How Tall Is 35 Cm

How Tall Is 35 Cm – The beautiful gray cover was designed by Siegfried Gramann for Gramann Römhild. The long curved cover with gray granule glaze is beautiful in its simplicity, and would look best in a minimalist environment, although we think it would go well with any interior.

TÖPERHOF GRAMANN (known as Gramann Römhild) can trace its origins back to 1720 when a manufacturer in Marbach in southwestern Germany decided to open a needlework factory in the small town of Römhild in east-central Thuringia. The workshop has been in the family for generations, as evidenced by travel documents, passports and family history documents. At the beginning of the last century the work of Karl Gramann, who trained as a craftsman, played an important role in the artistic part of the pottery. Studio production became less about producing pedestrian products and more about personal beauty. This change coincided with the company’s commercial success.

How Tall Is 35 Cm

At the end of the Second World War, Römhild found herself on the border of the GDR and the Gramann family business with her. In 1948, Siegfried Gramann, Karl’s son, finished his studies and took over the management of the company. The boy continued to change and expand the company, turning it into a modern production house. Siegfried Gramann’s work had an unforgettable character, and his attractive designs became “export hits” for the GDR. Thanks to these achievements, the company became the first company of the “Artisan Ceramics” production group in East Germany, and Römhild gained a nationwide reputation for its products. The company’s growth was ensured by the use of the latest production techniques, the great creativity of its employees, and the art and leadership of Siegfried Gramann. TÖPERHOF GRAMANN has earned a reputation as Europe’s largest company in handmade ceramics, with 60 potters and a number of ceramic painters working at all times. However, due to the free design of the wheel and the unique character of the decoration, the product has maintained a level of craftsmanship that denies serial production.

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After the transfer of ownership in 1972, the company operated under the name VEB Töpferhof Römhild. Siegfried Gramann remained as director and CEO and continued to develop the company. In the early 1980s, after several expansions, it had more than 300 employees. The studio of the company has always been the heart of the creation of new designs and colors. In 1976, Gramann received the title of engineer in sintering technology (the process in which ceramics are strengthened for use in high-quality work under extreme conditions) at the engineering school of glass technology in Weißwasser. During his lifetime, Siegfried Gramann would receive many awards for his achievements in art, ceramics and business.

With the reunification of Germany in the 1990s, the company was brought back into family hands. The decade of recession and the era of globalization has waned. Another blow came with the death of Siegfried Gramann in 1991, when his daughter Christina Gramann took over. Despite the difficult conditions, the production of delicious and beautiful pottery continued. The new operating strategy will continue to focus on the production of outstanding artistic products. When Christina Gramann died in 2008, the management of the family business fell to her son. The company still exists at a location in Römhild.

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