How Much Is 180 Pounds In Kg

How Much Is 180 Pounds In Kg – Meet Rebel Jack, a 24-year-old from the UK who lost over 70 pounds (32 kg) in 9 months!

“I would usually get out of bed in the late afternoon and go straight to my computer. I would surf the internet, surf the forums, in my underwear. It was very rare for me to leave the house and I would usually fall asleep several times a day for the sadness of what my life had become.

How Much Is 180 Pounds In Kg

Steve: Thanks for the interview! Was there a specific moment when you decided to make the switch? What inspired you to start?

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Jack: It was around March 2012 when I was trying to get inspired. I had tried quick fix diets and simple exercises before, but nothing worked. I would come to Nerd Fitness and start reading articles like Optimus Prime doing a conversion at the same time, and find a lot of inspiring stuff. Around Easter I just thought, “F***, I’m going to change.”

Steve: Great, Optimus is the man! Well, trucks/robots. You understand what I mean. So here we are, 9 months and 70 pounds later. Let’s jump right in and find out how you did it. What has been your exercise strategy?

Jack: Well, when I tried to get in shape in the past, I was doing a completely uninformed dumbbell routine that I would give up on after about a week each time.

So with the dumbbells around I decided to do the Rebel Strength Guide (RSG) dumbbell division. But I couldn’t get through the warm-up without feeling like I was going to have a heart attack. After that I took RSG’s basic training and progressed very quickly. I used to walk to the local shop every day (about half a mile each way) although it was a real struggle.

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After that I followed RSG’s bodyweight brigade. These days I’m back with the dumbbell split and doing cardio on non-lifting days (usually heavy bag boxing work).

Steve: Haha, glad to see you really get your money’s worth. Before you started strength training, how was your progress?

I used to have an exercise bike and then a treadmill, but I didn’t have the motivation I needed. I always gave up, said it was too hard and not worth it. Now I wish I had started years ago!

I would say that strength training was the main motivator for me, not only to exercise, but also to watch my diet. I bet Duke Nukem didn’t get balls of steel eating pizza and drinking chocolate milk all day (while eating donuts).

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Steve: So no more treadmills or exercise bikes. Do you train at the gym or at home?

Jack: I’ve been told I have to go to the gym to get ahead, but I don’t like the idea of ​​paying for a membership and driving somewhere when I need to work out. I have here a pair of adjustable dumbbells, a folding bench and a pull-up bar. When today’s workout is convenient, I can just put on some music and go.

Jack: Well, before I decided to make the switch, my diet consisted of pizza, cheese, cereal, lots and lots of carbs (more calories than I needed). You made a great case for Paleo and I decided to follow it 100%.

Each meal had a small amount of meat and lots of vegetables, both of which were quite shocking since I had been a true vegetarian up until then (although I never ate vegetables, just cheese and carbs). I used a calorie-counting website to help me keep track, and except for special occasions, I stuck to it as well as I could. I’m a little more lax about it these days, but I’m still strict with my calories and about 75% of my day is still paleo.

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Jack: He probably complied with an exercise program. I always skip training and make excuses. I found some great ways to motivate myself, from music to motivational speeches by Arnold Schwarzenegger (Guys Night Die Hard song is great for me during workouts). Pizza remained my kryptonite and moderation was the hardest part.

Steve: How did you track your progress? How many times have you weighed yourself? Have you taken any other measurements?

Jack: Since I started, I’ve been taking progress photos and weighing myself once a month. I also have other measurements like fat and muscle percentage and visceral fat levels, once I find some electronic scales that can measure those things. I weigh myself about once a week, but it’s off the record. The only other measurement I’m subconsciously tracking is my waist size. I’ve had to buy two new belts since I started and when I put them on I can see the progression from one to the next because each one gets so big.

Jack: Probably eating less and eating healthier, because I think that was the biggest contributor to the weight loss. Exercise is also very important, but if I had continued to eat the way I did, I think I would have continued to gain weight.

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Steve: We always say that diet is 80-90% of your success! What kind of support system did you have? Friends and family? NF community board?

Jack: My friends and family were very supportive. I’m a bit forum shy, but I’ll visit the Nerd Fitness board from time to time. The daily boost I got was a wallpaper I made for my desktop with characters saying something motivational (which sounds really cheesy but still a good motivation).

Steve: Have you tried to get sober in the past and failed? What did you do differently this time?

Jack: I tried a lot of simple remedies, like eating smaller meals throughout the day, drinking more water (nothing else changed), but none of them made a difference on their own, and I didn’t want to do that. In fact, put any effort into it. This time everything was decided by you, so I knew exactly what to do. I didn’t have to think about the workouts, I just followed the strength guide. It was much easier to stick with it, without trying to wade through the conflicting advice of the internet.

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Steve: What would you say to help someone in your situation right now? Anyone who has tried and failed but is willing to try again?

Jack: Look at it this way: a delicious breakfast takes about 5 minutes to eat. But are you amazing? It will be 24 hours a day! It’s a long road, but if you’re just getting started, it won’t be long before you’re truly happy.

I want to play more airsoft (like paintball) – I had to stop because I was too unfit to play, but now I can cope better. In a year or so I want to take the Tough Mudder course!

Jack: I feel much more comfortable in social situations and generally more positive. I try harder to be nice to friends and family and help whenever I can.

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Jack: I was a huge Star Wars fan growing up. I was also thinking about getting a set of stormtrooper armor at one point. Lord of the Rings is definitely my favorite these days.

Jack: The first video game I played was the original Doom in 1993 (I was 5 and it was pretty bad) and I’ll always remember Half-Life and the first Operation Flashpoint.

Jack: Shapeshifting would be cool. How to become a bear as a passenger in a car. I could be on hundreds of photos on the internet in a week. Although I think I’m already changing shape now, little by little, hahaha!

Jack: Actually, I’ve had one since I found out what my blood type is. “The secret of life? Listen to my blood type: B+!” It’s a little cheesy, but I think being upbeat and positive is the best way to experience life.

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Jack found ways to keep his motivation high and stay dedicated, whether it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s motivational speeches or amazing pre-workout music, Jack knew exactly where to go when he needed motivation on those days when he wasn’t I wanted to exercise. This is one of the most common things I hear from people struggling with Rebels and the main reason for our amazing free resource, .TV. Because Jack had a plan, he didn’t fall off the wagon when he was tired or having a bad day. Instead, he went to one of his pumping sources and then left the workout.

He kept trying new things until he found a form of exercise that worked for him. Cardio and exercise bikes weren’t working for Jack. He tried them, but quickly fell off the wagon. With strength training it was

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