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How Much Total Interest Will Molly Pay Using This Plan – When software engineer Molly White started her blog, the crypto winter had just begun, Web3 was doing great. He is now one of the most influential blockchain skeptics.

Cryptocurrency ended last year when Molly White opened her blog, Web3 is doing great.

How Much Total Interest Will Molly Pay Using This Plan

Things did not go well for crypto in December 2021. Then there were signs that the impressive rally was over and on the brink of a spectacular crash: crypto winter.

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White created the blog to focus on the more serious devastation they fear cryptocurrencies will cause — not just startups and investors rushing into the industry, but people betting their life savings on tokens they’ve barely heard about. online.

“It suddenly felt like people were selling crypto to the average person,” he added. “People are really embedded in these systems that they don’t know much about or don’t really understand.”

Web3 is doing very well and quickly gained an audience, now getting 60,000 to 100,000 visitors a month, White said. His Twitter account already has 114,000 followers. He started the account only in January.

White, 29, was a teenager in 2009 when bitcoin took off. He is part of a generation of software engineers who entered the tech industry during the last decade of the crypto revolution. Many of his peers joined the crypto wave. White took a different path and emerged as one of crypto’s leading critics.

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In the interview, White, an affiliate of Harvard University’s Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, talked about his journey as a young technologist and why he got into cryptocurrency.

Your blog is called “Web3 is great”. You clearly have a unique perspective on Web3 and crypto. Do you think it’s all a hoax, as some critics claim?

I wouldn’t say it’s all a scam. I think this means that anyone running one of these projects is intentionally trying to take advantage of people, which I don’t think is true. I think that technology in general and many of the promises made for it have been overstated. But I wouldn’t call all these lies.

You told the Financial Stability Board that you are “cautiously optimistic about some use cases for digital assets, particularly the introduction of non-crypto-based digital cash.” Can you elaborate on that a bit more?

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There are some ideas for implementing other forms of digital cash that do not require blockchain to be implemented. When we transfer money electronically, we use what some might argue is a digital currency.

I think it would be very valuable to have a more cash equivalent of something like this that has the same privacy and control requirements as a digital currency. It is not as closely monitored as digital transactions. You can do very personal small transactions.

I think it would be very beneficial for society to have something like that. But I think once you start looking at crypto and blockchain, you end up with a more speculative asset that has a lot of inherent flaws and doesn’t perform as well as a currency. I still hope that there may be some form of digital cash in the future, but I don’t expect it to look like cryptocurrency.

You were studying computer science in college when Bitcoin and the crypto world started. How did you get introduced to crypto and what is your relationship?

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I was a little younger than Bitcoin when it first came out. I knew that very early on. I’ve been involved in the Wikimedia community for a long time, which has a very strong affinity for free software communities and people who really care about freedom from tracking and online privacy. I first encountered it in those circles. I thought it was an interesting concept, but I didn’t necessarily use it.

Back then, I was mostly aware of bitcoin as a way to buy drugs online, which is what it was for in the first place. Or at least that was the biggest use case for it. And I didn’t. It was like, “Well, I guess people can do that, but that’s not what I’m interested in.

Another use case was people who thought it would be more valuable in the future. Therefore, they put money for speculative purposes. Well, I was in high school or college and I didn’t have a ton of money I’m just guessing. It was something I knew but didn’t really care about.

I thought some of the aspects of it dealing with censorship-resistant financial transactions were really interesting, and the potential of using this to finance people who aren’t in the good graces of an authoritarian state, I thought there was promise in that. But over time, I saw how it became, which is completely different from its original principles.

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Have you had an event or development or conversation that has you concerned about the growth of cryptocurrency?

As the years went by, I became more and more concerned. I was vaguely aware of what happened in 2017 when ICOs were really big and a lot of people used them to circumvent the ICO rules.

I really started to worry about the summer of 2021. People suddenly seemed to be selling cryptocurrency to the common man. Anyone who has watched a sports game on TV or been on public transport in certain places has been bombarded with the idea that crypto is a good idea to make money for someone, as if it is an investment or something everyone should try. is something.

Then we started to see the story of crypto being the future of the web with Web3. Every new project online uses blockchains in some way. That’s when I got really worried and started paying attention. I was very concerned that people were getting sucked into these systems that they didn’t really know much about or understand properly. There was a magical sense of, “Well, it’s computers, so it works,” which is never true. Also, I was very worried about the idea of ​​the Internet continuing like this.

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I’ve always been someone who cares a lot about the Internet. I think it’s really cool. I really like to see projects on the Internet that benefit humanity and are in a good direction. The idea that everything will start to include the blockchain, I “should?” So I started doing more research on it.

You are part of a generation of software engineers who joined the tech industry in the early 2010s, many of whom were excited and even became part of the crypto industry. But you went the other way.

It’s interesting because I don’t feel that software engineers in general have a positive attitude towards this. A lot of software engineers I know were very skeptical of this, especially when we started seeing things like NFTs and some schemes that were get-rich-quick schemes.

I still hope that there may be some form of digital cash in the future, but I don’t expect it to look like cryptocurrency.

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I think a lot of people looked at the technology behind it [and said], “Why is this the future of the Internet? I don’t see how it’s going to get any better.” I’ve talked to quite a few software engineers of my generation and other generations who are very skeptical of this.

But of course there are software engineers and other people who are very positive about it. Some people are very open minded that they don’t see much promise in technology, but they realize they can make a lot of money. This is a very simple thing that I have come across.

So it’s like saying, “We’re going to stick with this because there’s VC money pouring into it, and if it doesn’t really work, we’re going to get out?”

Yeah, that’s kind of the point. Sometimes you don’t need to start a business. “I’m going to work for a crypto company because the pay is incredible,” even though they don’t believe in the product they’re working on. It’s just a good salary.

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I launched it in mid-December [2021]. I saw two very different stories. I’ve seen the story in both mainstream media and tech media that crypto is making all these people rich. You

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