How Much Is 5 Yards

How Much Is 5 Yards – Square Feet to Cubic Meters Square Feet: Height/Depth: Feet Inches Calculate Cubic Meters to Square Feet Cubic Meters: Height/Depth: Feet Inches Calculation

Use this calculator to convert between square feet (sq ft) and cubic meters (cu yd). For those who need separate measurements for width, length and height, there is a separate cubic meter calculator.

How Much Is 5 Yards

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Topsoil, Sand & Fill Dirt Delivery Costs (prices Per Yard)

On this page: Square Feet to Cubic Meters Calculator How to Convert Square Feet to Cubic Meters How to Convert Cubic Meters to Square Feet How to Convert Square Feet to Cubic Meters To convert Square Feet to Cubic Meters, simply Convert Square Meters Feet Multiply the height or depth of an area in feet to get a volume measurement in cubic feet. Then divide the total by 27 to get the measurement in cubic meters.

If your height or depth figures are in inches, simply divide that by 12 to get your feet (feet is 12 inches). Also note that there are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.

How to Convert Cubic Meters to Square Feet To convert cubic meters to square feet, multiply the number in cubic meters by 27 (to get cubic feet), then divide by the height or depth of the area in feet.

Conversion between cubic meters and square feet requires an additional dimension (usually height or depth). Once you have this additional measurement, you can include it in your calculations. I’ve included the relevant formulas below.

One Cubic Yard Of Gravel Weighs:

Of course, if you use the calculator at the top of the page, it will sort out these calculations for you. Here you can convert between square feet and cubic feet if desired. $5 – $25 Fill cost per yard $10 – $50 Topsoil cost per yard $15 – $50 Sand cost per yard

The average cost of moving 10 to 15 cubic meters of bulk soil, topsoil or sand is $150 to $600, or $15 to $50 per cubic meter. Topsoil prices range from $10 to $50 per cubic meter. Backfill soil can cost $5 to $25 per cubic yard. Sand delivered costs between $15 and $50 per cubic meter.

*Topsoil transportation costs $50 to $150 per trip, depending on volume, distance and difficulty. Some deliveries within 10 miles may be free.

Different types of soil can be used to create new lawns, plants or gardens, to fill holes or to promote plant growth.

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Depending on your project, you may need clean dirt, clay, a clay mix, sand, garden soil, or a compost mix. Ask a topsoil hauling service to buy soil, or find out about sand and topsoil prices near you.

Bulk price depends on order quantity, moisture content, freight and quality. The table below shows average dirt hauling costs for residential projects.

The amount of dirt, topsoil or sand you need, usually measured in cubic meters, is the most important factor in determining the final shipping cost. Add 5% to 10% to account for waste and spills when you figure out how much dirt there is.

To calculate the cubic yards of dirt you need, measure the length and width of the area in feet and the desired depth in inches. Then enter this data into the calculator below to find out how much to order.

Concrete Prices — Concrete Truck Delivery Costs (per Yard)

The average commercial dump truck can hold 8 to 12 cubic meters of dirt. A tipper with a trailer, such as a side dumper, belly tipper or tilt tipper with a small trailer, can hold 15 to 25 cubic meters of dirt. Each dump truck is rated based on its cubic yard loading capacity.

Bulk topsoil can cost $10 to $50 per cubic yard, depending on quantity, moisture content, shipping costs, and material quality. $150 to $500 for a 10 to 15 yard dump truck loaded with topsoil. Scoop pickup is $10-$30 for a 1/2 yard.

Topsoil comes in many varieties, with varying levels of organic content, and can be screened or sifted to provide additional benefits. Topsoil is a major factor in the cost of landscaping, such as lawn installation and gardening.

*Pricing may only apply in quantities over 10 yards or when purchased through bulk suppliers.

Dirt Removal Cost — Calculator By Cubic Yard, Ton & Truckload

Topsoil is the mineral and nutrient-rich top layer of soil that lies within the first 5 inches to 12 inches of the ground. Topsoil consists of sand, silt, clay and is black in color due to its high organic matter content. Topsoil is used in gardens, lawns and to improve drainage.

The best topsoil for planting or gardening has a loamy texture, low water retention, is easy to cultivate, and consists of 7% to 27% clay, 28% to 50% silt, and less than 52% sand.

Topsoil hauls can range from $50 to $150 per trip, depending on volume, distance, and difficulty (such as densely populated urban areas). Some offers may include land and delivery, with one price per cubic meter, while others state separately.

Cheap protected topsoil can be found at $20 to $30 per cubic meter when you order a delivery of 15 cubic meters or more, and $30 to $40 per cubic meter for smaller quantities. Screened soil increases water and nutrient retention, reduces erosion, improves drainage and aeration, and provides superior plant performance.

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Screened topsoil is soil dug up to the first foot of the soil surface and filtered through a mesh to ensure a consistent particle size. It’s perfect for filling when planting trees and shrubs and planning yards and gardens.

The average cost of topsoil loaded on a dump truck is 10 to 15 cubic yards, and the haul is $150 to $500. Prices depend on quantity ordered, local topsoil cost and shipping distance. Fees do not include paving or assembly.

A 40-pound bag of topsoil can cost $2 to $6 from a home and garden center, which equates to paying $35 to $120 per cubic foot. Some home improvement stores offer next-day delivery of bags of topsoil for $100.

Each bag of topsoil is 1 to 1.5 cubic feet, equivalent to about 18 to 27 bags of topsoil for a garden. Since bagged topsoil is expensive, it should only be used on small areas.

Cost To Level & Regrade Yard

The average cost for shaded loam is $18 to $26 per cubic yard, plus $30 to $60 for shipping. Nutrient-rich superloam, which sells for $30 to $50 per cubic yard, is a mix of 70 percent loam, 30 percent organic compost, and peat moss.

Loam soil is the ideal potting mix, consisting of about 52 percent sand, 28 to 50 percent silt, and 7 to 20 percent clay. Clay loam is a soil supplement that contains more nutrients, minerals, and organic matter than standard topsoil. Loam soils drain well and hold water, making them ideal for lawns, shrubs, trees and flowers.

The average cost of black soil is $15 to $25 per cubic yard, plus freight charges of $80 to $150 per load for orders between 1 and 15 yards, depending on distance. Leaf or mushroom compost can cost $15 to $35 per cubic meter.

Black soil is any soil mixture that is high in nitrogen, such as a nutrient-rich compost and peat mixture. Black soil gets its color from decomposed plant matter, also known as humus or peat, or high levels of iron or magnesium. Other variants refer to clay-heavy soils from drained marsh areas.

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While organic matter is essential to restore depleted topsoil, the mineral content of sand, clay and silt is also needed to create optimal growing conditions for plants.

Fill charges range from $5 to $25 per cubic meter or $4 to $15 per ton delivered, depending on type, volume ordered and distance. Soil fill is used to level holes, raise ground level, fill pools, improve drainage, construction or septic tank filling.

Standard fill soil is an inorganic subsoil containing decomposed stone, clay, sand and debris. Fill soil is a space filler that provides stability to construction projects. Certified Clean Dirt is screened to remove all organic matter, toxics, flammables and debris.

A dump truck loaded with dirt can cost between $150 and $400, including shipping. A truck typically holds 10 to 14 cubic meters of dirt. Installation and rough spreading add $200 to $400 to the total cost.

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Screened or cleaned dirt will cost $8 to $25 per cubic yard, plus $15 to $60 for shipping, depending on volume and distance. One yard of fill soil covers about 100 square feet to a depth of 3 inches. Free shipping and discounts on orders of 10 sizes or more.

Certified Clean Fill Dirt is free of all organic matter, toxic substances, combustible materials, debris, waste, glass, wood or metal and meets all requirements of the Harmonized Soil Classification System. Screened fill soils vary depending on the classification of construction, foundation, grading, or drainage projects.

Prices for clay range from $20 to $35 per cubic meter, depending on mix, quantity ordered and shipping. Clay loam is a subsoil mixture that contains more than 25% clay. Clay is used in decorative projects such as pottery or pottery, making bricks or tiles, and construction.

Clay particles are tiny fragments of decomposed rock unless shielded. Screened clay is more expensive and not suitable for construction because it does not drain groundwater.

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Septic fill dirt can cost $15 to $40 per ton, or $25 to $60 per cubic yard, depending on quantity ordered and shipping. Septic tank fill dirt, also known as concrete sand, M-10 sand, or paving sand, is pure fill dirt

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