How Long Is A 50 Mile Drive

How Long Is A 50 Mile Drive – After being deprived of the glorious pilgrimage to Monterey for two whole years, the crowd that arrived last August seemed excited to once again roam the peninsula among the amazing cars that embody everything that Monterey Car Week it’s all about For me, the tone was set early Thursday morning as I wandered down the Pebble Beach Tour de Elegance line above Del Monte Lodge.

Walking shoulder to shoulder with enthusiasts from all over the world, I met Rob Kaufman in a driving suit and his 1973 Porsche 917/30 heated helmet on a 50 mile trip on Highway 1. An awesome sight! In October 1973, I saw this car on the Can-Am field at Laguna Seca and the man who designed the Can-Am 917 cars, Mark Donahue, effortlessly drove the car to victory, passing the entire field.

How Long Is A 50 Mile Drive

The former Penske/Donahue 1973 Porsche 917/30 awaits the arrival of its owner, Rob Kaufman. Low-end power would be just north of 1,000 hp, which must have been fun heading down Highway 1. Immense.

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The next car almost brought tears to my eyes. The recently and brilliantly restored 1964 Ferrari 250GTO Series 2 sn5573 was relentless as owner Aaron Hsu slipped behind the wheel. Only three series 2 GTOs were built and my father owned the first example, sn5571 in 1964/65.

The feeling of driving the 5571 with my dad on his Sunday morning drives came flooding back as I absorbed the look, sound and smell of the Hsu GTO. These experiences with my father in my youth set the course for my career. It’s interesting and that’s what Monterey Car Week is all about.

The middle car of the three 1964 250GTOs built, Aaron Hsu’s example, looked absolutely brilliant in the early morning weather. This image shows the cold air intake and side pipes. A miniature and impressive exotic car indeed. And what a noise.

To return to earth and acknowledge the MB who participated in the journey. One of the most interesting features this year at Pebble Beach was the four classes dedicated to 90 years of great design from the house of Pininfarina. Often known as the coat of Italian sports cars, the company has occasionally dressed cars from other manufacturers around the world. Including Mercedes-Benz.

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Mercedes-Benz’s first PF effort involved a pillarless 2-door coupe based on the 1955 300B four-door. When the Pagoda was first introduced to the world in late 1963, Pininfarina took notice and approached Mercedes-Benz for permission to build a coupe based on the new 230SL.

Approved by the board of directors and under the direction of newly hired American PF designer Tom Tjaard, the beautiful 1964 230SL Pininfarina Coupe was created. And we saw this super stylish car once again at Pebble Beach.

Pininfarina’s Tom Tjaarda has stretched and massaged the original 230SL’s upright and moderate design to great effect. In fact, about 30 customers were said to have expressed interest in purchasing the car when the car was shown at the 1964 Paris and Turin Motor Show. Only one was built and it’s always great to see it live.

The pre-war/post-war conservation classes have become two of my favorite groups over the years, and it’s always interesting to see what the car selection committee discovers each year. This sleek 1955 300SL Gullwing certainly looked the part of a survivor, but it was immediately apparent that the car had been repainted from silver to its current metallic blue.

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In this regard, the question arises whether a completely repainted car must meet the requirements of the class. I vote for a high percentage of original paint to be considered for this class, and for the car to always have at least one copy of the original color. 100% original paint is usually impossible to find, but I think a complete color change would be a no-no for this class.

I admit I’m tired of the preference for better than the new 300SL. This coincides with recognition – and appreciation – of the examples of “conservation” that have occurred in the past 20 years. Although a full restoration is often inevitable, the result can appear “soulless” for lack of a better word. I recently purchased a Gullwing for a client that has an attractive subtle age tone, especially on the inside. I would greatly appreciate it if the next owner would restore the car and erase the character the car has accumulated over the last 67 years of careful use in California.

Led the pack with W194 #5, the car driven by Lang/Krupp in the 1952 Carrera Panamericana. W194 represented the ground zero for the 300SL Gullwings we identify with today. During this period, the W194 was used as a roadster and coupe. Hermann Lang and Fritz Reiss shared the #7 to win Le Mans in 1952. This was an amazing achievement for Mercedes-Benz in early post-war Germany. The success of the W194 predicted the complete dominance of Mercedes in motorsport in 1954/55. `

W194 #5 makes its way to the California coast. The car’s sleek shape is evident here, and we see the angry grille setup that has inspired all AMG models today. 170 horsepower from a 3 liter flat six with 3 solex carburetors.

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In keeping with MB’s spirit of celebrating the arrival of the latest SL, the MB Classic Center also unveiled my favorite iteration of the W194, #11 and the last W194 built. Also known as the Hobel (carpenter plane), this 1953 300SL is more exotic than any previous W194 with its sharply cut nose. Equipped with a fuel injection system that increased power to 214 hp and a transmission, this SL was to form the basis of the factory’s attack on the European sports car championship in 1953.

However, at the end of 1953 plans changed and the Competition Department turned its attention once again to Formula 1 in an attempt to restore the dominance of the pre-war formula. And that was certainly the case in 1954/1955, when all W196 models were built, complete with the 300SLR. The focus for the 300SL has changed from the pursuit of competition to the creation of a world production grand touring car. I am lucky enough to have an example of the result which is now sitting in my warehouse.

W194 #11 is the most exotic W194. You will notice that the car is much more compact than previous W194s, thanks to a 3.9-inch shorter wheelbase and narrower track. The 16-inch wheels are visible here, as well as the large front and rear fender vents, which were dictated by wind tunnel tests to reduce pressure on the body. Quite an interesting car.

Eventually the 1938 Mercedes 540K Autobahn Kurier Arturo Keller of the show was absent from the trip. And this despite the advantages of participation in the Tour in case of a draw on Sunday. The Elegant 540K will be reviewed in mine

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After a few days in Monterey, somehow everything seemed normal again in what was then and still is a decidedly normal world. I can’t wait for next year. You can see all Get in your car and take El Camino del Rio for an incredible 50 mile scenic drive through Texas.

Exploring the vast desert of West Texas could very well take a lifetime, so luck has some scenic drives that cross the desert. One of those routes is El Camino del Rio, a 50-mile route that shows the mystique of our state’s most forgotten country like you’ve never seen it before.

In addition to the Rio Grande, El Camino del Rio covers just under 50 miles of remote desert terrain. Most of the route is located in Big Bend Ranch State Park.

This desert road is one of the most scenic drives in Texas, with scenic views as far as the eye can see. You will climb mountains, cross arroyos and descend into valleys, all the while surrounded by great canyon walls.

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River Road is narrow and has several shoulders, so drive slowly and be very careful. Over the years, there have been many accidents with fatal consequences.

Perhaps the most defining feature of El Camino del Rio is the “Big Hill”. This is one of the steepest stretches of highway in Texas that will make you feel on top of the world.

To the east, the majestic Chisos mountains stretch for 75 miles. Looking west, you enjoy views of the Colorado Canyon and the mountain ranges that go deep into Mexico.

An incredible variety of both plants and wildlife, as well as geological formations, means different landscapes along the way. From over 300 bird species to four different plant habitats and ancient volcanic ash, it has a little bit of everything.

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It is not uncommon to see cows, horses, donkeys or mules by (or even on) the sidewalk. After all, open grazing is allowed here.

While driving, watch out for any animals that may fall on the road!

As the seasons change, so does the flora on River Road. Blooms in a wide variety of colors line the highway throughout the year, so no two trips are the same.

This particular photo was taken in the fall. From these bright yellows, we definitely feel the autumn mood

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