How Many Balloons Does A Helium Tank Fill

How Many Balloons Does A Helium Tank Fill – Helium balloons are a favorite for functions. These party decorations help lift the mood of any event by adding atmosphere and excitement to your space. However, transporting helium balloons to a location can be very difficult. Not only can they take up a lot of space, depending on how much you can transport, but transport can also shorten the life of the balloons.

Unlike other brands like Balloon Time balloons, our & Co balloons are lightweight, disposable, easy to use and a safe choice for your next party or special event. These premium helium tanks give you the advantage of filling balloons on site and eliminating the headache of ordering and shipping.

How Many Balloons Does A Helium Tank Fill

This handy guide will show you how easy it is to use this product and how to safely dispose of it.

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6. Remove the inflated balloon from the nozzle and tie a knot or cut the end of the balloon to secure it. Be careful because the balloon can fly. We recommend tying tape and/or a balloon weight to the end of the balloon to prevent it from flying away.

7. After use, close the tank valve by turning the handle clockwise. Make sure the tank valve is tightly closed when not in use.

Recycling programs may vary in each area, contact your local council for details. Always make sure the tank is empty and depressurized to avoid serious injury.

1. Go to a well-ventilated area, then fully open the tank valve by turning it counterclockwise. Make sure the nozzle is facing away from you, then push the nozzle down to release excess gas. Keep pressing until you no longer hear a whistle.

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3. Put on gloves and safety glasses. Find the round explosion key at the top of the tank where the nozzle and green key are. Using a hammer and flat screwdriver, carefully drill the inside edge of the small explosion-proof wrench until it can be pulled out with the handle. You may need to drill the blow-off valve in a few places around the inside edge to fully open and remove it.

4. When the relief valve is removed, take a permanent marker, circle the hole and write “Empty” next to it, in bold letters.

5. Take the empty container to your local recycling center or, if offered in your area, contact your local council to arrange kerbside collection.

Yes The nozzle that comes with the helium tank can be used to inflate both latex and aluminum balloons.

What Is Balloonee

TOP Float is a balloon booster that improves the float time of your balloons. This gel will help extend the float time of your balloons up to several days. It is safe, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Before inflating the balloons, pour a small amount of TOP Float gel inside the balloon and rub the balloon with your fingers so that the liquid spreads evenly. Then proceed to inflate the balloon with the helium tank as normal.

Our quality helium tanks will ensure your balloons have a lasting impact at your next party or special event. For more information on latex or aluminum balloons, please read our Aluminum/Mylar Balloons and Latex Balloon FAQ pages. For more information on helium safety, read our Helium Safety Guidelines page. You can buy our range of helium tanks in store or online today.

We are a flower supplier and gift warehouse. Visit our huge Superstore and buy direct from the importer. Artificial flowers, wedding decorations, glass vases, soft toys, ribbons and wraps. Visit .I wonder how many people who read this blog don’t know how much it costs to fill a balloon with helium? When I first started working with balloons, I had no idea how to calculate the cost of helium, along with the lack of labor costing me the labor, everything I sold was a complete guess, and a very bad guess! Recently I was asked if I could help someone determine how much helium each balloon uses and how to cost it when using the job cost form, so I thought this would be a useful blog for others too! Before we start talking about costs and prices, let’s take a few moments to review helium and some safety points.

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Helium is lighter than air (the second lightest element after hydrogen) which is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and inert (it will not react with any other element).

Generally in the balloon industry we use something known as ‘Balloon Gas’, this is when the helium has a small % of air mixed with it, this mixture is usually the result of the helium being recycled from other industries such as medical. after being used in MRI scanners.

Is there a safe alternative to helium? I’m afraid there is only one answer and that is a resounding NO!

I want to make my next point very loud and clear, is it safe to inhale helium…NO!

Source Empty Balloons Pure Helium Wholesale 13.4l 30lb 50lb Helium Tank, Balloons Cylinder On

Although helium is not poisonous, if inhaled it can cause death by suffocation (suffocation) or seriously damage a person’s lungs, so helium from balloons should not be inhaled or even opened in a room without ventilation. Please let us lead by example and make sure we tell our customers as well so we can avoid horrible accidents which as you know always give our industry a lot of bad press.

When transporting a cylinder in a car or van make sure the vehicle is well ventilated and the cylinder is properly secured, imagine what would happen if you had to make an emergency stop!

When inflating a balloon always point the balloon and inflator away from you and close the cylinder valve after use. Some professional balloon artists will wear protective goggles when inflating balloons.

Always secure cylinder to a secure stand in an upright position when in use, cylinders can cause serious injury if they fall or roll on you.

Tips On Buying Or Renting A Helium Tank For Balloons

Always use the correct inflation equipment designed specifically to inflate the balloon and the type of cylinder you are working with and NEVER repair, alter or change the equipment as this can cause serious accidents, remember you are working with very high pressure gas. For balloon inflation equipment visit

Different gas suppliers offer helium in various different types of cylinders and it would be difficult for me to mention all the different types available worldwide, but I think from experience there are currently 2 main types, 200 bar unregulated pressure cylinders and those that have incorporated. regulators such as Balloonium Ⓡ cylinders.

BOC Gases are an example of 200 bar cylinders that require a screw on balloon blower/regulator, such as Precision Plus, as shown below.

Balloonium is an example of a pre-regulated cylinder (fitted with expensive pressure regulating equipment inside the cylinder head) so it only requires a special quick-fit (not threaded) Balloonium inflator, these are available from Air Products and other Conwin distributors. .

Mini Helium Tank

Please note that Balloonium speed inflators are ONLY suitable for this type of cylinder and should NEVER be altered or adjusted for use on a non-regulated (bolt thread) cylinder.

Regarding the lack of helium, I highly recommend you read Dan Flynn’s report “Don’t deflate the party”. Dan Flynn is President of the Balloon Council and CEO of Pioneer Balloon Company. Unfortunately, it is a controversial topic with those who strongly believe that helium-filled balloons should be banned, but as you will see, the Balloon Council stands up for our industry and those who work in it.

Of course, this will vary around the world, which is another reason why the prices of our balloons and designs vary from city to city and country to country (read “How much should I pay for it”).

To calculate your helium cost per balloon, you need to know how much your helium cylinder costs you and how much helium is in your cylinder (volume)?

Boyles Law Part A Gizmo

If you only inflate a limited number of balloons of different sizes, this could be quite easy for you as most of the information you need is provided by each of the helium suppliers.

Below is the diagram provided by BOC GASES, (please note that these figures are only approximate because everything depends on how precisely a balloon is inflated, slightly over or under inflation of a balloon will affect how many balloons can be inflated to inflate from a cylinder), which it is always worth mentioning to your customers if you have rented helium bottles, because they blindly swear that you did not give them a full bottle if they do not get as many balloons out of a cylinder as they expected, and of course not; they did not “pop” any balloons or “release helium” during the inflation process!

So looking at this chart tells us that from a 9.00 m3 (317 cuft) L size cylinder you should be able to inflate 560 11″ latex balloons, from a 3.6 m3 (127 cuft) T size cylinder you should be able to inflate. .

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