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The new 2023 Toyota Prius is nicer, bigger, quieter and more powerful, so why am I surprised?

How Many Gallons Does A Prius Hold

The Toyota Prius has always been a sensible, responsible car in the more than two decades since its launch. It is the car that always picks up the kids to school on time and dumps the trash when the bin is full. It was the car that volunteered for the beach clean-up day and not only spayed, spayed and vaccinated the pets, but also microchiped them – and all of this using less gas. But despite being functionally mature from birth, the Prius has always been a little more interesting; It might be your friend in charge, but it’s your friend who wears a patterned and tattooed T-shirt in his forties. You have a friend who keeps his goth hairstyle and ear piercing even after having two kids. But the Prius is no longer that friend. With the 2023 model year, Prius donated his last Wilco t-shirt to the thrift store and wore a crisp shirt instead. And for that, many people love him.

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[Editor’s Note: Since we believe in full disclosure, I’ll let you in on a secret: Toyota forgot to invite us to the new Prius launch, so we had to find out. Find someone locally the day before it’s too late. Luckily, Emily, a science writer and Cal Tech contrarian, was nearby! You may remember Emily’s story about how she 3-D printed the side marker lights for her rare Toyota truck, and it was her first time reviewing a vehicle. I was happy to hear his views on an undeveloped locomotive tired of presses and an endless supply of shrimp. – JT]

[Disclosure: Toyota put me in a beachfront hotel and gave me food, cocktails, and lots of coffee to write about the new Prius. Another full disclosure: this is my first auto review and it’s my first time attending an automotive press event. One afternoon, I was doing my own thing when Jason sent me a strange request. A few hours later, I checked into a luxury beachfront hotel paid for by Toyota. Toyota’s success has expanded into food (steak and lobster?), beverages (cocktails and fine wines) and even room service. This task involved many firsts for me: it was the first time my keys were picked up by a valet at the hotel entrance. This is my first time staying at Motel 6 or Best Western. The first time someone called me ‘grandma’ brought me a plate of bagels and lox for breakfast. As the average person who doesn’t buy beef for more than $3.99 a pound, that’s exciting but also unsettling.]

The most obvious difference between the entry-level Prius shown above and its predecessors is its exterior, so we can start from there. Ever since the second-generation models rolled out of the factory in 2003, the Priuss has always looked like the Prius-y – that is, like a mocking turtle. Do not believe me? Here’s the full lineup of the previous Prius:

The 2023 model still has plenty of styling cues to tell you what it is, but now it has an aggressive look, at least when I finish it with the gray paint, it reminds me of one ray or a shark. Another shiny aquatic predator.

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Its wheels are large and its wheels are low; Notable: Chief Engineer Satoki Oya says the wheels are kept narrow for improved efficiency and low rev tolerances.

A major styling difference is in the rear of the car. The rear hatch has lost the double-glazed treatment on previous models. That’s probably something most people don’t think about when buying a car, but I’m a bit sad to see it go. It’s one of those Prius parts that you don’t see anywhere else, except for the second-generation Honda CRX.

[Editor’s Note: I think the design of the new Prius is much better than previous generations I’ve seen at the LA Auto Show, keeping the same confusing and mysterious front-plate mounting solution. in this video. I’m talking about this block:

Is this really the best design Toyota can come up with for front number plates? Front panels are required in 31 states, leaving 19 states to live with this massive block breaking the smooth lines of the user interface? I don’t understand why they are okay with that. – JT]

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The Prius’ interior feels casual, robust, with almost all the amenities you’d expect. This is a difference from the previous Prii. If driving the fourth-generation Prius feels a bit cramped inside, its replacement will be more like a regular car. The gear lever, once part of the dashboard for three generations, has been moved to the center console, where you’ll find it in any other modern car.

The center console has two medium-sized cup holders that can hold a small coffee cup but not the water bottle I bring with me on the ride. Luckily, there was a large tray right in front of the cup holder and my wine bottle was more or less cheerful.

The Toyota folks have proudly shown off a slot in the center console where you can stash your phone while driving. But it’s not only small, but also wirelessly charges your phone. It’s neat, but if I had one of these Prius as my daily driver, that umbrella would be filled with old receipts, hair ties, change, and a few melted sticks within a month. .

Despite the overall simplicity of the car interior, one thing that stands out to me is how comfortable the seats are. I’m 6 feet 4 and my primary vehicle is a Honda Fit, so that’s 95% of my driving experience. including my cramped feeling.

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When I put down the back of the seat, I was surprised to find the legroom to be spacious and I was able to sit up straight without banging my head on the ceiling. To really test the car’s legroom, I left the front seats alone and climbed into the rear panel. It’s a little tight, but I didn’t have to turn my foot sideways to get it right. If I had three copies of a great personality, all four of us would sit comfortably in this car.

Maybe I’m biased because I drive a Fit, or because I’m a hoarder and hobbyist, but I expect a hatchback to have plenty of room for my knick-knacks in the trunk. This is one place the brand new Prius misses out on. Its trunk is small. Apparently, this new Prius has 3.5 cubic feet less cargo space than the previous model. Chief engineer Oya told us at the press event that the small freeway is not about any technical decisions, but about style.

A small cargo area means someone can fit a few suitcases on a weekend trip, but I’m not sure I can bring a 3D printer, bike, camping milk carton and some awesome flower pots that I found. to the side of the road even when the rear seats are folded down. Awful.

Side note: One weird thing about the neighborhood is that when I lifted the rug, I found myself in a styrofoam. The material is more like the Styrofoam used in bike helmets than what you’d find in the carrying case, but with all the cubes and grooves inside, it reminds me of an icebox. at a convenience store. (Perhaps this will come in handy for those who forgot to bring their cooler on a fly fishing trip.)

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I asked the folks at Toyota what polystyrene is for, and their answer was simple: to make the trunk floor smooth. Apparently this is common in new cars, though they admit they don’t know why the foam is white instead of the usual black. The person I spoke to said he asked Toyota engineers and they gave him a vague answer about “static dissipation”. This is an interesting little detail that I would like to explore further.

As I said before, my daily

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