How Many Hours Is 7am To 12pm

How Many Hours Is 7am To 12pm – SAGINAW, Mich. () — As predicted, we’ll start your Father’s Day in the upper 40s and low 50s locally. Sky and clear weather, and the wind this morning from south-south-east. We have some fog in places this morning, but it’s pretty patchy and not causing too much trouble. I expect it to burn quickly when the sun rises.

Expect our temperatures to warm back into the 70s and 80s this afternoon. Thanks to our south wind today, compared to yesterday’s north wind, the temperature today will be a few degrees higher than yesterday. Winds will remain south-southeast throughout the day and will also lighten as lake breezes move in from the Gulf and Lake Huron. Normally this will shift our winds to an easterly direction and cool off a bit for a while, helping us cool down a bit faster tonight.

How Many Hours Is 7am To 12pm

Skies should remain mostly clear today, with a few passing clouds and some wildfire smoke still lingering. This smoke sometimes makes the sky look a little milky.

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Temperatures will cool into the low mid 50s tonight and overnight. Expect dry and quiet weather to continue tonight and overnight, with a little more cloud at times through Monday morning.

Other than a few passing clouds and maybe some lingering wildfire smoke, there’s not much to go home to on Monday. It should be another mostly sunny day — again, some clouds will pass in the morning, but it will become sunny as the day progresses. Expect another completely dry day. Temperatures should start in the low and mid 50s, so it will warm up a bit this weekend. By midday, temperatures should reach around 70 degrees for most areas, eventually reaching the low and possibly mid-80s in the afternoon. Another great day for outdoor activities!

We will see a gradual increase in temperatures for the rest of the week through the weekend and into the early part of the weekend. The upper 80s look like a good bet at this point, with a few lower 90s possible, especially Thursday and Friday. Expect a generally dry week as well — thankfully, there’s little chance of showers over the weekend and sometimes into next week. I don’t think it’s safe enough to call about it at the moment, but it’s something to be aware of!

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