How Tall Is 55

How Tall Is 55 – Truth is beauty. The 55-foot-tall statue was one of the main attractions of Burning Man 2013—for good reason.

When you enter Burning Man Kingdom, there are two types of blessings. The first is border forces. They check your passports, that is, your tickets. Then they ask the usual questions: “Who else are you carrying? Do you have pets on board? Do you have a gun?” If someone tries to sneak in you can be banned. Usually someone comes up the ship and checks our bathroom. This time, the man nodded at us. We were dressed as retired from the middle classes. We could be someone’s grandparent. Heck, we are someone’s grandparent.

How Tall Is 55

The second set of greetings serves as the Black Rock City equivalent of the welcome wagon. They even give you a package of goodies. These people smile in the worst dust storms, just like border guards smile. “I see you’re a Brenner Virgin,” the man told Peggy. “Actually, this is our tenth year,” replied Peggy. There was a moment of silence. “Welcome home,” he shouted. “You’re going to love the art this year. The artist has a new sculpture that Bliss did three years ago. Unbelievable.”

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That caught our attention. Bliss, a 40-foot sculpture of a dancing woman, inspired Peggy and I. So we were excited to learn that the same artist, Marco Cochrane of Mill Valley, California, created a new sculpture for Burning Man 2013, another giant woman, Truth Is Beauty. After visiting the Man and the Temple (always our first stop in the town of Blackrock), we cycled to see the Lady. I capitalized the W because the statue deserves it. Truth Is Beauty is 55 feet tall. We were so impressed that Peggy and I went back to visit several times during the week.

In preparation for today’s blog, I decided to research Marco Cochrane and his art. The first thing I learned is that Marco and I share an interest in Joseph Campbell. In fact, the name of the entire Bliss project, including Bliss, Truth Is Beauty, and the yet-to-be-built third statue, is taken from a quote from Campbell that Cochrane posted on his website:

The original Bliss sculpture from Burning Man 2010 now resides on Treasure Island, San Francisco, where Marco has his studio. The sculpture weighs 7,000 pounds, is 97 percent air, and has 55,000 welds, all done by hand. The internal framework is based on a geodesic structure (thanks Bucky Fuller), and has 4500 ball joints. The “skin” consists of a steel mesh stretched over the structure and screwed to it.

Marco used the same model, Deja Solis, a six-foot-tall singer/dancer from the Bay Area, for Bliss and Truth Is Beauty. Her goal when working with a model is to make herself feel relaxed, safe and herself. He then tries to capture its essence and recreate it in a work of art. Her goal is to help us move beyond seeing a woman as an object and see her as another human being, a human being. Wlive Tv Stand 55 Inch Tv,tall Entertainment Center With Storage, Farmhouse Industrial Tv Console For Bedroom Living Room, Charcoal Black

If you want to know more about Cochrane and his projects, I recommend going to his website. The Matador Network also has a great interview. Below are some photos designed for registration

To give you some idea of ​​the size of the sculpture, here are his toes and my foot. BTW, I wear a size 14 shoe.

As you might imagine, photography at Burning Man is huge. 68,000 people probably means 68,000 cameras. This photographer has attached his camera to a large balloon to capture unique views of Truth Is Beauty.

The magic of the night at Burning Man is also about the art. Using a series of LED lights inside the statue as well as external lighting.

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Our friend Tom Lovering (AKA Adios) from Davis, CA has a great eye for unique photos. It was up before the sun to go out on the playa for the photos

If you enjoyed this blog, you might want to check out my top five reasons to go to Burning Man in 2014.

Special thanks to WordPress for introducing my blog and my readers and fans. You are all appreciated.

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Foot Tall Statue Of Nude Woman Near San Francisco Sparks Outrage

SAN LEANDRO, Calif. – Complaints about the lack of women in the technology industry have been around for a long time. Now there’s a prominent woman in a technology park across the San Francisco Bay Area, although that’s not quite what some people expected.

A 55-foot statue of a nude woman unveiled this week in the working community of San Leandro has sparked controversy and conversation.

At the base of the £13,000 sculpture is a message in 10 languages ​​which reads: “What would the world be like if women were safe?”

The statue – almost three times taller than Michelangelo’s David – is made of steel mesh in the shape of an elegant dancer, with an arched back and outstretched arms. The discussion is not about its artistic merit, but about its appropriateness in public.

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“If she’s a ballerina, she should wear some clothes,” said Tonette Watts, 57, a resident and mother of a teenage daughter, who stopped to look at the statue on her way to work. “If you have children, you don’t want to see them.”

Another parent, Kate Verville, 48, studied the statue and then asked: “Why is it so big? And isn’t it wearing clothes?”

The sculpture, titled “Truth is Beauty”, is on private property at the edge of a new high-tech office complex – in a highly trafficked area and highly visible across from the San Leandro train station.

Many people, including city officials, welcomed the statue as a reflection of changing demographics in San Leandro, where more young millennials are now older.

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“This is something I never thought would come to San Leandro,” said Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter. It’s quirky and modern and I’m proud of it.”

The statue was displayed at Burning Man, an annual countercultural celebration in the Nevada desert, in 2013. It was then purchased by the developers of the complex, for an undisclosed price, based on the city’s requirement that the site include public art.

Cutter said some city officials weren’t thrilled with the choice at first, but eventually liked the idea of ​​starting a conversation about art. The mayor says the statue sends a powerful message of women’s power that becomes clearer when seen up close.

In this photo taken Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2016, a woman stands under a 55-foot nude statue in San Leandro, Calif. (Jocelyn Gacker/AP)

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Sculptor Marco Cochrane says he was raped by a friend next door as a child and tries to draw attention through art to the sexual assault and fear many women face, but also to the power women feel when they are afraid them slowly.

“She feels safe and loves herself in that moment, and I hope people can feel that,” Cochrane said of the statue. “She’s a beautiful woman, and that’s part of attracting men. Then they look down and see the message and say, ‘Oh! I hope this happens a thousand times.’

“It’s exceptional,” said Joe Sutton, 43, a high school art teacher who hopes to bring his class to see the sculpture.

Businessman Michael Fennell, 73, stood and took pictures from several angles to send to his son, a sculptor in New York.

Feet In Cm

“It’s an outstanding statue,” Fennell said. “She is not a woman who chokes because the world is against her. She is a woman who says, ‘This is us!’ I love it.”

New York City needs to build more housing to grow: building new apartments is the only solution to the problem

Community Employment Drives Progress: Adams Plan Increases Employment Opportunities for Local Residents and Helps People Help Themselves This article is about a building in Manhattan, New York. For the building in Brooklyn, New York, see 55 Water Street (Brooklyn).

55 Water Street is a 687-foot (209 m) skyscraper on the East River in the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, New York City, United States. 53 floors, 3.5 million square feet (325,000 m

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) The structure was completed in 1972. The building was designed by Emery Roth and Sons and developed by Uris Brothers. When completed, it was the largest private office building in the world by area. Ab Street has 55

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