How Many Miles Portland To Seattle

How Many Miles Portland To Seattle – With its Pacific coast and rugged mountains, Oregon and Washington are filled with natural beauty. If you’re up for a weekend adventure, a trip from Portland to Seattle could be the perfect way to explore these amazing states.

The 300-mile drive from Portland to Seattle will take 5 hours. Between the Pacific Coast Trail and the Mountain Scenic Byway, notable stops include Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, Sea, and Lewis and Clark State Historic Park.

How Many Miles Portland To Seattle

Instead of rushing, a scenic drive will turn this road trip into a perfect weekend adventure. Read on for more information on where to stay, the best route, and what to do along the way.

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The best route to travel from Portland to Seattle depends on the time of year you want to travel. If you’re traveling in winter, take the coastal route, which covers 270 miles and takes about 5 hours to drive.

If it’s summer and you enjoy mountain scenery, try the Mount Rainier Mountain Trail, which takes about 7 hours and covers 330 miles.

Neither of these routes is the most direct, as the shortest route runs directly to Interstate 5 and is of little interest. Instead, the coastal route takes you along the rugged bays and headlands of Oregon and Washington.

The mountain route takes you past the famous Mount St. Helens and into the spectacular Mount Rainier National Park. Both routes are mainly on highways and minor roads, which makes for an interesting ride.

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Both routes avoid major cities until they reach Seattle. This means that there should be no traffic problems anywhere along the route.

The best route depends on what kind of scenery you want and the time of year. If it is winter, it is better to choose a coastal route. If it’s summer and you like hiking and mountain scenery, then go on a mountain route.

The map above shows our top route suggestions between Portland and Seattle. Read on for detailed descriptions of both routes, where to stay on either, and the best things to do along the way.

Head west from Oregon on Highway 26. This will take you through Nehalem County Park and eventually to the coast. When you exit Highway 101, turn south for a short detour to Cannon Beach.

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Leave Cannon Beach on Highway 101, heading north toward Maury. Cross the Columbia River and enter Washington. Stay on Highway 101 which will take you around Willopa Bay.

You will pass through the Bone River Preserve and the town of Raymond. You will then reach the Chehalis River. Cross the river and take Highway 12 and then Highway 8, which will take you past the Capitol State Forest.

Route 8 will take you straight to Olympia where you will need to exit to Interstate 5. Follow Interstate 5 through the suburbs to downtown Seattle.

Take Interstate 5 north of Portland along the Columbia River. After the town of Longview, follow Route 504 towards the famous Mount St. Helens.

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Head back onto Route 504 before turning onto Route 505 onto Interstate 5. You will only be on Interstate 5 for a short time when you turn onto the 12 Freeway.

Take Highway 12 past Reef Lake towards Mount Rainier National Park. You will need to turn off Highway 12 onto Route 123, which leads to the southeast gate of the mountain. Rainier.

You can then take Stevens Canyon Road, which is closed in the winter, into the park. After visiting the park, return to Route 123 and follow it north. Exit the 410 and follow it to Enumclaw.

In Enumclaw, take Route 164 and then Route 18. In the suburbs of Seattle, you will take Interstate 5, which will take you downtown.

Portland Versus Seattle Infographic

The trip from Portland to Seattle isn’t very long, but it makes for a great weekend getaway. Below are some recommendations or places to stop for the night on the trail. If you’re planning on making this weekend trip, you should stop midway and then spend another night in Seattle.

Catherine Riverfront Inn is a spectacular beachfront hotel with beautiful interiors located in the heart of Primorsky. It is minutes from the famous Cannon Beach. If you want to relax to the sound of crashing waves, this is definitely your best choice.

Rooms are large and well-appointed, and some have balconies with views of the surrounding city. Catherine Riverfront Inn also has private king rooms with fireplaces and Jacuzzis.

The hotel has a wide range of amenities, such as an indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and gym. They also offer free breakfast and free coffee and cookies in the lobby.

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There are many shops and restaurants along the coast, and the beach is popular with surfers. If you want to explore the magic of the Oregon Coast, spend the night at the Katherine Riverfront Inn.

In terms of prices, this hotel is in the middle of the sea resorts. This makes it the best default option as it offers the best amenities and services in the entire city at any price.

There’s so much to see and do in downtown Seattle that you’ll want to spend at least one night there. Hotel Lotte has the perfect combination of location, value and luxury to make your stay in Seattle unforgettable.

The 5-star hotel is very modern, the bedrooms have large windows with great views of the city and the bay. Each room is stylishly decorated and has all the necessary amenities.

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The hotel has private parking which is perfect for your trip. They also have a fitness center, business center, and sauna. If you want to relax after a busy day, you can have a drink in the hotel’s beautiful bar.

The location is perfect for sightseeing in downtown Seattle, giving you access to everything this amazing city has to offer. The place is definitely expensive considering the number of cheaper alternatives in Seattle, but no hotel in the area can even come close.

The trip from Portland to Seattle is short but powerful. There’s plenty to see and do along the way, so try to give yourself at least a weekend to enjoy the trip. To help you get the most out of your trip, here are some of the top attractions along the way.

The fact that there are multiple routes from Portland to Seattle means you can travel any time of year. The coastal road is suitable for travel all year round. However, the mountain track is not very suitable for winter use.

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St. Helens Johnston Ridge Observatory is only open from May to October, making it difficult to visit this famous mountain. Additionally, Stevens Canyon Road near Mount Rainier is not accessible in the winter.

The only gates to Mount Rainier National Park open in the winter are the Carbon River Entrance and the Nisqually Entrance. Access to Mount Rainier via the mountain route is not possible in winter.

The weather on the coast is usually very wet in winter, although it can vary quite a bit depending on the month. Winter is a quieter season for coastal travel, which means hotels can be available at discounted prices.

The weather in Seattle can be cold and cloudy during the winter. The coldest time of the year is December, although it remains cold throughout January and February.

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The New Year seasons can be a great time to visit Mount Rainier as the weather is usually quieter and cooler. However, watch out for untimely snowfall that can damage the roads.

​​​​​​​Although the weather is a little worse, the seasons are definitely a great time to travel from Portland to Seattle. There’s still plenty to see and do, and cheaper hotel prices can make travel more affordable. If you’re adventurous and want to explore the Pacific Northwest, then a drive from Seattle to Portland Drive/Road is just the ticket for you. It is a short journey of 180 miles through amazing natural places with lots of stops.

There’s no place quite like America’s Pacific Northwest. You will be able to pass by beautiful seascapes, lush forests and high mountain ranges. From the beautiful Olympic National Rainforest, Mount Rainier, Cannon Beach, Mount St. Helens and much more to see along the way –

If this tickles your fancy and you want to know the best way to get from Seattle to Portland, read on to learn more.

The Ultimate Portland To Seattle Road Trip Itinerary

So without further ado, pack a cooler, put on some comfortable shoes, fire up and get ready to have a great time between Portland and Seattle.

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