How Much Is 80 Quarters

How Much Is 80 Quarters – The Washington quarter was first issued in 1932 to celebrate the 200th anniversary of George Washington’s birth. It was designed by artist John Flanagan, who won a competition from nearly 100 artists and craftspeople.

George Washington was one of America’s greatest patriots, and is known as the “Father of our Nation.” He was the first president of the United States from 1789 to 1797.

How Much Is 80 Quarters

The view shows a portrait of Washington based on a bust by Jean Antoine Houdon. The original buses were commissioned by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin and were made in 1785 (during Washington’s lifetime).

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The Washington quarter was 90% covered by silver from 1932 to 1964, when the coin was dropped from the quarter due to rising precious metal prices.

This collection includes all of the first ten coins: 1932, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1942. No coins were made in 1933. All of these coins are now over 80 years old.

Silver coins disappeared from circulation after 1964, and since the 1960s, millions of Washington coins have been melted down for their precious silver value.

Some of the original Silver Quarters remain today, but they are becoming increasingly difficult to find – and the early years of the issue are becoming almost impossible to find.

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These coins were struck in much smaller numbers than today’s quarters. In fact, the total number of Washington silver quarters between 1932 and 1937 at all three US mints was the same as the number of mints the national park mints each week 4-5 today!

Silver coins are always prized by collectors, and the first silver coins of any coin series are especially valued for their unique place in coin history.

The coins are presented in a special pouch that protects their condition and allows them to be safely presented to family and friends. The bag contains a story about the design and history of the coin. The base price for your Washington silver quarter is $3.84. The currency is between $22.85 an ounce, updated 07/03/2023.

A step-by-step process is presented to assess collector quality and identify the most valuable Washington silver quarter.

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Washington pieces from the early years are 90% silver, which makes for a solid base and a value above face value. As a collector’s item; Quarters dated 1932-1964 (the silver years) are popular with collectors who incorporate the date – mint marks.

Note the large dividing line in the value chart: Washington pieces are most valuable in mint condition. In addition, on certain dates, the round fees started to improve. Follow the instructions to identify your money.

The above is the wholesale price for the Washington quarter. Calculated from dealer price lists plus various markup factors. They accurately reflect the price you can expect to receive from the sale.

You can expect that values ​​will vary depending on the fine points, the demands of the collector, and the needs of the seller.

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After production ceased in 1931, a new Washington quarter was introduced in 1932, the bicentennial of Washington’s birth. The view shows George Washington’s bust with hair tied back in delicate detail. The other side shows the wings of an eagle resting on a bundle of arrows – a symbol of strength and determination with two olive branches below – for peaceful purposes.

Washington-Era episodes; 1932-1964 is 90% silver and a popular series among collectors. Access to all combinations of dates and mint marks will appeal to both novices and advanced collectors, collected in a variety of contexts. Mint state coins attract the most attention and deserve the original number. Mint identification lowers the value of these coins.

San Francisco was part of the original composition of the new quarter of Washington. It has the smallest variety of the year, with 408,000 coins in 1932. This is a very small number compared to the later number of tens of millions of coins. All former “S” neighborhoods in Washington are eligible.

Denver produced the most silver Washington quarterbacks in 1964. More than 1.7 quarters were made between 1932 and 1964. The mint was not issued in 1933, and Denver missed only one year, 1938. Denver’s lowest year was 1932, 436,000, followed by 1955. .Although not an expensive coin, the 1955 is well known to collectors for its low value.

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Philadelphia is the first US mint to strike “circulated” coins and proofs. Washington’s quarter century production was 1932-1964. Only one year away – 1933; Philadelphia produced 1.8 billion silver bullion. History of Philadelphia Silver Quarters is an interesting and affordable collection of silver coins.

Beginning with the Washington Quarters, the Philadelphia Mint did not use the coin mark. Notice the upper side of the “ER” and the space below the olive branches, if there is no indication, the coin was struck in Philadelphia.

The condition or state of preservation has a significant impact on the value of the Washington quarter. A heavily worn coin in “good” condition – if it is of significant date – will appeal to collectors. Also; Always recommend examples in Mint State – New Condition – Condition. The highest value is found in the highest places.

To determine the value of a Washington quarter, compare your coin to the valuation images below. Sort out old coins and value your beautiful coins. After that you are ready to check the coin price table.

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When evaluating your quarter, focus on the silver lining. A full rim and some of Washington’s hair details distinguish a good condition coin from a lower condition “Good” coin. Sharp detail, only signs of wear, and mint luster, the coin is near “State Mint” grade. These coins have high portability value.

Darkness: Mint Condition Features: A never minted coin that retains its original surface. The coin’s luster is correct throughout the Mint State quarter.

The raised cheek area below Washington’s eye shows no signs of closure. A beautiful metallic finish completes the cheeks.

The top view points are located at the top and back of the ear. Both sites are free from rust and color fading.

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Washington has a high neck profile below the ear and shoulder. In mint condition, the neckline is even in the high and low areas.

On the other hand: Signs of Identification of Nutritional Status: High relief areas are carefully inspected for wear.

The spread wings have a crest that runs from the eagle’s shoulders to the tips of its wings. Each wear of this course features a different color of metal and fabric than the rest of the shoulder.

There is no detail missing from the middle breast of the eagle. The original gloss material remains.

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Darkness: Features that indicate a very good grade: Light wear is evident on the upper surfaces of the very good parts.

A small flat area immediately formed in front of the ear. A little hair above Washington’s ear is spread out in waves, and this spread continues behind the earlobe. Know. Only the surface of the hair detail is smoothed.

The neck area above the date is slightly flattened. Also, the upper area of ​​Washington’s neck is smooth and begins to lose its surface.

Reverse: Features indicating very good grade: Light wear has removed some detail on rear eagle;

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The details of the wings on the eagle’s chest are not visible now. These fine feather lines are never bold to begin with. The chest is well rounded.

The leg wing detail is now missing from the top of the legs. On the top of the legs, the wings were replaced with a flat one, the round remained on the rest of the legs.

The hair detail is mostly flat on the top of his head. Some of the deep stripes are above the main curve of the back.

The legend merges the border at the top of the letters. Many letters are often faint but should be legible.

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Washington Quarters: When evaluating Washington quarters, it is important to identify and distinguish the lowest denomination examples from high quality commemorative coins. Video and close-ups and detailed descriptions help assess the condition and determine the grade.

As of 7/3/2023, all Washington silver quarters will cost $3.84. A good minimum price. Collector demand is based on any coin above this bullion standard. Many combinations of date and mint mark can be ordered at the collector level.

The condition of the coin is the first to be considered high value. The Very Fine grade is indicated in the table as a key grade that distinguishes the quality of the bullion and the collector. Take a closer look at the subtle differences in the protection of large and small design elements seen in fine silver.

Compared to the Very Fine example, the Fine Grade coin lacks a “national” appearance and suffers from a “quality” impression. Both grades are affordable for most dates and collectors prefer a quality example.

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