How Many Miles Is 55 Km

How Many Miles Is 55 Km – Memorial Day weekend! Celebrated running with friends at Parson’s Mountain Recreation Area in the Sumter National Forest near Abbeville, SC. This race almost coincided with my first race anniversary! I started running regularly on May 25, 2010! Since then, he has completed two marathons and four ultramarathons (including this one), six in total, the longest being 40 miles (64 km). The first Marathon was by road, the rest by trails. Since the beginning of 2011 with the aim of completing a Marathon or Ultra a month. 🙂

Long Cane Run is the second in the 2011 series, organized by Terri Hayes of As always, the event was very well organized with many wonderful volunteers, and enough refreshments and food for everyone! And this time even members of the Ham Radio Club Amateur were helping out with communications! Aid stations (AS) were separated by about 8 km (5 miles) and were fully stocked with everything needed: electrolyte tablets, water, drinks and food. The volunteers actively helped fill water bottles and get us what we needed!

How Many Miles Is 55 Km

This race has two options: first, runners complete 50km in two laps, in a figure of eight, then hardier bodies have the option to continue running the outer perimeter an additional 24 miles (38.5km) for a total distance 55 miles. (88.5 km) kilometers). Most of the route is in the thick of the forest on a wide single track and a slightly technical track.

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At the pre-race briefing, Terri warned us that the recent rains and riding have made the trail muddy and possibly difficult in places, and that the creek crossings will get our shoes wet.

The day ended up being hot and humid with a temperature around 33 C (91 F). The humidity actually makes runners lose less water, especially through the lungs, but makes it harder for them to lose body heat. Summer in the south is hot and it’s easy to overheat in any kind of weather.

My recent workouts in the heat of the day have really helped me start acclimatizing for the hot season. I felt so much better during the Long Cane 50km, then I felt at Enoree 40 miles (64km)! The shade from the trees and the cool, gentle breeze, especially early in the morning, helped a lot too! I didn’t feel hot until about 2/3 of the way into the race for me.

My regular training was 10km 4 times a week and 1 long run of 21.1km (HM). I also did a 20 mile run a few weeks before this race. My new job required a lot of attention and the heat made it harder to run… So I came to run moderately prepared and well rested! 😉 Recovery after Enoree went well – feet no longer hurt, and left hamstring, which started hurting right after Enoree, only had slight residual discomfort. Not bad! I would like to have more mileage covered in May. Even though I didn’t run as fast this month, I felt ready!

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Packing for the event didn’t take long (experience counts 🙂 and I got about 5 hours of sleep. Mom went with me, but she couldn’t volunteer very much, because she was in the first week of fasting (only water) for health reasons. Therefore, she felt weak and sluggish, reserving her activities only for taking pictures.

I miscalculated the distance and travel time, because many cars passed through small towns with reduced speed limits… So I rushed to park in time and arrived only 10 minutes before 7 o’clock! In a hurry, he passed the speed bump, without even seeing the tollbooth…

I asked mom to pay the park fee after we started running. And the mother tried to find out where the stand is by asking the women in the park. They told him it was a bit far. Unable to drive in his state, he decided to pay after a race…

After arriving at the park, I prepared for a quick run, but the departure was delayed by about 30 minutes. It’s always great to see friends running, and the more I participate, the more friends I make!

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The first 10km were the most unpleasant, with the muscles adapting to running slowly… so I started conservatively at first. Then they warmed up and I continued much more comfortably. Most of the people who passed me did so in the first 10km, including Drew Walker, Brian Guzik, Chad Hallyburton and others. After that, my pace stabilized and I was almost alone. I ran with my fuel belt, holding four bottles x 400ml = 1.6L total of cranberry/pomegranate juice and sent a bag of more juice bottles to AS#3. Remembering how bad my cramps were at Enoree, I re-evaluated my pre-race strategy and decided to use the aid stations much better! It took me five long runs to realize their importance and fully appreciate the help they provide! ATTENTION, a few glasses of water and take some Hummer gels. Later I started eating some too, the watermelon was so good! Splashing cold water on your face and neck is also great! These short breaks are really refreshing and give you that much needed energy boost! Between aid stations, in a hurry, I drank my juice, water and when I started to feel tired, I ate a hammer gel. This routine went really well! During the whole race I never felt dehydrated, exhausted or tired and I didn’t get any cramps, I just felt a little thirsty at some points where I didn’t have enough water with me!

The first AS came pretty quickly, I drank and filled some of my empty juice bottles with water and left feeling a little better as my legs started to adjust.

On the way to the second AS, more people passed me, and William Schmitz with a group of four guys ran with me for a while. William looked strong and seemed to run quickly and effortlessly. There I had my first 15 seconds of fame beating them all on downhills. We played and ran together for a while, then everyone passed me, disappearing into the woods.

When I got to AS#2 (10 miles = 16 km), I was so happy to see them all. By the time I drank, rested, reloaded, they were about 400 meters ahead on a gravel road, which soon turned downhill, where I picked up speed with some effort and as we entered the track I caught up with them and I soon passed. It’s my second 15 seconds of fame, and I usually do it three times,” I told them. Shortly after, I passed a young blonde in black clothing crossing the creek.

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By the way, despite a warning, I managed to cross the metal bridge and all the streams (4?) with dry feet! 🙂

Most of the guys in the group took their time, but they eventually passed me, except for William. About 20 km in, I had a brief episode of pain in the gallbladder area, which quickly dissipated. This is my usual “mysterious mile 20 syndrome” 🙂

AS#3 (15 miles = 24 km), about halfway through the race, was on time and felt great! my legs didn’t hurt, no cramps, no discomfort! The volunteers were the most fun! One man and the rest were lovely young women, very helpful, encouraging, joking with the runners and at the same time making fun of each other! 🙂 I would marry all of you girls! Too bad it’s not allowed in this country… :-(…

With half of the course already done, I could see that the road conditions were very good! The rains subsided and the horses were not badly hurt. The trail was clean, very smooth for the most part, with few rocks and roots. I was running very relaxed and I kicked the roots, although I could clearly see them, I didn’t lift my legs enough… The directions were generally adequate, only with confusing patches on paved roads, but of somehow I took all the right turns and never got lost!

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On the way to AS#4, I ran into a girl and a guy we had raced with before, and had my third 15 seconds of fame with them. Look, I said, I told you three times! 🙂 Shortly afterwards he also found and passed a young man with a heart rate monitor on his chest. Later, I would overtake me in the last kilometers of the race.

Running started to get tiring, and right before AS, I started walking some hills… At AS#4 I made the mistake of only filling two of my 4 water bottles, thinking that would be enough until the next AS…

The race at AS#5 was the hardest for me. It started getting hotter, more open spaces to run in the sun, little water, getting tired… When I got to the point of the waterfall, I was surprised to see many empty or lost bottles. And I made a second mistake of only filling my two bottles and then using one of them to wet my face, thinking that

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