How Many Dimes Are In A Pound

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How Many Dimes Are In A Pound

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The History Of The Mercury Dime

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Quarter Pound Bag Of Vintage U.s. Silver Coins

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Ah1397 (1973) Egypt Silver Pound

These salvaged 90% silver coins from government furnaces are the perfect way to start the fun and are the last of the vintage American coins. When was the last time you found a pre-1965 dime, quarter or half dollar in your pocket? Look no further – we’ve got you covered. Not only does the quarter pound bag contain at least 36 coins, pennies, quarters, and half dollars, but each coin is minted with 90% silver! This is where the love of collecting begins – sorting coin purses and finding all the great designs, dates and logos. These coins are fine and in better condition. Instant coin collector and great gift idea! order now!

Here’s your chance to purchase a 4-pound bag of 1965 United States silver coins struck by the United States Mint. Click into your cart today!

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