How Long Is 120cm

How Long Is 120cm – Limited space does not mean that you have to refuse studying or working from home. This desk takes up little floor space, but still has a drawer where you can store papers and other important items.

Everything is alright. The weak link between the table top and VITALIIO drawers is full of good quality. Especially Alex’s drawing unit. The table top itself is strong enough for everyday use. The only weak point is the connection between the table top and the drawers. Only 4 screws in the fragile bottom of the table top. You can’t even move the entire table easily after folding it. You have to be careful not to tear the surface. 4

How Long Is 120cm

I love my new desk Shirley I love my new desk … it was the best choice for my space.5

Modern Hall Runner ‘ryma’ Aztec Gum Brown Non Slip Stairs Width 67 120cm Long

I love my new desk! Deb I love my new desk! Looks good and has lots of storage drawers.5

Great value for the price Sarah-Ann I bought this for my 6 year old’s bedroom. She was happy to help me put it together 🙂 I love that there are lots of drawings of her different little ones. I will end up buying 2 more for my 2.5 kids

It works and works Kristina My daughter has had it for many years and still uses it, I have now bought a second one for my son.5

Strong and reliable Laura S. I bought it as a replacement for a metal/glass table. The pictures helped me a lot when I was building it. Instead of a screwdriver and hammer, I would recommend using an electric drill and a mortise, as it makes construction easier and the mortise prevents drilling into the wood.5

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Good but just look at the table top SELMAI use this table for my professional table. It works great but I had to change the board twice because the ends of the table top were damaged. Again easily scratched.4

Nice and versatile game The fact that I can move the drawers to the side I want is cool and the drawers are wide and fit what I use without pushing anything5

Wood is a material often associated with furniture, and for good reason. It is recyclable, reusable, durable, ages well and is an important part of our Scandinavian design culture. We believe that responsibly managed wood is an important driver of change to reduce climate change. In 2012, we set a goal that by 2020 our wood would come from more sustainable sources. We are happy to announce that we have achieved this goal and today over 98% of the wood used in our products is either FSC certified or recycled.

Forests help maintain balance in the atmosphere, clean the air we breathe and are part of the water cycle. They support a diversity of wildlife and provide habitat for local forest communities. 90% of plant and animal species living on Earth need forests to survive. They provide sources of food, fuel, timber and many other ecosystem services that we rely on. It harvests 19 million m3 of wood per year from around 50 countries and has a major impact on the world’s forests and timber industry and a significant role in influencing how timber is harvested. Responsible timber sourcing and forest management ensures that the needs of people who depend on forests are met, that businesses can operate efficiently, that forests are protected and that biodiversity is enhanced.

Sewn Sling 120 Cm

As a company, we work with strict industry standards to promote responsible forestry. We do not allow any wood in our supply chain to come from illegal forest areas or areas of high conservation value or forest areas subject to human conflict. Before starting cooperation, suppliers must demonstrate that they meet the basic requirements for the purchase of wood. requires all suppliers to source wood from other sustainable sources (FSC certified or recycled wood). All vendors are regularly audited and non-compliant vendors are required to take immediate corrective action. Working with our suppliers, we are proud to announce that we have reached our sourcing goal, which we planned to achieve by 2020. Today, more than 98% of the wood used to make products is FSC certified or recycled.

As pressure on the world’s forests and surrounding ecosystems grows due to unsustainable agriculture, expanding infrastructure and illegal logging, it is time to take an even more proactive approach to protecting and sustaining these precious resources for future generations. The 2030 Forest Positive Agenda is designed to improve forest management, support biodiversity, mitigate climate change and promote the rights and interests of people who rely on forests throughout the supply chain and manage the smart use of wood. The plan focuses on three key areas: • Making sustainable forestry a global practice. • Stop deforestation and restore degraded areas. • Smartly manage the use of wood by creating all products from scratch so that they can be reused, recovered, recycled and ultimately recycled.

For many years, it has worked with businesses, governments, social groups and NGOs to combat deforestation and forest destruction and to increase the quantity and availability of wood from carefully managed forests for our sales and beyond. We are on a journey to improve global forest management and industrial-scale sustainable wood production, helping to build sustainable forests and improve ecosystems.

We use engineered boards to make many of our furniture pieces, such as tables and cabinets. They are light, yet stable and strong. Each board has a frame made of chipboard, hardboard or solid wood, while inside there is a honeycomb filling made of highly recycled paper, which is made more durable thanks to a special construction. The board is then coated with a protective coating, foil or veneer according to the required quality and is made of solid oak from American forests. These indoor dining benches are made exclusively for Top Furniture Ltd so you won’t find them for sale on any other website and you won’t find better value in the UK. If you find a better deal, please let us know as we offer a price matching policy.

Cm Black Oak Long Drawer Console Table

Please note: These solid oak benches are built to last with a 45mm thick top and 100mm thick legs.


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Vangsta Extendable Table, White, 471/4/707/8×291/2

Unfortunately we cannot 100% guarantee delivery to bedrooms or other rooms of choice and the decision will be made by the delivery team on the day when they check that it is safe to deliver the goods upstairs. We will be happy to deliver your furniture to a garage, shed or other extension of your choice or to another suitable and safe place for our delivery team, including leaving the goods at your door with your permission.

For customers who place orders with a combination of in-stock and pre-order products, we can only offer one free shipping service when everything is ready to ship together. We cannot split orders for delivery on different days until we are notified.

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Marjukka Rautavirta, A Finnish Long Pile Ryijy Rug, For Taidekutomo Laura Korpikaivo Tamminen. Circa 160 X 120 Cm.

We have suspended all deliveries to Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Wight until further notice.

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Thank you for your 5 star rating Country 1.2m Sturdy Solid Oak Indoor Bench. We are glad that you are satisfied with the product and that it fits perfectly with your dining table – we are glad that you chose us.

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