How Long Is 8 Ft

How Long Is 8 Ft – 8 foot table – what size should you use for an advertising cover – Expo table laid out and explained

Don’t let anyone tell you there is no “regular” size 8. It’s 30″ wide x 96″ long x 29″ high.

How Long Is 8 Ft

There are 8 foot “classroom style” tables and these are 18″ wide instead of 30″. Finally, there are some 8′ tables that are only 24″ wide, such as Correll, Melamin, and KI.

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Some tables are adjustable to 36″ or 42″, or customers purchase table leg extensions to raise their tables to 36″ or 42″ inches at trade shows, making the display on the table more visible to attendees.

Many exhibitors like to have their own table and not worry about how big the table will be at the next event they attend. We offer 8′ folding tables with handles and footrests.

The Spandex table cover offers a very modern, fresh look. This tablecloth is then stretched over the table by simply inserting the table legs into the leg pockets of the cover. Apart from being very stylish and providing a unique look, custom printed Spandex table covers have another great advantage of being wrinkle free. The elastic covers are available in 4-sided and 3-sided versions with an open back for the worker to sit at the monitor table, or 4-sided with a zipper for easy access to under-desk storage. Our zippers, as well as the trouser pockets, are reinforced to make the product durable.

Tablecloths in the printed tablecloth industry are known as promotional throws. They are also referred to as printed table hangings.

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For any of these sizes where the product is not listed on our website, simply call us to order.

A third style available for a designer tablecloth is the fitted tablecloth (also known as a fitted tablecloth.)

Custom promotional table covers adjust to the size of the table. The whole thing is made from one piece of polyester fabric with the top and sides sewn together. We offer the most options in the industry to meet your style and usage needs. Choose the traditional version of the pleated corner or the elegant version without the pleated box.

We offer a variety of styles, including 4-sided or open-top for cabin table seating and 4-sided with an overlapping back slot for easy access under the table for storage.

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In my opinion, as a former trade show organizer for 11 years, fitted looks more elegant and professional than a drape. If you’re outside, you’ll never have to worry about the wind blowing your blanket away. The padded design will always keep your branded tablecloth in place. The downside is that the built-in plate will only fit the size of the table it is designed for. With a cover, you have the advantage of working flexibly for different table sizes. A 6 foot cast on an 8 foot table can be used in an emergency, it will just be short on the ends.

Our printing department offers lightweight, commercial grade 8FT folding plastic tables so you can take them to your events and not worry about the size of the tables the venue has to offer.

We hope this information has helped you understand table size and table cover and the options available. If you have any questions, are unsure of the different size you need, or do not see the product you are interested in, please call us at 800-937-1159 or 305-424-9209. Any custom size can be made.

By signing up you will become a subscriber to our blog and be able to take part in competitions and other great offers and save all the time. High quality Spandex 8 FT rectangular tablecloths. Stretch Spandex Table Cover for 96 inch or 8 FT rectangular tables.

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Made from high-quality 4-way stretch spandex material, the Orange Stretch Spandex 8ft Rectangular Tablecloths exemplify modern sophistication and urban elegance. They are designed to accommodate 8-foot or 96″ rectangular tables by 30″ high for weddings, casinos, hotels, restaurants and other special events. Orange spandex rectangular tablecloths have deep canvas leg pockets, are durable, require no ironing and can be washed countless times. Why rent wedding tablecloths when you can buy them for less? Why pay linen rental prices when you can buy stretch spandex tablecloths for hotels, restaurants and catering services at a lower cost?

CARE INSTRUCTIONS. Machine wash with water (cold or room temperature) on gentle cycle. Use regular detergent. Bleach is not recommended. Do not wash with other materials. They are washed together as colors. Dry on low heat. Avoid overloading the machine and make sure both the washer and dryer are in good working order. Tumble dry gradually to avoid thermal shock.

For the best look, we recommend using tablecloths, table covers and cloth napkins in complementary colors. For more information on tablecloth sizes, use this tablecloth size chart.

If you are located in Los Angeles County and Orange County, California, you can stop by our corporate office and storage facility in Sun Valley. We offer pickup options for customers in Greater Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and Downtown Los Angeles. We recommend that you place your order by phone before your visit. To be most efficient, please call us at least one hour before your scheduled pickup time. These lightweight plastic folding tables from Correll have a standard height of 29 inches. This budget table has impressive features including a virtually indestructible blown plastic top that is resistant to gas damage, paint removal, sewage cleaner and battery acid. Even paint and permanent marker can be wiped off these durable tables! The color of the table surface appears as part of the blow molding process so it cannot be scratched or worn. Steel frames with 1-inch tubular legs make these tables durable, and plastic leg covers protect floor surfaces. The automatic locking mechanism for the legs gives any folding table extra stability!

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Classroom Essentials Online is pleased to offer our customers these and many other quality products from Correll – a trusted USA manufacturer.

Min. Order 4 tables: Unfortunately, LTL companies charge a minimum amount for any shipment under 400 pounds. In most cases, this fee is between $100.00 and $125.00. Therefore, the order 1 to 3 is usually prohibitive. In this case, we recommend trying a more local resource. However, if you need three or more tables, we can negotiate an extremely affordable shipping rate. Questions? Call: 866-404-7671. Thanks!

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Stretch Spandex 8 Ft Rectangular Table Cover Orange

Seating Capacity = 8 Units Cartoned = 1 Height: 29 in. Table Length: 96 in. Table Top Width: 30 in. Weight: 54 lbs.

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