How Much Is Swordfish Per Pound

How Much Is Swordfish Per Pound – Pelagic Pro Team Captain Nick Stanczyk recounts an 8-hour battle with a 757.8-pound swordfish that stunned the fishing world. We wanted to share his story with you…

March 31, 2019 – Bud N Mary Marina [Keys in Islamora, FL] – The day started out like any other day…I woke up at 5:30am, made my oatmeal, jumped in my truck and worked for 2 minutes. Drive to Bud N’ Mary Marina. I got in at 6:15am and my partner Conor was ready to load the boat. His father, Capt. Paul Ross, is a fishing legend in Islamora; However, Conor had never seen a swordfish and wanted to learn the ropes of swordfishing during the day.

How Much Is Swordfish Per Pound

We packed the rods and ice, planted the bait, and then Bill and Debbie (our charter customers) were ready to go. Like Conor, they were holding a sword for the first time, and were excited to see how it was done.

Snappers And Swordfish

At 7:00 a.m. I plugged the target swordfish location into the GPS, set the throttles, and launched the 37′ Freeman.

Within an hour we reached the spot and I put the bait on the rod. Place fresh fish belly on the back stick and bonito belly on the front. At 8:10 in the morning we set the bait. We put 1500′ on the back rod and held the front (tip) rod under. I had the usual talk about what to look for when looking for a rod. Biting a fly rod will cause a funny bounce in the tip of the rod, while biting a bow rod will put the rod down or on its side.

About 10 minutes into the drift, I saw the buoy lay down for a second. It is usually rotated vertically up and down with 8 lbs. leading to the line, but lying on top of it means the fish is pushing the weight. I didn’t say anything for a few seconds because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. When I believed it, I told everyone we were biting.

Bill got on the roller coaster and Conor cleared the front rod. The fish swam very well to the top and luckily we were in the lead. However, we could not get a visual on the fish as it was a bit dark and gloomy. After 40 minutes we moved the fish to the wind guide and I saw an electric blue swordfish swimming in the depths. I told them it was big, but I wasn’t sure how big. I said 400-plus pounds. Maybe, but I couldn’t get a good look.

A New Way Of Catching Swordfish Could Protect Other Marine Specie

The next two hours passed quickly. The fish was erratic because it would sink deep to the bottom and then turn sharply and swim to the surface. When the fish is running fast, the charge will lag slightly. When he relaxes, he will raise the pull and put more pressure on the line with his hands.

We had been fighting for 4 hours at this point and had not seen any fish since morning. Bill managed to get the fish on the wind leader several more times over the next hour; However, the closer he got to seeing the animal, the more he would move away.

Finally, at the 5-hour mark, it rounded and broke the surface. I only saw the crash, but Bill saw the fish. I thought we had a giant hook, but Bill said the fish wasn’t “big”. I was surprised because we had already been fighting for hours, but he didn’t get tired. Now I had my suspicions that it was not a real mullet, but just the wrong kind of fish. After a few moments the fish left the surface and sounded again.

We decided that we really needed to put pressure on this fish to tire it out, so Bill became more aggressive on the rod and reel. After about thirty minutes we had the fish close to the surface and I finally got a good look at it. He was a giant! Over 500 pounds, maybe even over 600!

Giant Swordfish Shocks The Fishing World!

He attacked the boat and I abandoned it. It’s time to pay attention; We cannot make mistakes in things that we have control over. Pulling the hook is one thing, but losing the fish under the boat is another. Within seconds he ran another 500′.

At this point I thought we had won, but I was wrong – he was still in charge. Twenty minutes later we regained the lead and Bill managed to get the giant on his side. We were slowly getting to the line and I thought this might be our shot. We could see the electric blue 25′ below, but it got a second wind and ran into the abyss.

I quietly told everyone, “Hang on, he can’t do this for long.” So I was fooled…because an hour later it was still swimming hard, and by 3:00 we were about 15 miles east of where we caught the animal.

As we entered the seventh hour, I began to doubt. Maybe we didn’t catch that fish? I’m starting to think we should have 100 lbs. Curly support. I was worried about where the hook was and the hole in his mouth. I slowly opened up where the Dacron met the mono on the wind leader… I lost focus.

Swordfish Facts & Information Guide

It continued to dive deep, then came up to the surface, and eventually we got it back to the wind-driven leader. I looked at Conor and asked if he had seen the movie.

. He said yes, and I explained to him that it was like the scene where Baby Ruth comes up to Benny Jett and asks him to pick an animal…

“You only get one shot at something big,” says Bebe. Some are afraid to take it, and some don’t know the opportunity exists.

Conor had never dropped a hormone before, but he was ready to give it his best shot. A few minutes later the fish charged the boat and came under us. Bill managed to pull the tip of the stick away and I started to spin. We avoided a near disaster, but unfortunately the monster struck again… I couldn’t believe it.

How To Catch Swordfish In The Gulf Of Mexico

Finally at 4:00pm we started getting the line up again, and ten minutes later the wind was rolling. The fish was coming towards us and we all knew we were going to shoot it…

When I knew the shark was coming back for the last time. Bill and Debbie were ready, Conor was ready, and so was I. Either we’re going to catch this fish or we’re not.

At 4:20 p.m., this fish submarine came to us. Bill pulled the line, I put the boat in a slow left turn, and Conor held the harpoon. It swims towards us in slow motion. The Leviathan was 10′ down, and Conor threw…it was a direct hit!

Bill pulled the leader and I secured the second dart. It kicks its huge tail and spins around as water pours everywhere. Gaff ends up knocking Bill’s mirror into the water. I’m starting to lose it here; I thought it might be free. I kept my cool the whole fight.

A Record Breaking Swordfish Was Caught After An 8 Hour Fight. It’s Legal, But Is It Right?

After a minute the animal settled down and we took the tail rope. The swordfish were big, really big! We broke the block to get the giant into the boat. I ran to the tower and tied the pole as high as I could. It took all three of us to hook the big fish to the 37′ Freeman. The rope snapped and the tower collapsed as it reached one inch at a time.

The swordfish carries its weight through its tail, making it the strongest fish in the ocean.

Finally a fish hit the deck…it was the fattest swordfish I’ve ever seen! I tipped the scales at 600 pounds a year ago, but was very thick through the tail. I knew it was too big.

I took a few seconds to thank her by putting my hand over her big eyes. A friend of ours said it was the right way to spread the spirit of the fish, so I did it respectfully. It took many years to finally house a large swordfish in the Florida Keys. We’ve lost a lot of big fish over the years, but we finally got the one I’ve always dreamed of.

Swordfish Fishing: The Quest For 1,000

Bad Ann Mary returned to Marina and started a poor house. with

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