How Long Is 75 Hours

How Long Is 75 Hours – South Korea is considering extending its working hours as countries such as the United States and Australia are going through a partial work week.

The South Korean Ministry of Labor has proposed increasing working hours from the current maximum of 52 hours to an average of 69 hours per week. The change will allow companies to ask their employees to work longer hours and request time off again later in the year.

How Long Is 75 Hours

The standard South Korean working day is 40 hours, with up to 12 hours of overtime allowed. The new law will increase that to 29 hours of overtime, the Korea Times reported.

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On Tuesday, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeul ordered a review of the proposal following backlash from opposition leaders, workers and others who feared that the increased allowances could mean overtime without the extra holiday bonus.

The decision has also drawn criticism from young South Koreans, who see the extension as a step backwards from the country’s past achievements in terms of quality of life.

South Korea has the highest average working hours among OECD countries, and in 2021 the average working hours will be 1,915 compared to the 1,607 average in Japan.

South Korea has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, with 0.78 percent, the lowest since 1970. In 2021, the country’s population will decline for the first time, and the decline in the number of babies born is in another part of the country’s work culture as many women have to choose between the needs of their careers or family upbringing.

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Park Yong Jin, a member of the opposition Democratic Party, described the weekly extension as “a road to the destruction of the people”.

While South Korea seeks to increase working hours, a US bill hopes to do the opposite, giving workers four-week shifts and a 20% reduction in working hours.

Joseph Zeballos-Roig, D-Calif. Its representative, Mark Takano, said that Americans “have the opportunity to make meaningful changes to the rules of operation that date back to a different era.”

Unions agreed with the idea, but faced some opposition from employers, who believed the weekend off would put more stress on workers who had to handle an extra day afterward.

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