How Tall Is 1.83m

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The tallest buildings in existence in Canada, all in Toronto (Note: The Trump Hotel is now called the St. Regis Toronto)

How Tall Is 1.83m

This is a list of tallest buildings in Canada. As of December 2017, there are officially a total of 133 completed and under construction buildings in Canada that are 150 m (492 ft) or taller. Greater Toronto has 86 (Toronto 83 (including eight tallest buildings in Canada), Mississauga 3), Metro Vancouver 23 (Burnaby 13, Vancouver 8, Surrey 1, Coquitlam 1), Calgary 19, Montreal 11, Edmonton. 2 (including the highest point outside Toronto) and Niagara Falls has 1.

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Five of Canada’s largest cities have height restriction laws. In Ottawa, no skyscrapers taller than the Peace Tower were built until the late 1970s.

The City of Vancouver has implemented “view corridors” that limit the height of buildings in much of downtown.

The City of Edmonton had height restrictions of approximately 150 m (492 ft) for the city center due to its proximity to the downtown airport until its closure in November 2013.

This list does not include towers, including the CN Tower in Toronto, because they are not technically buildings.

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Buildings are ranked from height to peak of structure as provided by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). Click a column heading to sort the table differently. All sources are current as of April 2013. To qualify for this table, a reliable source must show that the official height of the building is more than 150 meters.

Three of Toronto-Dominion Ctre’s five towers, (left to right) Ernst & Young Tower, Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower and Royal Trust Tower.

This table lists buildings in Canada that have been demolished or demolished and were at least 60 meters (197 ft) tall at one time.

This building is the tallest independent hotel in the city. The building is often referred to by its original name, the Sheraton Landmark. The hotel and its restaurant closed on September 30, 2017, and the building was demolished floor by floor between March 2018 and May 2019.

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When the building was completed in 1929, it was one of the tallest buildings in Toronto. It was demolished to make way for the first Canadian location.

The high-rise stud residential building has been vacant since 2006. It was demolished to make way for a new building complex at SAIT.

The hotel ceased operations in 2005 and the original hotel, restaurants and conference building were demolished in 2006, the day before Toronto City Council debated declaring it a heritage site. Demolition of the rest of the tower began in 2014 and was completed in 2016.

In the 20th century, Canada’s Montreal, Toronto and Quebec had only three cities for each consecutive tallest building.

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This list ranks Canadian cities with buildings at least 50 m (164 ft) tall based on standard height measurements. It includes towers and architectural details, but does not include ant-pillars.

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