How Much Is 81 Kg

How Much Is 81 Kg – A lack of looks can steal you away. Looking in the mirror in my late thirties, I thought I was only a few intense workouts away from peak athleticism. I found myself lying 30 years old and hiding my chin under my beard. Who knows? My PT, Bobby Rich knows.

As the strength trainer of boxer David Haye, Bobby Rich knew he had a big job ahead of him. Its results were called technical KO.

How Much Is 81 Kg

“Train hard; His ethos of “eat right and face to face” made me happy. Ten weeks later, for years I wore thin shirts that didn’t see the light and shaved without fear of what lurked beneath.

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With early morning cardio and Saturday weight training; I learned that I can make fitness a habit in my life without dieting. This is not a quick fix; appeared.

Effective fat burning isn’t about working hard all the time—it’s about working smart all the time. Morton does cardio before breakfast to increase his metabolism by 30%. A few minutes of effort equals a day’s worth of benefits…

In the gym or outside, jogging; You can walk to class or ride your bike, but do it before the coffee leaves your lips. Your pace is fast enough to make you sweat, but not so fast that you struggle to breathe (B). Avoid the trainer: Too low impact for serious weight transitions.

While digesting, jump onto the treadmill and hold the front support (A). Pump with your feet to start the belt turning (B). Run for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds. 15 runs. This time you will be completely exhausted. Try to focus on how much better it is for you.

How Much Water Do I Need?

You have to start from scratch and build to great things. This course will condition your entire body for true fitness. You’ll be a lean machine in no time.

Your six pack starts here. Choose weights that you can lift 20 times without fail. The main thing is to blow them up. Rest and go again. And 20, as you will soon realize, is a lot of feedback. Start with the weights at chest height (A). Press (B) until the arms straighten. Bend your elbows down.

This simple exercise will burn the biggest muscles in your lower body and burn the most calories. Step forward with your left foot until your knee almost touches the floor (A). Jump up and lift your feet in the air to land forward to the right (B). Don’t try to be brave when overweight.

Sit in a rocking chair with a straight back. Grab a pair of dumbbells (light ones, trust us) and hold them with your palms (A) in front of your shoulders. remove the elbows; Then press the weights up and curl up, palms facing up (B). Do it now!

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Don’t worry it’s heavy now. Grasp the bar wider than your shoulders, keeping your chest (A) in and your shoulders together. (B) Lift the bar up with your feet apart and hips extended. Walk at a good pace to complete 20 laps. It gets easier as you get older.

It’s easy, but you’ll have to dig deep to get through all your reps at this level. Start with straight arms (A) and bend your elbows until your upper arms (B) are parallel to the floor. He lay on his back. Divide it into as many parts as you need, up to 20 at a time.

Hold two barbells or dumbbells overhead and lie crosswise. Resist the urge to pray or sleep. Raise your legs until your hips are perpendicular. Let the legs slowly fall to the left (A). Stop before you hit the ground. Back to the right (B). Do 20 on each side.

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David Morton is an assistant editor at Men’s Health, writes; The work took 12 years of editing and sweating. Her area of ​​special interest is fitness; Exercise and adventure.

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