How Many Pounds Is 83kg

How Many Pounds Is 83kg – The 2022 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic Powerlifting World Championships set a new record after a record decline so far. Up and coming male contestants can now add additional achievements to Sun City. South Africa already

On June 9, 2022, during the last IPF Worlds, powerlifter Asein Enahoro set a new raw world record of 362.5 kg (799.2 lbs) for the 83 kg division. lift from normal posture

How Many Pounds Is 83kg

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Thanks in large part to his new deadlift world record. Enaharo reached a career milestone by finishing third in the men’s 83 kg division, his first international podium finish. Delaney Wallace of the USA and Jurins Kengamu of Great Britain finished first and second respectively.

Enaharo’s podium performance improved after finishing 12th in his IPF Worlds debut in September 2021. Here are his best stats from the tournament:

In a heroic effort, Enahoro attempted to extend his world record with a third weightlifting attempt of 385 kilograms (848.7 pounds), 49.6 pounds more than his new best figure. But the left hand can’t hold it. And officials do not recognize the representative. However, he still holds a new record of 4.4 times his official body weight of 82.25 kilograms.

The Hungarian athlete finally broke the previous deadlift world record of 336 kg (740.8 lbs). Enahoro achieved the 2021 IPF Worlds.

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Here are all the results of the top three competitors in the men’s 83kg category at the 2022 IPF Worlds.

If Enahoro succeeds in attempting a 385 kg (848.7 lb) deadlift, he’ll tie with Wallace for first place. In this case, the powerlifter will win the tiebreaker and gold medal because He is lighter than Wallace. Enahoro’s official weight is 82.25 kg, compared to Wallace’s 82.4 kg.

At the time of writing, Enahoro has not confirmed when he will race again on the approved raised platform. He continued his showmanship with his first podium performance at an international competition.

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