How Many Miles Are In A Second

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Use the time between seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder to estimate the distance of the lightning strike. Every five seconds is one kilometer.

How Many Miles Are In A Second

You’ve probably heard that you can count the seconds between seeing lightning and hearing thunder to estimate how far you are a foot away. It’s a “flash-to-blast” method of calculating distance, and it works. Every 5 seconds between lightning bolts is one mile between you and the lightning bolt.

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The reason it works is that the light from lightning travels through space much faster than the sound of thunder. Wind slows the speed of light slightly, but only to about 56 miles per second or 90 kilometers per second. It’s still going pretty close to 186,000 mph (~3 x 10

M/s), no matter where you are on Earth. The speed of sound is more affected by air than the speed of light. The speed of sound through air is constant. Sound travels faster in hot air than in cold air (which is why sound travels more slowly at high altitudes), from about 760 mph (340 m/s) to 720 mph (320 m/s) s).

But no matter which number you use for the speed of sound, lightning reaches your eyes almost instantly, whereas thunder takes a long time to reach your ears. Sound travels approximately 1 mile in 3 seconds, or 1 mile in 5 seconds. This is a rough estimate, but it’s a good way to determine if lightning is close enough to be a threat.

Use a stopwatch or count seconds to estimate the distance of the lightning strike. You can count “one Mississippi, two Mississippi…” or “one thousand, two thousand…” to keep track of time.

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While counting the seconds between lightning bolts can tell you how far away the lightning is, it doesn’t tell you how far away the dangerous side of the storm is. However, most people are struck by lightning before or after rather than during a lightning strike. Therefore, the 30/30 rule is the best use of the flash-to-bang approach.

The first part of the 30/30 rule is that hearing thunder within 30 seconds of seeing lightning means the lightning is within 6 miles of your location. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the National Weather Service advise people to seek shelter in the event of a lightning strike. The second part of the 30/30 rule is that you should hide for 30 minutes after hearing thunder and 30 seconds after seeing lightning.

Have you ever wondered how many meters are in a kilometer? Or, if you’re British, how many meters is a kilometer? The answer is exactly 1609.344 meters in a mile.

This table provides common conversions, including meters for a quarter mile and meters for a half mile.

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In 1959, an international agreement between the United States and the Commonwealth of Nations officially defined the relationship between the mile and the meter. From then on, the distance is

You might wonder why the relationship isn’t 1600 meters or some other integer. The committee seems to want to keep it at a distance because of its importance in land surveying. However, the USGS uses meters for official measurements and will officially eliminate kilometers in 2022.

Revisions to the definition of the meter since 1959 have changed the length of the distance slightly, but only slightly. 1793 meters is defined as one millionth of the distance between the equator and the North Pole, spread in a circular motion. In 1926, meters became several wavelengths of the cadmium red emission line. The 1960 reinterpretation set the meter equal to a few wavelengths of the krypton-98 emission line. In 1983, the meter was defined as the distance light travels in a vacuum

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