How Many People Die In Romeo And Juliet

How Many People Die In Romeo And Juliet – When reading the play, written by William Shakespeare, many people are divided on who is to blame for the famous tragedy. No clear cause of his death has been revealed. Many believe that the friend Laurink, the sister or even Romeo or Juliet are most likely to blame for this tragedy. For many reasons, people blame some characters on others. Almost every character in the play contributed in some way to the death of Romeo and Juliet. So who is most to blame? There are three characters most to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s tragic ending.

The first character to be blamed for Romeo and Juliet’s death is Romeo himself. The first reason Romeo is to be blamed is that he went to the Capulet party uninvited. If Romeo had not gone to the party, Romeo would never have met Juliet and Tybalt would never have known she was there. The second reason Romeo is blamed for her and Juliet’s death is because Romeo decides to avenge Mercutio’s death by killing Tybalt. Romeo should have been able to control his anger towards Tybalt and not kill him. Romeo and Juliet could run away together; However, Romeo kills Tybalt, causing Romeo to be banished from Verona. Finally, Romeo may be blamed for killing himself at the end of the play. Romeo was unable to recover from the fact that his love had died. Romeo should have controlled his anger and not killed himself. Romeo should have at least thought more about his decision to realize that it was not the best decision. In conclusion, if Romeo had taken more time to make his decision, this tragedy probably would not have happened.

How Many People Die In Romeo And Juliet

The next character most to blame for this tragedy is Friend Lawrence. The first reason that friend Lawrence is blamed for the tragedy is because he is married to Romeo and Juliet. Knowing the possible consequences, the hermit decides to marry Romeo and Juliet. The friend knows that an early marriage can have many consequences for the lovers, and he could be in a lot of trouble if both the families find out that he has married two lovers. Since Romeo and Juliet were now married, their love for each other grew even stronger, giving them all the more reason to kill themselves at the end of the play. Another reason to blame Friar Lawrence is that he tells Juliet to take a sleeping pill. The monk does not think what harm can happen in giving it. The sage should have thought more about his plan so that the plan would not fail. The last reason Friar Lawrence is to blame is that he could not summon a servant to tell Romeo that Juliet is not really dead. He could have sent several servants at different times, or he could have gone himself so that Romeo could get his message. In conclusion, Friend Lawrence should have made better decisions throughout the play to prevent this tragedy from happening.

The Tradegy Of Romeo And Juilet

Tybalt is the last character to be blamed for Romeo and Juliet’s death. The first reason for blaming Tybalt is his involvement in the fight at the beginning of the play. This played a role in the families’ hatred of each other. The quarrel between the two families would not have been so serious if the members of both the families had agreed to stop fighting. The next reason Tybalt is blamed is because he sees Romeo at the Capulet party and becomes very angry. Tybalt threatens to kill her. Had Tybalt been able to realize that Romeo meant no harm to the Capulets and had been able to maintain his composure, Romeo and Juliet might have survived. The last reason Tybalt is to blame for the tragedy is the fact that he killed Mercutio. Tybalt didn’t have to kill Mercutio, it was completely unnecessary. Due to Mercutio’s death, Romeo is banished from Verona, not allowing Romeo and Juliet to live together. Ultimately, Tybalt should have controlled his temper and not been so cruel.

In the end, people should care who is to blame because someone needs to be punished for Romeo and Juliet’s death. At the end of the play, Prince Escalus says, “Some are forgiven, some are punished” (V.iii.333). Two people cannot die without punishing someone. When someone dies, many people go through difficult times. Whoever causes hard time to the family members should be punished for his actions. Many wrong decisions were taken which ultimately led to the death of the star lovers. If the characters in the play had thought more about their decisions, the tragedy could have been avoided. No one would be guilty without tragedy.

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If you want to be a creator, delete all (except two) social media platforms in October 2022. During the whole Elon Musk debacle, I finally deleted Twitter from my phone. About the same time I checked… You are here: Home 1 / Shakespeare Quotes 2 / Shakespeare Quotes Categories 3 / 50 Shakespeare Quotes About Death

Unknown and mysterious, death is a very powerful thing for all of us… and this page attempts to shed some light on it with a series of Shakespearean quotes about death. Although no one knows what happens after death, billions of people have their own ideas about it, which vary from culture to culture and person to person. Because of the power of the word, writers and poets use it extensively to evoke emotion in the reader’s imagination. And Shakespeare was no exception, as he used the word “death” a lot in his works – sometimes simply referring to death, often using death as an analogy, and sometimes personifying death (death is seen as a tyrant, a lover, an executioner, etc.). Below is a selection of death quotes from Shakespeare that can be classified into types of death quotes:

In Shakespeare’s death quotes, he refers to death as something that just happens to us 1. “The thought is like death”.

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Shakespeare uses death as an allegory or part of an allegory24. “Because only those dreams can come in the dreams of death”

Shakespeare’s death quotes Where Shakespeare personifies death 33. “When that dreadful death covers my bones with dust”

It’s the people! What is your favorite Shakespeare quote about death and why? Share it in the comment section below.

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