apps from major TV manufacturers, the Vizio VIA Smart TV software suite, which looks like the first generation, looks dated. The design makes finding the app you want more difficult than it should be because you have to navigate through the small icon at the bottom of the page. Yes, you can rearrange the icon and remove apps you don’t want, but it’s still a pain for those who want to install more than a few apps. Response time was decent, but not as fast as Samsung or LG’s software suites. I prefer the Vizio design to the Sharp.

Inch Tv Dimensions

On the other hand, the content selection is the best it’s ever been — and close to Roku trading HBO Go for YouTube. While it doesn’t have sports programming like MLB.TV and NHL, Vizio didn’t leave its main video service off the list. There’s also plenty of music options with Rhapsody, Pandora, TuneIn Radio and iHeartRadio. There’s no web browser, but that’s not a huge loss, as TV-based browsers are, of course, universally inferior to smartphones, tablets and PC browsers.

Vizio tells me that the Skype app isn’t yet enabled on the 60- and 70-inch versions of this TV, and won’t say whether it will be: “We’re actively working to work with Skype to certify this model.” When it finally launches, you still have to buy a $70 camera/speaker.

Vizio does not have an “app store” with a selection of paid apps, but it has many free options that are quite useful, such as Yahoo Connected TV Store (VIA engine based on Yahoo Widgets) AOL HD, eBay, Fandango (with ticket purchase), iHeartRadio, SnagFilms , Vimeo, Wealth TV 3D and WSJ Live. The rest of the 150+ apps, including many dedicated to local news channels, are decidedly less useful.

Picture settings: The E701i-A3 has Vizio’s trademark list of picture modes — Football, Golf, Baseball and Basketball — named after sports that have nothing to do with improving picture quality when watching those sports. Advanced settings include two-point color temperature and multiple dejudder settings, as well as options to adjust the ambient light sensor and global dimming in the backlight.

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It doesn’t have a color management system, gamma presets, or more involved grayscale controls, so the set isn’t a match for picture editors like the LG and Samsung sets. It’s just as adjustable as Sharp’s set and more than Panasonic’s.

Connectivity: The back provides power for the E701i-A3, four HDMI ports, one component-video port (shared with one composite-video port), PC input, and two USB ports.

Vizio tells us that the 70-inch size improves on the picture quality of its 60-inch sibling, but to our eyes and testing, it’s basically the same. Both can produce a workmanlike image, though one is nearly as good as seen on many cost-effective LED TVs. Let alone flagship plasmas like Panasonic’s 65-inch ST50, nothing matches the level of picture quality seen in its main LED rival, the Sharp. The Vizio’s black levels are relatively unconvincing, showing some uniformity and out-of-corner issues. On the other hand, it still guarantees a “good” result in this category, with mostly accurate colors and solid performance in bright rooms.

Click the image to the right to view the picture settings used in the review and read more about how this TV’s picture controls work during calibration.

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Black levels: Both the 60- and 70-inch Vizios combine for the most impressive set in our lineup to produce deep blacks. Between the two 70-in., the letterbox bar looks very dim,

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