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How Long Is 200 Ft – 1 / 2 Show Text + Hide Text – This rendering of the upcoming Systems Environment Test Infrastructure, showing the overall layout of the test facility. The infrastructure will include four 200 ft towers, cranes and cables measuring 1000 ft x 400 ft. (Photo Credit: Geeks and Nerds (GaN)) ORIGINAL VIEW

2 / 2 Show Text + Hide Text – This illustration shows a comparison of how tall SCETI’s 200-foot tower is, compared to other famous landmarks in the Huntsville area. The tower will be visible from near Zierdt Road and other locations near Redstone Arsenal. (Photo Credit: Geeks and Nerds (GaN)) ORIGINAL VIEW

How Long Is 200 Ft

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (December 17, 2020) – In 2021, there will be a new addition to the sky west of Redstone Arsenal. The Systems Environmental Test Infrastructure, known as SCETI (pronounced “set-ee”), is the only test facility installed at the US Redstone Test Center (RTC). SCETI will be located east of Gate 7 on Martin Road and will include four 200-foot towers that will be visible from outside Redstone Arsenal.

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RTC collaborated with the Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI) and Geeks and Nerds (GaN) to build this unique testing capability for Degraded Visual Environment (DVE) sensor testing. These capabilities are comparable to stadium camera systems used to provide views of soccer and football matches. The infrastructure will include four 200 ft towers, cranes and cables measuring 1000 ft x 400 ft. Four individual cables pass through the top of the tower and connect to the central platform, which carries the system under test. The automatic control system will command the crane to move the stable six degrees of freedom platform in the flight volume of 700ft x 280ft x 100ft (height) according to the desired test profile.

The stable platform allows the movement of the tested system through realistic flight profiles to test aircraft DVE sensor systems as well as several aviation, missile and sensor applications such as testing enemy fire systems against small arms and testing captive carriers for missile seekers. These test facilities work in degraded natural environments such as rain and fog, but may also produce visually degrading conditions such as smoke and dust.

“SCETI was developed to address the component-level test shortage within and Department of Defense (DoD),” said Col. Steven Braddom, commanding officer at RTC. “A new system was developed as part of Modernization to allow soldiers to fly and fight in low visual conditions and the system must be tested in a realistic environment before the field.”

Currently, the only way to test new systems is to conduct expensive and higher-risk open flight trials under true DVE conditions. A test program relying solely on aircraft flight in natural DVE conditions may eventually lead to system function verification only in a subset of the desired DVE conditions.

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“SCETI’s multifunctional test capabilities will place test items in visually degraded and realistic conditions. These capabilities will have the ability to create controlled confined areas, physically induced degradation conditions as well as take advantage of natural rain and fog environments. This capability will use distributed test techniques to enable pilot-in-the-loop interaction, test item control, and produce results comparable to open-air sensor performance flight tests,” explained Trey Mann, RTC lead engineer for the SCETI system.

These capabilities will be reconfigured to allow testing of multiple aircraft sensors while reducing cost and risk compared to traditional open air flight testing.

This capability will be available to support , other Services, and other DoD Agencies, as well as commercial sensors. The National Historic Site in Jerome, Idaho tells the harrowing story of the forced removal and illegal detention of Japanese Americans during World War II. it is a place to heal deep emotional trauma, educate people about racial injustice, and remember our ancestors. When visiting the site, visitors experience a sense of solitude and remoteness due to the sweeping views of the surrounding land and distant mountains.

The proposed Lava Ridge wind project will change the gloomy landscape and disrespect the importance of the event that took place as a place of reflection, healing, and education for survivors, descendants, and the public. The proposed project provides 340 towers within NHS visibility with 12 towers on historic sites. The surviving community and their descendants deserve respect and recognition for the violation of civil liberties by our state government through the preservation of these sites. This story should be recognized and treated with the same respect and sadness as any other painful event in our nation’s history. The proposed Lava Ridge Project alleviates the trauma, loss, and humiliation that Americans experience simply because of racial discrimination.

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Algonquin Consultants, Inc. commissioned the Traditional Cultural Property Study. and submitted to the Idaho State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) in December 2022. In February 2023, we received a determination letter from the Idaho SHPO stating that Greater View is eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. The determination of the SHPO is very important because the BLM General Management Plan states that “If a location is determined to have significant value; is qualified or on the National Register of Historic Places; and/or the methods described above are deemed inadequate, the project will be abandoned” (page 42). .

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