How Many Feet Is 250 Cm

How Many Feet Is 250 Cm – Berber Handira blankets are fresh and in the spirit of joy. It is a beautiful Berber fabric used for throwing or hanging.

Berber wedding blanket worn by Khandira bride. It is tied around the neck and shoulders like a necklace. Khandira is woven from wool and then decorated with silk and cotton threads. This work brings together the women of the bride’s family.

How Many Feet Is 250 Cm

For Berber, objects and visual motifs carry meaning and purpose. The process of hand weaving, if done with care, is believed to bless the fabric. Once completed, the wedding blankets not only provide warmth and decoration for the bride, but also ward off evil and bring fertility and good luck to the newlyweds.

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Please see all pictures carefully, it is a handmade piece. There may be some imperfections in the fabric (edge ​​or width). Here, some sequences are a bit rusty at their core. Ask us for more pictures if necessary and we would love to help you with your purchase.

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