How Much Does A Pallet Of Water Weight

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Looking for custom branded bottled water pallets or pallets? Besides the cost savings of buying in bulk, ordering bottled water at the counter has some advantages. But before we get into that, we always get asked what does a custom bottled water palette look like? Let’s take the veil off the mystery. Bottled water pallets look like this:

How Much Does A Pallet Of Water Weight

We offer three sizes and all three sizes have different quantities that fit on a pallet. All pallets are approximately 54″ high on a standard size 48″x40″ pallet.

Crystal Geyser Water Co Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 Oz Bottle, 24/case, 84 Cases/pallet

With this in mind, it is sometimes more economical to ship your order on pallets, even if you are not ordering the full pallet value. As a general rule, we find that between 30 and 40 cases is the point where it becomes more expensive than shipping via standard UPS and FedEx ground shipping. The reason for this is that our shipping rates are flat rate which means you don’t pay by weight as you would with normal ground service. You pay for the space on the platform. That’s why the shipping cost remains the same whether you ship 30 boxes or 100 boxes on a pallet.

They are heavy, really, really heavy. A pallet filled with 120 boxes of 8 oz. The bottles weigh 1,960 pounds. A pallet filled with 84 boxes of 12 oz. The bottles weigh 1,888 pounds. A palette filled with 72 boxes of 16.9 oz. The bottles weigh 2,200 pounds. Each pallet weighs an average of 40 pounds and that weight is included in these totals. Below are the individual case weights for the sizes, if you’re curious. Remember that each case holds 24 bottles and for 8 oz. We pack bottles in 2 cartons in a box.

8 oz. The case weighs 16 pounds. , 12 oz. The case weighs 22 pounds. , 16.9 oz. The case weighs 30 pounds.

, We give you the ability to design labels online or upload your finished design and without calling, sending e-mails or filling out contact or questionnaire forms which is very popular among our competitors.

Alpine Spring Water, 16.9 Oz Bottle, 35/case, 54 Cases/pallet

All pallet orders take up to 9 working days to prepare, then they are shipped from one of our two facilities depending on your location and the size of bottle you ordered. The transit time is between 1 and 4 days depending on the delivery location. Usually plan for three weeks from the time you place your order to the time your water pallets are delivered, although it’s usually sooner than that.

Another thing to note, we currently only ship our custom bottled water to the USA. We do not ship outside of the US, so if you are looking to ship bottles to Canada or internationally, we are sorry to say that we no longer provide that service.

If you have more questions about the product, how to order a palette or need help designing your label please email us at info or call us at the bottom left of the screen from 9am to 3pm PST Live Chat with

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