How Long Is 150 Centimeters

How Long Is 150 Centimeters – In fact, my height is 154 cm, explaining about 4 cm is not very important, and my friends call me ‘one and a half l.’ With love, let me joke about Elizarov’s equipment. When I was 12-13 years old I started studying in a modeling studio, but in high school I stopped, because I didn’t really want to, and I could never be a model with my age. Then I was interested in stylistics, I downloaded tons of books and watched shows like “Runway”. Working as a designer allowed me to learn a lot, but the most important thing I heard is that everyone should choose clothes based on the opportunity of the model.

Now, I am ready to share with you some useful tips for choosing clothes:

How Long Is 150 Centimeters

1) Think about your topic. No stylist has the right to decide what hairstyle or print you should wear, it’s your choice. Yes, it is true that short people’s heads look big, but no one can force girls to be short in height – only insults. Speaking of posters, making your image thicker or thinner (vertical printing increases the image visually), is a different story. And what do you know? I was sure that the horizontal lines looked fat. And yes, it will be really bad if you wear a loose dress that hugs your fat belly and accentuates your figure. So, make a decision about printing on fabric according to the type of item you are buying.

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2) Buy in person or over the phone. At the right time ask your friend or loved one’s opinion. It’s better to go with a girl, because usually men don’t care and don’t see the difference, they just look at the color. If you are shopping alone, don’t hesitate to ask the consultant to take photos on your phone. Make sure you have a picture from the front and back. Such a request will not surprise the average consultant, especially if you buy things in expensive boutiques, where the best things should stay well.

3) Length of pants and skirts play a big role. Do not wear medium length or short pants, because they will reduce your height. Also, if you are far from the education of a stylist, do not wear fashionable and practical clothes, because they can make an extreme joke. Your length is too short if the pants cover part of the heel. As for the skirt, the maxi length is perfect for you, if you have a long skirt with a top or tucked into a dress. And so, I ask you to wear a knee-length skirt, and if the figure and health allow it, even a short one.

4) The problem is the waist. I’m lucky: I happen to have very long legs compared to the rest of my body, so sometimes (and sometimes often) I allow myself to hide my waist by wearing big blouses and big sweaters. But a big promise to young children: remember where your hips are, my friend. So remember, the waist of the clothes can be exaggerated (+10 self-confidence, +20 leg length and karma) or normal (where it should be, which is good). So, your friends are on top with a basket, a dress, a dress with a high waist or a belt on the waist. No small waist on pants, trousers or dresses! Taboo!

5) Shoulder to shoulder. In addition, try to choose things that will not cause your sheets to increase, otherwise you will not have a table on the legs, but on the bedside table.

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6) Make a pair of shoes. For example, bare pumps or matching shoes can do wonders, adding 10 cm height. Avoid big shoes that make your feet look bigger than your body. Remember that shoes are your friends, but don’t be afraid. Every day I am horrified by girls in their 20s who break their ankles because of the big heels on the floor or get nervous. But we do not live in the century, when girls of soft interests are in the hands of men, fly from cars to restaurants, and stay at home and paint some other art. We live in a world full of many interesting things, but we still stop doing many jobs because of calling and pain in our legs. It’s better to ride a 4-wheeler around the museum, than to sit on a chair in the dressing room as a “showpiece”, but there are better heels. Therefore, if you cannot live without shoes, choose a comfortable and comfortable heel.

7) There is nothing shameful and unpleasant about a short length. First, the height cannot be changed (well, only if you cut off a few legs or the head), and secondly, there are no rules that show what a person should be and how he should look. And if someone is quick to compare you to the government, remember that the poets of Nazi Germany did that, and change your way of life.

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