How Much Wrapping Paper Do I Need

How Much Wrapping Paper Do I Need – Personalized wrapping paper is always a pleasure. Kids especially love seeing their names on things (Admit it, you’ve searched every gift shop for a mug or key chain with your name on it… you spelled it right! Melinda’s was so upset.).

However, since individual paper is usually intended for a special occasion, you must ensure that you order the correct quantity. It’s easy with this gift wrapping calculator!

How Much Wrapping Paper Do I Need

My custom papers are 30″ wide (36″ extra wide coming soon). I print them at home on high quality 95gsm paper – strong enough not to tear when cut, but flexible enough for easy use. The satin finish is water resistant.

How To Wrap A Gift So It Looks Professionally Done

Newspapers are printed on a professional printer. I use 100 year old archival inks for image stability, vivid colors and high fidelity.

I have some exciting new designs coming soon including: cats, kittens, puppies, pet pictures and human picture gift wrap. So check back regularly!

Hello! I’m Melinda, the woman behind Boutique Party Melinda Bryant. I have grown this business with joy since 2011. I love this adventure! Through your individual wishes, my designs represent the personality and love of children from all over the world. Thank you for making me a part of your celebrations. Buying wrapping paper online is probably not something you’ve ever done before, so figuring out how much paper to buy can seem like a daunting task. Fear not, here’s a guide to help you figure out how much paper you need.

The average roll of wrapping paper is four to five meters long. Licensed gift wrap (eg from Disney) is usually 1.5 to 3 meters long. Folded sheets of wrapping paper are approximately 700 mm long. So think about how many rolls or sheets you will usually buy and of what type. Then think about how much you usually have left. The difference is how many meters you need to buy.

Quick Steps To Wrap A Present Like A Pro — It’s Jenny Hale

I usually buy three rolls of five meter packaging as I like to coordinate patterns and designs. I usually have about five yards left, so I would buy ten yards gift wrap.

As we sell all wrapping paper by the metre, you can choose as many different designs as you like in any length you want. The paper will then be delivered to you in roll form in your desired length. For example, if you want to buy 10 meters of the Harmonious Collection and choose 5 meters of Concorde, 3 meters of Copper and 2 meters of Graphite, you will receive a 5 meter roll of Concorde, a 3 meter roll of Copper and a 2 meter Graphite Roll. This gives you the flexibility to cut the wrapping paper to the size that fits your gifts – just like a traditional roll of wrapping paper, but without the leftover rolls!

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