How Many Books Below Were Written By Agatha Christie

How Many Books Below Were Written By Agatha Christie – Did you watch Murder on the Orient Express and are now looking for a list of Agatha Christie books? Or maybe you’ve already read one (or a dozen) of her books and are checking out what’s next.

Agatha Christie wrote 66 crime novels, 14 short stories and the longest play in the world: The Mousetrap. If you plan on reading her books, you’ll definitely need this guide as a checklist.

How Many Books Below Were Written By Agatha Christie

To help you keep all of the Agatha Christie books in order, I’ve listed each of her novels under their corresponding category below.

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With 66 books spanning multiple series, including short stories and independent works, reading the Agatha Christie books in order can be a mammoth task. To make it easier, let’s break it down into series below.

However, if you’re interested in a smaller list to choose from, we have an article on the top 15 best Agatha Christie books. If you’re impressed by Christie’s impressive bibliography, the books on this list are a good place to start.

Many of these books feature individual events that end at the end of the book, and if you choose to read them in publication order, you’ll see Christie’s growth as an author. Plus, you’ll get to experience Hercule Poirot’s career as a detective the way Christie intended. Some books also mention past events.

Agatha Christie wrote Hercule Poirot’s “The Last Case” during World War II for his inability to survive the Blitz bombings of London. Curtains was published in 1975, a few months before Christie’s death.

Hot To Trot

The world mourned the end of Poirot. He is the only fictional character to receive an obituary in the New York Times. However, that would not be the end for Poirot.

That’s because a joint decision between Agatha Christie Ltd and HarperCollins has brought the beloved detective back into the press with new mysteries written by Sophie Hannah.

Hannah is a successful British author. Her books have sold millions of copies worldwide in 49 languages ​​in 51 territories. each one of her

Agatha Christie’s most famous detective story is Hercule Poirot. These books are best read in order of publication.

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Again, many of Christie’s novels can be read as standalone novels; However, reading them in order of publication allows you to follow the character’s development. This is especially true of apprentice detective Miss Marple.

There are also several short story anthologies featuring Miss Marple. Unfortunately, some of this collection is out of print and can be hard to find.

However, similar to Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie Ltd. And following an agreement between HarperCollins, Miss Marple will return in a new iteration. The new collection includes 12 short stories by authors such as Leigh Bardugo, Val McDermid and more.

Agatha Christie’s website says these books are her favorites to write. Young detectives Tuppence Cowley and Tommy Beresford are childhood friends who, after meeting after the First World War, decide to form a company together.

The Killings At Kingfisher Hill Cd: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery (hercule Poirot Mysteries): Hannah, Sophie, Rhind Tutt, Julian: 9780063003453: Books

It’s especially important to read these books on publication to better understand the overarching story and character development. Tommy and Tuppence are the only detectives to age over the span of the book, roughly lining up with Christie’s age at the time of writing.

Similar to Hercule Poirot, Battle sports an impressive mustache and is described as a sensitive and intelligent police officer. In addition to her own books featuring crossovers with Hercule Poirot, Ariadne Oliver, and Colonel Race, Battle also appears in other Christie novels.

Colonel Johnny Race is a former army colonel and MI5 agent. In addition to being described as very intelligent, he is also extremely wealthy. He is also patient, compact, and quick-witted.

As mentioned earlier, Colonel Race overlaps with Authority Battle and Hercule Poirot. All features from the 1936 novel Cards on the Table. Additionally, the race appears in Poirot’s 1937 mystery Death on the Nile.

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Not to be confused with the enigmatic DC character, Agatha Christie created her own Harley Quinn based on the Harlequin from Commedia dell’arte. He is described as perhaps the least conventional of Agatha Christie’s detectives, possessing extraordinary abilities and mystical instincts.

The following is a list of Agatha Christie’s books in order of publication under her pseudonym, Mary Westmacott. These books are out of print and not available for purchase at most retailers.

The following books are a departure from Christie’s signature mysteries, and her involvement in the novels remained a secret for nearly 20 years. Christie’s daughter describes the books not as romance novels but as love stories in their most powerful and destructive forms.

Agatha Christie also wrote about a dozen standalone novels that didn’t feature any of her detective characters. While they don’t feature the likes of Poirot or Miss Marple, these books are Christie mysteries and a must-read for any fan.

The Manor Of Mystery: Agatha Christie’s Home Hosts Wartime Evacuees And Intrigue

Agatha Christie loved to write short stories and wrote more than the collection listed above for Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple and others. Here are her other short stories in order of publication.

If you want to learn more about Agatha Christie and her life, her non-fiction books will be the perfect reading material for you.

Agatha Christie also wrote plays, and as a bonus, we’ve included her plays in the publication order.

Agatha Christie is a mystery writer known for her cozy crime novels. Her characters of Sherlock Poirot and Miss Jane Marple became a fixture in the genre alongside the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew and Philip Marlowe. If you haven’t tried her writing yet, you are in for a real treat.

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Christie was born in 1890 in Torquay, England, the youngest of three children. Christie had a passion for literature from an early age. At age five, she was taught to read against her mother’s wishes.

But becoming an author wasn’t always her intention. In fact, she wrote her first novel, A

Mystery, after a challenge from his sister. At the time, Christie was working in a hospital dispensary during World War I. Her hands-on experience and understanding of the toxins of this work lent themselves naturally to her writing.

The saying write what you know rang true for Christy. Miss Jane Marple has credited the observation with inspiring some of her plots, even basing them on her maternal grandmother and her friends. Also, the settings of her novels are often places she has visited or lived.

The Mystery Of Three Quarters Cd: The New Hercule Poirot Mystery (hercule Poirot Mysteries): Hannah, Sophie, Rhind Tutt, Julian: 9780062859174: Books

This realism in her novels, through characters and settings, helped her to become one of the most famous authors of all time. More than a billion copies of her books have been sold in English and another billion have been translated. Collectively, with more than two billion books in print, Christie is surpassed only by the Bible and William Shakespeare, making her the best-selling author of fiction.

Since we’ve already given you the top 15 best Agatha Christie books, here are the first 15 books Christie ever published. The selection below includes books from all her series:

Hercule Poirot, a refugee from the Great War, has settled in England near Stiles Court, the country estate of his wealthy benefactress, the elderly Emily Inglethorpe. When Emily is poisoned and the authorities confused, Poirot puts his prodigious hunting skills to work. Suspects abound, including the victim’s younger husband, her resentful stepchildren, her longtime contract partner, a young family friend who works as a nurse, and a poison expert from London who visits the nearby village.

They all have secrets they’re desperate to keep, but none can top Poirot for navigating the clever red herrings and plot twists that contribute to Agatha Christie’s reputation as the Queen of Mysteries.

The Agathas (the Agathas, #1) By Kathleen Glasgow

Tommy Beresford and Prudence ‘Tuppence’ Cowley are young, in love and completely out of their minds. After the Great War, there are few jobs and the couple is short of money. Desperate for excitement, they decide to start a daring business venture: Young Adventurers Ltd.

Hiring proves to be a good move for the couple. On his first mission for the mysterious Mr. Whittington, the Tuppences’ first assignment is to take an all-expenses paid trip to Paris and pose as an American named Jane Finn. But along with the assignment comes a bribe to keep quiet, a threat to her life, and her new employer disappears. Now your last job is to play detective.

Where is Jane Finn really? The mere mention of her name evokes a strange reaction in London. So strange, in fact, that they set out to find this mysterious missing woman.

It isn’t long before they find themselves in more danger than they could ever imagine. A danger that could abruptly end their businesses and their lives.

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When Hercule Poirot and his partner Arthur Hastings arrive in the French village of Merlinville-sur-Mer to meet their client.

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